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471779 tn?1211807109 I I have excellent healing on all my laprascopic surgery incision sites except one under my belly button. It is hard underneath and a giant patch of bright red about 3 1/2 by 4 inches. across my stomach. very concerning to see. i have been on antibiotics since Tuesday ( 3 full days) with little change. Anyone else get this type of infection? Im really worn down everything is an effort.
Avatar n tn I am watching for infection ( I know what infection looks like far too well), but also wondering if infection would be able to break through the derma-bond gel. Sorry for the rambling novel... the percoset is finally(!) kicking in and dulling the pain. Thanks again for everyone's help! I really, really appreciate y'all!
Avatar f tn At the 6 week checkup my NS gave ok for pt which I am scheduled to start on 1/8. Then, last Thursday I noticed swelling at the lower end end of the incision site, felt like the top of a ping pong ball. sometimes it's firm and other times squishy. II spoke with ns assistant after sending him pics and I will call back tomorrow to see if I can see ns on Thursday. could this be a leak? I has anyone had experience with this?
Avatar n tn Have any you experienced pain after c-section - I'm talking about TWO YEARS later. My child will be 2 later this month. I was in constant pain, esp. at the incision site on the left side, for the first 6 mos, my ob thought it might be a internal suture that didn't disolve. The pain went away but then came back big time more than a year later. I've had several sonograms and an MRI - my ob is stumped.
Avatar f tn and they did an ultrasound on me and found out that I have infection under my incision and put me on 2 antibiiotics at the same time. So, my question is how did i get this infection at this late stage after my surgery and has this happened to anyone else?????????????
Avatar m tn I had this happen where 1 of my incisions looked as though, well it actually was a little infected, probably the same incision site as you are referring. Mine actually had small amount of pus oozing as well. My recheck was a week or so after noticing a irritation, So around 4 to 4 & half wks Post. The Surgeon said it was probably the suture trying to work itself out. I had already started using Alcohol, Peroxide, Neosporin, and recovering with a bandage.
Avatar n tn Well, I went in to the clinic today and found out why my incision was separating at the navel and bleeding.....I had lifted my one year old niece the other day and she is about 25 pounds (really, really dumb of me, I know) and the doc said I probably popped a stitch (nursepatient, you were right!) and the good news is, there is no infection. He cleaned it out and put more steri-strips on it and they have to stay on another week to ten days.
Avatar n tn After laparoscopy, it is normal to experience “pins and needles” sensation at the incision site. But over time, the nerves will heal and the sensation will subside. Infection usually presents with swelling, redness, pain or discharge in the incisional site. If these are present, it is best that you have this checked directly by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Had spincterotomy surgery on Monday 5/5 stitches were used to close the incision, on Friday 5/9 I was having severe burning at the incision site and was told that was normal. Saturday morning I woke up and had my daughter look at my incision. The stitches were completely gone and the incision site was open. The on call doctor said nothing could be done. However, I awoke on Sunday and the incision is like an open, gaping wound that is causing me severe pain.
2140223 tn?1336099788 There doesnt seem to be any dischare, and it doesnt seem to be bothering her at all, she is acting back to normal, but there is a foul odor coming from the incision as well. Im not sure what to do. The clinic I got her fixed at is only a spay/neuter clinic, so Im not sure if they will see her? They were closed when I called, and the emergency clinic wants $95 just to examine her and antibiotics r in addition to that. Thats outrageous and I cant afford something like that!
225036 tn?1294513000 Now I guess I will just wait and see if it starts getting redder around it (she said to look for lines coming from the incision which I know usually means staph infection) or if I get a fever. Not sure what else to do. I just wanted to fill you in on what is going on. It is always something :( Hope you are all doing well.
723407 tn?1264965551 Hi, Thanks for writing in. I think you are just worrying too much. At the bruise site white spots are due to completion of process of healing and deposition of collagen. Itching after surgery usually means the tissue is healing. If the skin is red and swollen then you might have an infection. It's better if you ask your doctor to make sure and to get a recommendation for a medication to help you. Best.
Avatar f tn He also thought that I could not possibly have any infection issues at this time. I also asked about the possibility of Chiari related conditions but he definitely had no idea of what I was talking about so I see what you are talking about. However, he is not the NS who did my surgery. I see him in 2 weeks. I will ask very specific questions from your post. I am going to tell him that my body is attacking itself it is. I will talk to zyhgy2 as I assume she too had an infection.
Avatar f tn Apparently the infection is very bad at the moment but i'm afraid that it is internal and it could be much worse than it appears. Is that possible? is it possible also for the infection to spread to a part of the incision that is healed already??? the rest of it looks pretty normal, just one slightly pink line line. Thanks.
281219 tn?1219118514 ARgh. I just knew something wasn't right, and here I am the one who has been preaching about how easy c-sections have been for me and how easy the recovery process is. So it's been one week today and I'm still on 1-2 percocets every 4-6 hours. I just knew THAT wasn't right and totally not like me. Then when I'd walk it would feel like everything was jiggling around inside, almost like I had to hold my belly to keep everything from feeling like it was coming loose.
1823499 tn?1370093889 I don't have an answer to your question but wanted to know how you are doing aside from the incision, post surgery? What were your main symptoms prior to surgery? Did you have a Cine MRI done? Did he do your first surgery as well? Sorry for all of the questions. I am getting ready to call and schedule my first appointment.
Avatar n tn Yes, mine was benign,and I was able to walk out of the hospital. My incision started at my belly button, and ended at my bikini line. I understand your reservations about a catheter, because after my surgery to repair my urter tube and bladder, I had to come home with a catheter for two weeks. It was also a complete nightmare, but I made it through it and so will you!!. After my surgery two weeks ago, I had a catheter for the first day, and then they removed it the next day.
Avatar n tn I had my staples removed 4 days ago and steri-strips applied at the doctors office. The incision over all is healing well but there is about a 2 inch section that is swollen and red. I spoke with the doctors office and they said to not worry keep cleansing it and apply 1/2 strengh peroxide. My question is this this part of the incision the top is swollen and off set from the bottom of the incision. Is this just swelling or will it stay this way when it heals?
Avatar f tn I was told it was common to have fluid build up in the cavity, but I got a huge blister on my skin and then the incision broke open and has been leaking fluid ever since. My surgeon drained it once and told me to keep it wrapped, then she later told me to put gause inside the opening after irrigating it each day. At this point, it is so swollen and painful I can barely move. I have asked other women on breast cancer forums and no one has ever experienced this. I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn To answer your question, yes -- the fact that your son continues to have a leak from the incision site is very concerning. This is not considered "normal" and should not be written off as such. I think that an investigation to rule out infection (e.g. an abscess or meningitis) is definitely warranted. Here at the Cleveland clinic, our neurosurgeons would tap the shunt and run a shunt series to assess the shunt's level of functioning. At minimum, a CT is required.
Avatar f tn I didn't expect this to happen at all with the healing of the incision. My surgeon did not seem concerned. He surely sees it all the time. It's good to be reassured. I am so glad to have this site with all who care so much about one another. So it's been about a month or so since the wound opened. That part seems to be healing. There is another section that after all this time, that decided to open the other day. It's small and bleeding just a little. I'll give it some more time.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had protected (condom) oral sex in a strip club, but I had a vasectomy about 10 days before and am worried that the healing incision may have been enough to allow saliva to enter my body and put me at risk for HIV/STD's. Assuming that she inadvertantly put her mouth over th incision, is there any risk? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi, Im supposed to have a laparatomy done but I want to know where is the incision going to be made? Do they cut under the belly like a c-section or do they cut straight down the middle?
455126 tn?1212435798 I was just patting my incision dry after washing my face and noticed that at the very left of my incision there is a hard(ish) bump. It's a bit sore, maybe tender is a better word. Any ideas on what this could be???
Avatar n tn i have a pacer that was put in in Nov. 2004. the far left end of the incision is red and open a little. bleeds sometimes. no fever at this time. was previosly closed with a Keloid over it. How do they treat this. oral antibitics. has red ring around the far left area. going to ep this Tues.
Avatar f tn HI, Your symptoms do indicate the possibility of wound infection. Wound infection at the site of incision will require dressing and antibiotics to ensure healing. Hence you should see your Doctor as soon as possible. Take care and good luck.