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Avatar n tn There is a lot of "life's experience" among the members of this Community, but I think your post is a bit off-topic and suggest you try the "family medicine" Community. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I am convinced this is an infection afterall Back in October when I went to the ER and they gave me Roxicet for the pain and no antibiotics, I dug up my old partial leftover one of Erythromycin in the medicine cabinet. I took all that was left which was only a couple days' worth, but it responded and I felt so much better. I thought I'd pretty much killed it. Then it came back last week.
Avatar f tn Hello, Any foreign object will not stay for so long in the body without causing an infection. You need to get your hand evaluated from a dermatologist. It can be due to pompholyx, contact dermatitis or small cysts. Pompholyx primarily involves the hands and fingers and then may involve the feet. The first stage is acute and presents as itchy blisters on the hands, fingers and toes. Then the chronic stage shows more peeling, cracking, or crusting.
628073 tn?1222213921 my 23 months old daugther constantly have painful boils from her waist down can you tell me what is or are the causes and is it a sign that some thing is wrong in her blood? I know this could not be normal.
Avatar m tn My wife and I moved to tropical Malaysia where we usually keep the large French doors open all day allowing the wind to blow in from the garden. Most recently we've both experienced itchiness over the arms, legs and feet, almost peppery in intensity, which is relieved by washing. We can see no trace of insects, no bumps, no redness, just that intense itching in spots.
Avatar f tn Soaking in warm Epsom salt water right away. WIll it help for the broken part to expose to get out sooner with out infection?
Avatar f tn Hello, Herpetic whitlow is a viral infection. From the symptoms paronychia should be ruled out. It results from a breakdown of the protective barrier between the nail and the nail fold. Diagnosed by gram staining and KOH wet mounts from the skin and nail scrapings. Treatment includes warm water soaks of the affected finger 3-4 times per day, oral antibiotics, topical antifungals and surgical intervention in more severe cases. My sincere advice would be to consult a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn I have been tested for a yeast infection which came back negative, and I've never had sex so it can't be an STD. It feels the worst around the front where the clitoris is, and sometimes it feels a little painful. Sometimes even cotton underwear feels like a cactus. I also have discharge, so I have to wear pantiliners most of the time. It's worse in hot weather, and I've been sweating quite a bit down in that area. Also, I have very light periods that get skipped often.
Avatar n tn I'm almost 36 years old and female. Findings: No restricted diffusion to suggest an infarct of other abnormality Asymmetric prominence of the gyrus just inferior to the right side of the spenium of the corpus callosum on series 5 images 12, 11, and 10. This could be enlargement on the right or atrophy on the left. No focal mass or abnormal enhancement is demonstrated in this region.
1711722 tn?1356491154 It works) Milky white stuff in the corner of my eyes ~ antibiotics for a bacterial eye infection (that I am sure happened when I started VIC) Dizzy, tired ~ Rest Cactus butt ~ Prep H, Tucks pads Itchy but no rash ~ Gold Bond Brain fog, lack of concentration, shortness of breath -- symptoms of Anemia ~ RIBA reduction, PEG reduction, Transfusion Lack of Motivation, Mental Struggle ~ May increase Zoloft .25 mg All in all............
908149 tn?1248719819 I don't know. I'll go to sleep. My nose feels like someone lit it on fire and put it out with a cactus. From my top lip to...I don't know. MY whole nose. It's bad. It stings and good god I need tissues though and I can't not wipe it away. ROOOOAR life is frusterating. I want to be healthy. I want my sense of taste back. I'm si[[ing orange juice becasue I can taste it for a split second at a time. I got a glassegg at the museum. forogt to mention that. Steve came voer after the museum.
Avatar n tn I'm almost 36 years old and female. I developed anxiety and panic attacks about 2 years ago. Only during times of great stress do I have a problem with the anxiety. None of the full-time meds worked for me.....Lexapro, Paxil, etc. They made me worse and the side effects were unbearable. I've had to cope with the anxiety and panic by taking Alprazolam when I feel it coming. Recently, I've been under a great deal of stress. In April, I noticed that my very close-up vision had gotten blurry.
Avatar n tn feels like you swallowed a cactus and its working its way down both sides from ribs to belt line. i get it under both ribs going accross. they did find h/pylori but not convinced its gone hence trying MASTIC GUM.....
Avatar n tn No I was not given blood. I have a buldge disc on L4-L5 spine from my pregnants and im taking perc meds for the pain a day. I think, can the meds be causing all this inflammation and achyness but the doctors say no.. Now I'm not getting my periode either and went to gyno doct Wed. He took blood for my hormones to see if there out of wack from pregnants.. Still tring to find an answer.. I am also trying something new that I saw on tv Prickly pear cactus..
Avatar f tn They turned to ulcers and healed had them 4 days. No sensatons prior to them. I had rough sex from a huge body bulder guy he was huge and never had that before in my life and he wore a latex condom, so the rubbing was intense hurt and plus he stretched me badly and I wasnt lubed well at all mostly dry.
1353650 tn?1429466974 We both have many defects including a defect in our CBS enzyme and this prevents us from braking down sulfur. It also causes us to produce to much ammonia along with histamine. All of the sulfur based supplements we were taking were slowly destroying us. Sulfur is suppose to be good for you but not when you have these active mutations. We went on a strict low sulfur low protein diet.
Avatar f tn 09 and I have been living with an open fistula now for 4 months, and it drains constantly. I am on antibiotics, but the inflammation and pain from the fistula is unbearable and I am brought to tears from the pain. I was diagnosed with Crohn's 2 months ago. My GI Dr.
317787 tn?1473362051 My husband passed away 1/21/2015 from cirrhosis ,,,,about 5 years ago they took him by ambulance from work to the hospital,,,He had severe liver infection the doctors said was from the metformin,,,he was in ICU 4 days and they switched him to glipizide,,,The liver infection from the metformin caused the cirrhosis which killed him,,,,Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet and since his illness I have done a lot of research,,,,metformin will kill you,,maybe not this year or the next but it wil
9785001 tn?1415902258 and PS, that doc who said to me that her Lyme patients were 'all near death' clearly didn't understand Lyme -- I would not think it likely that anyone who is treated with the right meds for the right period of time would die from Lyme, tho a long-neglected infection could create heart problems etc. that could be serious. So I wouldn't freak over the concept, but would be sure to find a doc who really does know when to go beyond doxy and how to understand when that time has come.
Avatar m tn I had one on my armpit it was horrible I got it handled at a family care about 5 years ago. Still get small bumps on mynlegs non matter how careful I shave. At the moment I have a staph the size of half golf ball on my leg where my work shoe strap causes friction and its so bad that mynentjre foot is swollen and just today scripted two antibiotics .sucks. My now ex had it and I know I am now predisposed for my skin to not fight away MRSA after the first boil years ago.
Avatar n tn So went to dermatologist. Dermatologist said contact dermatitis from cactus like plant in AZ. Dermatologist prescribed: Fluocinonide .05% Ointment. She said just put a little on bumps twice a day for 2 weeks. And Cephalexin 500 mg capsule. 1/day for 2 weeks. It did not clear up totally, as a matter of fact they were starting to fade when I saw that dermatologist so I am not sure if her prescriptions did anything. Today it is August and I still get them.
535882 tn?1396580285 Isnt it amazing how some people are SO symptomatic and yet others arent? I know I am like you...if my TSH goes higher than 2.5, I am in a lot of pain with aches. Yet others can go through everything and not feel that achy feeling. Ask the chemist is there is steralate talc in the formula. Once I got off that (generic brand T4) I was fine.
233622 tn?1279338505 To make sure nothing else is going on, I would make an appointment with your doctor, just to make sure you don't have a bladder infection..but as in my case, it wasn't. Besides, I don't think you would have the lack of sensation with a bladder infection, but I thought I should at least throw that out there My bladder issues was a new and annoying symptom that has stuck with me since last year. Thank God, it doesn't happen all the time. Just a couple a times a month.
Avatar n tn Just like if you were trying to pump fluid through a resistant pipe. Fluid from your blood is being pushed into your cells and extracellular space from this resistance. This is what is causing your swelling and weight gain. If you smoke or drink at the present time, you should stop. This is by far, hands-down the best way to relieve symptoms. Back to the point. You are likely on several heart medications. The diuretics for your blood pressure, and more medications for your arrhythmia.
Avatar f tn FYI -The kind of infection like your fingertip infection can occurs with Lyme disease because immune system is in tiolet, making a person vunerable to anything she/he come in contact with. I had skin staph infection from time to time.
Avatar m tn Sides pretty good except anal problems. Started out getting tender, burning and itching from bowel movements. Then became like voiding sharred glass. Boy is that painful. Dr. prescribed ProctoFoam. Helped some. Hemmroids are growing and I am now bleeding after intense and frequent bowel movements. Not bleeding like bleeding but traces on tissue and in bowel etc probably from anal fissures. So, has anyone experienced similar anal issues and what are you doing for it.
789879 tn?1321330762 Also at seagate, purchase some napol cactus capsoles. Napol cactus absorbs water (and sugar) which helps create a more full feeling. It then goes through the digestive tract and acts as a cleaning agent. I just started using this, and it really makes it hard to over eat. Lastly, check out the following website: and watch the tv shows on there. Doug Kaufmann is very knowledgeable in this fungus link to so many diseases including being overweight.
Avatar n tn If you have political or ethical reasons for not eating meat then I would suggest going the vitamin route and would encourage you to eat organic dairy products from farms which are freerange if this would make you feel better. If you don't eat animal products for health issues there are many organic meta products out there which are free of antibiotics, growth hormones etc. For some more info go to to get some better diet tips.
Avatar f tn Maybe I am parsing words, but I would like to know if there is a difference. Part of my question from that is whether or not that has anything to do with occult infection or not. Again, maybe I am just parsing words.