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Avatar n tn I'm 25 years old, and just last night I was working on the computer when all of a sudden, when I put my hand on the mouse to click on something, my right index finger started to tremor pretty badly. This morning it's been doing the same. When it's not rested it tremors, but when it's more in a rested position it's ok. I do have scoliosis and have underwent two surgeries already. I have also a harrington rod.
Avatar m tn For the last four or so weeks I have been noticing a tremor in the index finger of my left hand. At first I thought that it was related to nervousness but has occurred when I am calm and not using my hands for anything. I have also had some minor aches in my legs over the last two weeks including a cramp in my left leg during the night. I don't know if the two are related but I am really worried about the finger tremor as it hasn't gone away on its own or in a reasonable time frame.
Avatar n tn In the last week I have suddently started to have index finger spasms. I feel my muscle spasming about half way down my hand. This has been happening when I'm not doing anything.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I wrote in with symptoms of shaking pinky and ring fingers in left hand, trembling chin and rls signs in left foot. These symptoms seem to have improved slightly although my ring, pinky and middle fingers in left hand still tremor when held out in front of me. I am 29 years old and 7 months pregnant. Now I am experiencing something completely different.
Avatar n tn So I've been thinking I have some sort of nerve damage and possibly anxiety related issues. Lately my index finger has began to twitch or tremor (not sure of the right term) it will move in a left and right direction for a period of time. It also seems to occasionally move forwards as well but rarely. 90% of the time this occurs when I'm sitting at my computer desk. I admit I have always had terrible posture in general.
Avatar n tn Hello, I woke up last night and my right index finger was visibly twitching. It would tremble/twitch without pause for serveral seconds, then stop. Sometimes only a few seconds would go by before it started twitching again, sometimes almost a minute would go by. It kept me awake for several hours and when I woke up this morning, it was still doing it. It's been about 3 hours since I woke up, I have been moving actively around the house and the tremble/twitch is still there.
Avatar f tn Hi, A couple of months ago my left thumb and index finger started twitching at resting position. The tremors lasted about 3 days and then stopped. Since then I've felt what can only be described as internal tremor in the same thumb. The thumb also seems heavy. Does anyone know what this might be related to? Many thanks!
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear about your tremor. I am not sure what to tell you. What you describe is an action tremor of your finger. Whether or not it is caused by your shoulder problem is difficult to tell. It might be an essential tremor in that alcohol makes it better (not a good therapy for the tremor long term) and anxiety makes it worse. I would see a good neurologist and get a neurological exam.
Avatar n tn Lately I have noticed that both index fingers have a tremor that goes back and forth at the 3rd joint. I am not in pain or in any discomfort but very concerned. My thumbs do not have the same issue so I am wonder if this could be early onset of PD?
Avatar n tn After moving from one finger to another finally it is now on my Index finger. What kind of illness has the symtom where the tremor stops in one finger, but moves on to another finger? My second question is has anyone heard about such a thing? My MRI is normal. Anyone in the medical community has a clue? Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn I'm 25 years old, and just last night I was working on the computer when all of a sudden, when I put my hand on the mouse to click on something, my right index finger started to tremor pretty badly. This morning it's been doing the same. When it's not rested it tremors, but when it's more in a rested position it's ok. I do have scoliosis and have underwent two surgeries already. I have also a harrington rod.
Avatar n tn A couple of times now, as I lie in bed (but before I fall to sleep), my thumb and index finger will rub together very quickly two or three times. It only happens once or twice. It has not happened at other times of the day or night. My question is whether this sounds like a Parkinson's pill rolling tremor, and whether Parkinson's is likely or whether it could be benign.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the index finger would get involved and if I raised my hand my entire hand would tremor with it. The resting tremor stopped by the time I got into my doctor. She ran all sorts of tests for things like thyroid issues, mercury poisioning etc... they were all fine. She put me on primidone for the essential tremor with the idea that if it affected the resting tremor also it would give the neurologist some clues. I go to the neurologist on the 30th.
Avatar m tn I got a finger tremor in my left ring finger. Over the past weeks I also had one in my right index finger, left index finger, left thumb, and right pinky. This has me scared of Parkinson's Disease. I don't have any pill rolling tremors and the tremor has not occurred in the same finger twice. Most of my tremors have occured at rest but I did get one while typing. I've also had twitching in other parts of my body. I've also been very stressed.
444922 tn?1205102364 Today my pinky fingers on both hands are what's really noticable unless i'm typing then my right hand index finger jerks. My tremors would be probably faster than 4hz if i understand what that means. I've used frequency generators before and watched a speaker move at different frequencies so i'd say my tremor is between 10-20 hz. I think i need to seek another opinion because i feel really bad all over most of the time but on some days i feel much stronger and don't jerk hardly at all.
Avatar n tn I don't have any weakness that I know of, but my thumb and index finger does feel almost numb sometimes. I think it usually goes away for a while by "cracking" the joint. My hand is usually worse first thing in the morning with that too, sometimes being asleep. As for MS, does it run in families? My uncle (mother's brother) had it. Sorry for so many questions, but being currently unemployed makes visiting a doctor difficult.
1834145 tn?1318181356 My left index finger has been twitching sporadically for the past week. It happens each day several times, at rest and when in use. My family has a history of Parkinson's which causes me cause for concern. My mom also had essential tremor and dystonia. I had surgery on both wrists for carpal tunnel last year. Also, I have been told I have mild neuralgia in both arms from my elbows through my fingers. I have never been diagnosed with diabetes.
Avatar m tn You can actually see the movement occurring between my thumb and index finger. At times, my right bottom eye lid also tremors. My thumb tremor never stops, it's 24/7. I have seen two neurologists. One diagnosed me with continuous partial epilepsy and the other said stress/anxiety. I have had one MRI with contract, evoked potentials and a nerve test (cannot remember the name) all were normal. I am otherwise healthy. My eyes sometimes bother me, but I think it has do with my sinuses.
211940 tn?1267884866 yup, I've noticed this with my pointer, and now in my ring finger, on my right hand. that's also the hand that tremors. funny the tremor in my ring finger is different - harder more jerky? it's starting to be a big problem. I get the multiple keying and trying to plug in computer components, adding memory, even getting the screws out to open computers,or worse back on. it is sure getting to be quite the challenge. Hope the neurologist tomorrow has some answers for you.
Avatar f tn Another one was trying to touch your pointer finger to the doctors tip of his pointer finger (you'd have a hard time and would see your finger kinds of wander), and another one is standing up and walking heel to toe almost like a sobriety test (you'd notice it to be quite difficult). Oh and, if I can explain this correctly, another one he did was sitting on a chair and putting his palm down on the top of his leg/thigh and flipping it over. Back and forth kind of as fast as you can.
Avatar n tn I noticed that when I hold my hand wide open or outstretched my index finder shakes back and forth slightly. It happens in both of my hands. Is this something that I should be worried about? Is it commom?
Avatar f tn It started with my thumb then it was also slightly in my middle finger and now it's mostly my thumb and index finger. It happens while my hand it at rest. My fingers are basically just moving by themselves. Is this some sort of neurological symptom of something else that I should be concerned about? It is a little scary at times, especially when my thumb and index finger are both moving rapidly at the same time. If anyone has any clue as to why this is happening, that would be great.
Avatar m tn even when im with friends, listening to music, playing video games, working out, in school, on the train, in the bar someting always triggers those thoughts and find myself thinking about parkinsons. then i see my hand tremor or finger jerk and i get anxious thinking i have it and it will get worse.
Avatar m tn I wake up this am with sudden onset fasiculations in my thumb, essential in nature. It felt like a paresthesia extended to my index finger but now all that is left is occasional 1-5 fasiculations every hour. I am scared to death with my family history, I know there is not exact familial link but it does exist. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn For example, parkinsonism, such as what you are asking, has a resting tremor that is termed “pill-rolling” tremor. The tremor is typically one sided initially. Other types of tremors include essential tremor (which is a tremor with many different postures/actions), orthostatic tremor, enhance physiologic tremor, etc. Everyone has a tremor but for most, it is not noticeable unless there is stress, caffeine, anxiety. This is the enhanced physiological tremor.
Avatar m tn For example, a tremor of parkinsonism, will typically start one sided and involve a pill rolling action of the thumb and index finger mainly while at rest. An essential tremor will be a tremor that occurs mainly with action or posture. An orthostasis tremor will typically occur when rising from a sitting position. Each tremor type has its own treatment. Have you seen a neurologist regarding your tremor? If not, I would recommend this.
1468406 tn?1286492742 It pretty much goes away when I am not flaring up, but each flare brings it on stronger, and this time around it is including my middle finger, and occasionally my index finger and thumb. The tremor is NOT there when my hand is relaxed (for example, hanging at my side or with the fingers curled). However when I stretch my hand out/straighten my fingers, they start jumping around wildly. It is like they have a mind of there own.