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1439515 tn?1330920523 Something, like an epidural, that requires them to tap directly into your spinal fluid can expose you to infection, and infection in your spinal fluid can spread to your brain and cause death. So...complications from an epidural, yes, can cause death. But they are considered very safe and done routinely every day in hospitals around the world. Why do you ask? perhaps more details might help?
Avatar f tn My plan was to go natural but my baby started stressing in the womb from the contractions. unfortunately it was an epidural or an emergency c section. & I went with epidural.
Avatar f tn There are side effects and risks with every drug and epidural is no exception. While it's among the safest for baby, that's not necessarily true for mama. It commonly causes low blood pressure, an epidural headache, back pain for some time afterward, and low grade fever. The fever is worrisome because it's really hard for them to tell if it's a harmless "epidural fever" or a reaction to infection.
Avatar f tn with my first, my doctor advised one and I was open to the idea, but she thought it would speed up labor as it had been 14 hours since my water broke and I was at a three. by the time the meds wore off several hours later, I was only at a four. it completely stalled my labor and I ended up developing a uterine infection because I didn't have my son until 26 1/2 hours after my water broke. if you're in my.situation, a benefit could be that it could speed.
792662 tn?1270387846 Did anyone ever hear of getting an epidural for sciatic pain in an office with nothing given before you get the shot?
Avatar f tn Hi there. Epidural abscesses can arise from direct extension of local infection form vertebral osteomyeltitis, psoas abscess etc. Some cases are due to spread through blood from a soft tissue swelling like urinary tract infection. If left untreated, this could lead to back pain, radicular irritation, motor weakness and sphincter dysfunction along with motor and sensory deficits. Treatment options are antibiotic based therapy and CT guided needle aspiration and lastly surgical decompression.
Avatar f tn Delivery went fine, when I came home from the hospital my left leg was numb from my knee to my hip, from top to back ( not on the inner thigh ) and if I moved a certain way I got the same shock sensation through my leg ouch! About 2 weeks later it went to being just numb, no pain, no tingles.
Avatar n tn Hi there. From what you have described, it is possible that there could have been some form of damaged nerve endings in that area where the shots were given. however, it is indeed very hard to prove the existence of this, and it is possible that treatment will just be directed towards a neuropathic type of pain. Neuropathic pain can be addressed by medications such as Gabapentin or Pregabalin, with or without the opioid or opioid like analgesics.
Avatar n tn It makes my blood boil every time I hear an anesthesiologist get a consent from a patient and never, ever mention infection as a possible complication. They mention the rare incidence of nerve damage, and the not so rare incidence of accidental spinal, but not infection. However, most women in childbirth who want an epidural would not be put off by any sort of statistic as to possible complications! If they are in extreme pain and want the epidural, they want it NOW!
680409 tn?1234318683 In other words the body will have a more difficult time removing or clearing this material from the epidural space. In contrast when a steroid injection is made into a muscle such as the hip or buttock, the molecules of the steroid are not microencapsulated and thus are cleared by the body faster to be distributed all over the body for a generalized effect. In this spinal injection the goal of the injection is effect only in the area injected such as the cervical epidural space.
Avatar n tn You can get an infection from an epidural shot. Your doctor should check you for that - soon! An infection in the spinal column is an emergency. If it's an allergic reaction, you definitely should tell him/her about your symptoms before you have another shot - sometimes allergic reactions get worse with each exposure.
Avatar f tn Epidural make me violent vomit and have caused me severe migraines. I had an epidural with my first two babies. I've gone naturally with two. Baby #5 will also be natural. It is a far more enjoyable experience for me and a far faster recovery.
Avatar f tn I had a med-free birth with my first and plan to do it again. I had an amazing experience that was incredibly fulfilling for me personally. I learned a lot of things about myself that day and it made me feel stronger than anything else ever has. It wasn't about anyone else, it wasn't about "deserving a medal" (how dismissive and derogatory can some of you be, to accuse people like me of doing it for someone else's approval?) It was my birth experience and I did it the way I wanted to.
Avatar n tn This is an excellent question - let's see if we can get our expert Doctor on the forum - either Quix here or Dr Kantor on the other site - to answer this one.
2207073 tn?1338935516 Did they use fluroscopy or X-ray when they performed your injection? Not everyone gets meaningful relief from epidural injections. The injections for me, help a lot with the low back pain but only help the sciatica for a couple of days to a week and the sciatica slowly starts to build back up.
1318483 tn?1318350782 The idea is to reduce pain by reducing swelling and inflammation. The dangers from this type of steroid injection are local infection or bleeding (but these don't happen often). This is more like a joint injection than IV steroid treatment. You shouldn't worry about munchies or moon face or bubble butt. I did notice my heart rate was a bit faster (around 100) for about 24 hours after my last two lumbar epidural injections.
Avatar f tn I had it last time with my son and I loved it and slept like a baby all night long till it was time to push.
1112389 tn?1258557935 It is extremely rare to have such long lasting profound side effects from an epidural and I don't feel at this time that it is the reason for all your problems. The only way the headaches may be related to the epidural is that you still had a persistent spinal leak. The headaches in that case would be positional, with relief when you lie down and reappearance of the headaches as you sit up. If this is the case, then you should be evaluated and treated for a leak again.
Avatar f tn I hated having a catheter and I got a bad bladder infection from it afterwards so I am crossing all my fingers and toes that my labour is faster this time because I think if it was that I could go without. Good luck with your birth!
Avatar f tn I ended up with an epidural. Hated every second I was there. Long recovery, ended up with an infection from them checking me too much. Second baby was born at home with a midwife. No drugs. Amazing compared to first birth and recovery was way shorter. Third baby due in January will be a home birth too.
Avatar f tn Hi I had an epidural Steroid injection approximately a month ago for spondylolisthesis, in an effort to offer some pain relief. The doc went too deep and punctured my Dura causing a Spinal Fluid leak and a subsequent Spinal Headache. I suffered terribly for 2 full weeks until he could do a Blood Patch. The patch worked, for the headache, however since I've been suffering with Vertigo, and a weird tingling feeling in the top of my head.
Avatar f tn I see a Neurologist yearly, she is not a ACM specialist but I have never had any problems from the ACM. A few weird symtoms, but nothing I couldn't deal with. Since the Epidural there has been no change in the ACM. The only changes are the Syrinx. Do you know if the actual ACM would have changed if it was the cause of the Syrinx. I am so angry about all this because I specifically told the pain management doctor that I had the ACM and he said it was no problem to do the epidural.
Avatar m tn nothing seems to be working if anything the chiropractic visit made it worse. Oh and she thinks the pain is coming from the epidural site. I cant find anything on the internet to ease my mind that this is fairly common.
Avatar m tn I AM glad you didn't have any further shaking and so forth from last year, could have been from an ordinary flu or slight infection thing. I DO think your asthma treatments should be rechecked, an allergy doc ought to do some skin tests to see if they can decide what is causing your attacks, but could be you just have a garden variety asthma and just need better medicines to control it.
Avatar f tn If your injection site was contaminated, then you might have an infection from the injection itself, but more likely the stress of the entire procedure suppressed your immune system as often happens with surgery, and chronic infections that were present before the surgery (or even picked up in the hospital) were stimulated. Eventually these resulted in FMS (along with other reasons). We find that over 70% of FMS patients have chronic infections, including Mycoplasma, Chlamydia pn.
11587059 tn?1427631863 How many weeks are you at? Hopefully they can give you antibiotics so baby can stay in a little longer. Everyday helps baby but obviously if you have an infection it might be safer for baby to come now. Praying for you, baby, and doctors to make the best decisions possible!
Avatar f tn Want to hear from people who have had spinal epidural to lessen pain, and people who have had minimally invasive surgery to correct disc and or bone problems (pressing on spinal cord)
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear about your medical problems. If you had so much trauma during the epidural anesthesia, then in all probability you suffer from arachnoiditis. Usually arachnoidal adhesions develop due to arachnoiditis or inflammation of the arachnoid membrane which lines the brain and spinal cord.
Avatar n tn Because I have not personally reviewed your films nor have I examined you, I cannot give you an accurate opinion regarding your diagnosis and prognosis. However, complications of an epidural placement that could produce your symptoms include a collection of blood called a hematoma at the site of the placement pushing up on a nerve if a blood vessel was hit. An infection at the site of placement can also cause more pain, though this would usually be accompanied by fever.
Avatar n tn But they determined I wasn't in labor (was never worried that I was), that baby was fine (again never worried that she wasn't, other than from my stress level), and that I was dehydrated with glucose in my urine but no infection or blood. They gave me some IV fluids, a pain shot (that only took the edge off) and sent me on my way with the direction to follow up with my Dr... Now this pain is intense. One spot just right of my spine, mid back.