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6742119 tn?1391418728 Hi could you please tell me if hep c affects the teeth as my lower teeth are becoming very loose and my gums are very very red thanks . PS i dont have top teeth .
Avatar m tn However, I think it would be difficult not to get hepitius c after brushing my teeth. My gums almost always bleed. Ive been worried about kissing my girlfriend after brushing. what is a safe way to be sanitary about this?
Avatar m tn Is there an actual practical risk of contracting hep c from drinking from a cup with slightly bleeding gums if there is blood on the cup? - the gum in not oozing with lots of blood just a little when the gum is compressed?
Avatar m tn Yeah, true dat. Also, I'm wondering if there is a difference with transmission, between the deep blood, and a scratch, etc, because transmission is so low, with Hep C, and sex. Also, on a different subject all together, the Doctors tell us it's safe to breast-feed, when we have Hep C, but I remember the babies teething, and doing a tad bit of chewing, and my daughter did test negative, for Hep C.
Avatar m tn is the only way to ensure a safe child birth without Hep C is to perform a c section
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how much a PCR test costs?
Avatar m tn very unlikely, like 99.99% that you didn't get hep b, hep c or hiv. Get tested 3 months after the incident just to be 100%, but your chances are extremely low of catching any of the above 3 viruses, so you can relax now...
Avatar f tn No one here can accurately assess your risk, only give you opinions as there are no stats on the transmission of hep c from deep kissing with bloody gums, hep c is spread from blood to blood contact. IMO, maybe a very slight risk but doubtful, if your worried wait the proper amount of time and get tested. How soon after exposure to HCV can anti-HCV be detected? HCV infection can be detected by anti-HCV screening tests (enzyme immunoassay) 4–10 weeks after infection.
Avatar m tn There is an anxiety group on medhelp. They may be able to help you.
Avatar m tn 5% of people in Hong Kong have Hepatitis C. So right off the bat, there is a 99.5% chance that there is no Hep C even in the equation. 2. There has never been a documented case of kissing being the cause of a Hepatitis C infection. It needs to be blood-to-bloodstream. Wounds in the mouth heal very quickly due to a protein that is in saliva. Scientists are actually working on synthesizing it so it can be used to help heal wounds in other parts of the body.
Avatar f tn I didn't know that about interferon. Just great! Now I have Hep C, bad gums and my teeth are being attacked! This just gets better and better!
Avatar f tn I read somewhere there is help for those with hep c and bad teeth, in fact all have cracked and have 2/3 broken below gum line~~so sad and depressing~~who or what dental agency would help~~low income&on disability with no dental coverage.
Avatar f tn Yesterday went to dentist he used ultrasonic scaler to clean some of my teeth. I am worried he did not change the device tip. I was first patient in the morning so the instrument was not used for at least 12 hrs before it was used in me. Also it's the unit that also spits water out when cleaning not sure how hollow it is.
Avatar n tn s are getting metal braces. Many times the braces move the teeth which the gums are infected and has blood in it. I am not trying to give you a hard time. If someone has braces I would ask them questions like how long have you had them on. Because if someone just got them on for only 3 months there teeth, gums bleed easily which then could be a possible infection only if that person has HIV.
6708370 tn?1471490210 Treatment is harsh on your teeth and gums with all those chemicals. The better you take care of your teeth, the less dental work you may potentially have.
Avatar m tn I also have bleeding gums, if I share food or kiss with a Hep C+ perosn who also have bleeding gums or canker sore. Is it a risk? And fighting with a Hep C+ perosn maybe also a risk. Why CDC dose not put "share food, kissing, fighting" as transmission on internet? I do not know how exactly the Hepatitis C can transmit successfully in what circumstance. Dose the infectious blood have to through the uninfected person's skin deeply into the blood circulatory system?
Avatar n tn There was absolutely no risk of contracting hep c from the scenario described, hep c is spread from blood to blood contact only.
Avatar m tn Could the needle have injected some small amount of Hep C virus which could be on my gums, into my bloodstream as it penetrated my gums ? PS. I know how silly this sounds. I know this is HIV prevention forum and for the longest time I had had fear of HIV but I am now over the irrational fears of contracting HIV...however, sadly I am ending up obsessing with Hep C now. I am hoping that you will be able to help me with Hep C related queries.
Avatar n tn Could be possible, infection only goes away once u get the "bad" infected teeth out bc they are the source, if you leave the infection too long, it can travel anywhere in your body.. try to find out if your state host free dental work, it texas we do triage days they might not be able to help you with dentures, but they could possibly help you with the removal of infected teeth.. if you have taken antibiotics for a long time then your body can build up a tolerance for them..
Avatar m tn I fear my teeth falling out. I am scared of gum disease, scaling or whatever else. As of now, my gums look infected. Not bleeding or pussing but, definitely infected. It looks scratched and even red. My fear is about more retracted gums. Its terribly scary at this point. I am using a mouth wash but, I do not think its helping me enough. Its been about ten days since the issue started. About 8 since I used the mouth wash. I am freaking out.
Avatar f tn I think that the easiest thing for you to do to know one way or another, would be just to go to your doctor, or a clinic and tell them that you that you may have been exposed to Hep C. They don't have to know why you think that you were exposed. Just ask them to run a hepatitis panel. Because even if you don't have Hep C, you could have been exposed to Hep B. That way, you would know one way or the other.
Avatar m tn Hi Rain, no i meant the hep i said the bloody brush was next to mine n touched a few bristles (although the blood was not fresh) . I ran cold water over my brush twice before brushing would hep c still be possible?
Avatar m tn Well, hopefully they were not prison tattoos. Not sure of your age, but the Baby Boomers were hit the hardest with the Hep C epidemic. When I was young, we hadn't heard of Hep C yet, but HIV had just been discovered. I was practising risky behavior, so I used to go get tested for HIV every year, and they had some counseling that went with it, so maybe you could do something like that.