Infection from yellow jacket sting

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Avatar f tn About 2 months ago I was stung on my forehead by a yellow jacket. Two days later my forehead and face began to swell. I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics and a tetnus shot. The swelling went down and all was good after a week. Then after a month and a half, I woke up one morning and directly around the bee sting there was a round quite noticable lump that with ice, went down after a couple of hours. Now today, I have had the same thing happen.
1232362 tn?1333135406 It does sound like a bee, wasp, or yellow jacket sting, or possibly a spider bite. Venom might have caused the diarrhea or that could have been simply from stress due to the discomfort of the sting. That the swelling has come down is a good sign. I would continue to watch the eye for any signs of new swelling or irritation, continue the compress, perhaps adding some baking soda to it. Also watch for any additional diarrhea.
Avatar n tn difficulty breathing (feeling like my throat was closing), tongue feeling numb from the middle to the back of the tongue, immediate severe pain at the site w/swelling and itchiness. Within 12 hours I started to have red streaks spreading away from the sting site and over 48 hours later I'm still having pain and a lot of itchiness in the affected area. I did manage to get a Benedryl liquid dose within the first hour and ice as well.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago I was stung by a yellow jacket on my forehead. This was the second bite in a year. My forehead was very painful and swollen, but after a lot benedryl and prednisone the symptoms on my head resolved in 3 days. However, 7 hours post bee sting I woke up with hives on my legs, butt, back and arms. There were no new foods, medications, or detergents. I did bring a new foster dog into the household 3 weeks prior to the hives but have since then found her a home.
280369 tn?1316702041 The last time I was stung I was maybe 8 or 9? And it was by a yellow jacket, he got my finger. OUCH! My foot is just really sore from where the bee got me...I'm glad it wasn't worse.
Avatar m tn I was borrowing a medal bin to load up paper. I had on a yellow rain jacket, cuz I just got done cleaning a tank out. Anyhow I remember yellow jackets all around me! Well so I'm on this forkleft and on there side by a bunch of mexican recial workers picking up this ben when. A something hit my back. Like a nerv broke apart. Or as if a knife hit my spine in the middle. It was crazy I jumped off of the fork lift and looked around. Thinking what the f was that.
2147300 tn?1369689688 I just found in ground yellow jacket nest with lawn mower and 3 bees found me. 2 on wrist and one on ear. I am on peg and riba. Just finished Incivek 2 days ago. i treated stings with a cortisone liquid dabber. Do I need to bee careful with any sides on sting relative to tx? I do not have any reactions normally to stings except tourettes. Did I do the right thing or should I watch for something to develop. It has been half hour and I am going to war in few minutes with sevin dust.
4323571 tn?1352813715 yes, its a urinary infection and can be from having sex. Its either in the bladder or kidneys. It is more common in women and most men will get it at least once in their life, but not only from having sex. Fecis and urine are waste by products and contain bacteria.
Avatar n tn Once this cleared up, I decided to take really good care of my skin, and invested in some recommened cleanser for spotty skin - this actually made my skin sting, and so I switched to a milder cleanser, but after having a few spots appear now and then, a month later the infection came back. At this point, I just used the leftover cream from before. A while later, I was having a doctors checkup and decided to mention it.
Avatar m tn the tip of my nose is red/inflammed, and in the center is a slightly raised yellow-ish bump. It stings a bit, but only if I touch it. I tried applying some zilactin to see if would have any effect or speed up the healing/scabbing process but it's too early to tell what effect it will have (just started applying it today). Do note that I felt no pain/stinging after applying the ointment (if it were an open or live sore, it should sting, no?). Any idea what the root cause of this may be?
Avatar n tn i have this yellow discharge stuff coming out my virgina kinda like a period but no bleeding also it kinds smells i started of with one blista kinda spot in my virgina and on the lips now its come to like 6 they really sting bad with you touch them and when u pee! do u no what kinda cream i can take to get ride of it or what i have?
871193 tn?1239747128 I stabbed my finger last Sunday (4 days ago) and 2 days ago I noticed swelling around the distal phalange of my 4th finger. I need to find out if I may have an infection. It looks like a bee sting, and hurts like one. I don't have health insurance so seeking a professional is a last resort. Today, I've also noticed sharp pains in my elbow and wrist but I can't say for sure if they are coorelated.
Avatar f tn 5) early February, I started suffering from allergies that turned into a bad sinus infection/cold. The symptoms were a sore throat that lasted for 2 days, bad nasal congestion, constant clear phlegm that later turned yellow, pain on my nose area and dry cough. This lasted for a week. 6) Late February, I'm feeling sick again and it started with a sore throat, nasal congestion, pain on the roof of my mouth, runny nose, clear/yellow mucous and occasionally sneezing.
Avatar n tn Vaginal discharge can be yellow even with a simple yeast infection but if the yellow is coming from your urethra that would be considered in line with a std infection.
Avatar f tn I am one of those people who build up a reaction to an allergen over time. Each time I am stung by a yellow jacket, my reaction is worse and worse. The last sting left my hand swollen for weeks and I have a scar where I was stung. STOP taking this medication and call your doctor. Tell him you refuse to take it. I love my Rhumey...he is AWESOME, but every once in a while he says, are you SURE you cannot take antiinflammatories?
Avatar m tn ) another question, if I had a possible exposure to herpes, and 2 days later my genitals sting a bit, is that sign of they sting but no bumps/sores/blisters ever appear?
314554 tn?1337454119 developed a skin infection in the US since it appeared a day after I arrived in the UK. There was no redness, sign of eruptions, itching or burning. One was on my lower left jaw, one on my neck & 2 remain on my sternum. At 1st lesions were size of a 50 cent piece. By day 3 lesions turned light grayish yellow colour, crust was adherent, looked like a fungus. Outer lesions light pink slightly puckered up.
Avatar f tn But a week ago, I had unprotected sex once, and I think it was a huge mistake. Since then, my vagina has a little sting/burn to it. It also has a slight yellow/green tint to it. Does ANYONE know what this is ?!!?
Avatar f tn May indicate an infection, especially if thick or clumpy like cottage cheese or has a foul odor. If it's white it's normal. White: Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection. Make a doctor appointment.
Avatar f tn Hi ladys sorry this is going to be kinda long but let me describe whats going on and maybe some one can help last Thursday I starting having like sting/pinching fellings down there went to the dr friday he did a pap and checked me I was soften and dilated to a 1 well sat around 2 I I think I lost my mucuse plug when I wiped it was a bunch of yellow stuff no blood with it well iv been sick with a upper respiratory infection so I ended up going to the er for that well while I was there I told them
Avatar m tn I decided to forcefully squeeze this three days after, a little bit of yellow gunk came out. I also checked my clothes and funnily enough there is a mark on the left side of my jacket, as well as a pair of boxers which I am sure I wore that shift. These pretty much line up with the lump. I am wondering if I should chase this up with a doctor? I've tried a brief search online (which I try not to do) and it appears the risk of HIV and Hep C is very low from needlesticks?
Avatar m tn Sometime in nights I feel chills (to avoid I am am wearing woollen jacket, atmospheric temp is 24degC), sometimes bowel movements in morning(2 times, 1 st time loose still, 2nd time watery). My weight has reduced by 2kg by today 31st July. I am always asking my friends to check my eyes (yellow), fever (but no fever). Sometimes I feel burning in my stomach, acidity, slight loss of appetite. I worried too much about HIV infection due to above.
Avatar f tn Yellow? Ive never heard of that i would assume maybe an infection??
Avatar f tn Okay so maybe 2 weeks ago I was masturbating and everything was okay but when I went to shower and pulled my skin back to clean it I felt a sting, I checked and it looked like some of my skin from my foreskin came off, not a lot but it sting like hell so I stopped masturbating for a week to let it heal, so that weekend I masturbated again and everything was fine, later on that night I was going to have sex with this girl I met on tinder but while making out and all that I felt my foreskin burnin