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Avatar n tn I have these tiny bumps on my index finger (pin point size). They appeared approximately one year ago. I've used the over the counter wart remover on them three times now but they seem to keep coming back. They appear in clusters, are not painful, are not itchy, are skin colored and spread down my finger until i kill them off with the wart remover. They do not look like the pictures of warts, there is no dot in the center or anything.
Avatar n tn I also notice the same numbness whenenever I ride my bike after 20 minutes or so. There also is a rash (?) on my index finger than resembles eczema on the backside of the finger and just dry dead skin on the side and palmside of the finger. What could be causing this? What should I do? I do not experience the same numbness with my left hand at all!!
Avatar n tn i have a itchy rash on my index finger that presents itself as lumps under the skin and seems to follow a line when it first appears. the rash will then miss the back of my hand and then travel on to my wrist and forearm, at this point it chainges and becomes small red dotts. The small red dotts come and go throughout the time period that im effected. My index finger however remains itchy yet the presentation differs.
Avatar m tn I have a rash or a form of excema on my right index finger. I've had it for about a year and a half now. It started of by being quite dry and itchy and then it went very bumpy after continues itching. It currently looks rather scaly and has cracks which have dry blood within it, with it becoming very rough. Can anyone advice me on what to put on it and what to avoid? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have a recurring blister-like rash on my index fingers and, occasionally, my thumbs. There are many tiny bumps, about a mm thick, filled with clear fluid. There is severe itching and a burning sensation, releived and aggrevated by scratching. I've been given hydrocortizone and piriton but they do little to help the problem. The itching is only briefly releived by pouring very hot water on my fingers. What can this be?
Avatar m tn Every few months, the skin around the right side of my left index finger seems to die. It will feel kinda numb, but only the outermost layer of the skin. After a few days, the entire layer of skin peels off. It is not painful, just slightly uncomfortable. You can see what it looks like here: and here:
Avatar f tn it has dried up again after coming out of the bandaid and now there is a large crack right in the first bend of the finger. Again, no pain or itching, only on index finger, and has been an issue for 11 days now. Is there something else I can try, or do I need to take her to the doctor? And if so, a dermatologist or her pediatrician? Thank you so very much!
Avatar m tn I've spent hours researching this and have found many similar conditions but mine isn't the same so any help would be great. A few weeks ago I got a very mildly itchy rash on the sides of my index and ring fingers and only slightly on top as well. I assumed it was poision ivy and ignored it. The bumps dried out and stopped itching and have peeled in some spots. They don't itch or burn or have any fluid in them.
Avatar n tn The rash probably occurred a few days after the problem with the finger. The rash probably was caused by scratching the skin in different areas (armpits, thighs). Other things: I saw a woman who gave me a massage about a week to 10 days before the rash occurred. I did touch the woman’s genitals and other areas but didn’t put my finger inside. Everything else was covered. I am also on the borderline of type 2 diabetes (I’m 50).
Avatar f tn After seeing numerous docs had MRI and c5/6 (7) disc is buldged? lost use to bend thumb about 2 months ago and also index finger (unable to bend at second knuckle, the one closest to the nail) my forearm is numb and coordination in my left hand is starting to get weak and have pain in my thumb like the tendons are getting shorter and its being pulled into my had, with random sharp shooting pains!! has anyone had/head of this not being able to use my thumb!?
Avatar n tn I have a searing pain in my index, middle and ring fingers. It is accompanied by a twinge in both shoulders and in the middle of my spine. The pain occurs regularly at night when I lie down. I have some numbness that occurs during the day. The pain I experience at night interrupts my sleep and I have to get out of bed. What could this possibly be?
Avatar m tn A few months ago I noticed what initially seemed like dry skin all along my index finger on my left hand. I used lotion, thinking it was a dry skin problem (i'd been scratching it), and that would make it not itch for some time, but the cracked, dry skin would always return. The problem has persisted for some time and I suspect its not dry skin, but fungus, as it seems to be spreading to the area at the base of my pinky and middle fingers as well.
Avatar f tn I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms (extremely itchy bubble blisters on index finger, rash on abdomen) with additional rashes on my forehead, on the side of my left eye & on both ears. - Did you ever receive a diagnosis? This has been going on for weeks, with varying levels of severity. I had a patch test performed by an allergist; I'm not allergic to anything that was included in the test.
Avatar f tn There is a spot on the side of the tip of my left index finger that has been itching more or less constantly for about 2 weeks now. There is no visible rash, skin discoloration, bumps, etc. It is not exceedingly dry, and lotion does not seem to make a significant difference. I went to a dermatologist who said that it looked fine, and that I probably had a "nerve that is misfiring". Is that a likely cause? If so, is there anything to do to relieve the itching?
Avatar m tn I am a 21 year old female with no prior skin ailments with the exception of some mild teenage acne. approximately one month ago i noticed the skin on my left index finger appreared very dry so i began treating it with cuticle oil and heavy moisturizures. After a week of no noticible improvement, a friend suggested the possibility of fungal nail infection, although my nail was clear and growing normally. I used Dr. G's Clear Nail Antimicrobial Solution as directed (7 days, twice daily).
Avatar n tn Every year in September, the skin of my index finger and thumb tips starts drying, harding, cracking and some time bleeding. This remains till March and then the problem goes away till September. Similarly my heeals show the same behavior in the same period.
Avatar f tn I have just got one awhile ago its on my index finger and close to my finger nail and looks like dots inside anyone know what it is?
Avatar n tn At first this was isolated to the thumb and index finger of my left hand but now has spread to all of my fingers on both hands mainly staying on the very tips. I am 27 and have seasonal allergies as well as allergies to molds/mildew. I have not changed my detergents, makeup, or soaps. The rest of my skin is not particularly dry. Using lotions does not seem to help. What could be the cause of this and what can be done to correct it?
Avatar m tn I still have aching joints, muscle cramping, ulcers in my gums, and now an itchy skin rash keeps appearing on my right hand between the thumb and index finger and sometimes it spreads up to the wrist and to the other hand. I don't know what to think about this. I previously thought that I had contact dermatisis due to newspaper ink, or powdered latex gloves. I cut them both out for a period and that rash went away. Then it came back again when I started eating Ramutan fruit.
Avatar f tn For at least a year now, I have these instances where a spot on my left index finger (at the joint near the tip of my finger) starts to itch. It itches for up to a couple of weeks, and then it stops for a few weeks, only to start again. It's only this spot, and always this spot. There's no rash (only redness because I scratch it) and no blisters, but while this is going on the skin on this spot feels very dry, no matter how much lotion I use. Any advice? Thanks!
505916 tn?1248796542 Hello, I'm new to the forums and did a bit of a search on here but wasn't able to find anything in relation to my problem. It seems I get these red bumps on my index and middle fingers whenever I have my period. It started about a year or two ago and whenever I tried to get into see my doctor, the bumps were gone by the time I was able to see him. They're not itchy; if anything they're more sore. The bigger ones are like welts, the little ones are as sensitive to touch as well.
915277 tn?1252576713 Just diagnosed with gastritis and Barrett esophagus, have arthritis of hands, knees, hips and back and degeneration in back, have that blister lump on index finger that Dr. Says is my joint blowing out and he wants to do surgery, feel like I hit 60 and started falling apart! I love life and want to live a long life. Any advice ?
Avatar m tn Since its inbetween his thumb and index finger, sounds like he picked something up as is a grab sign and most likely is a bruise or slight burn or irritation
Avatar f tn I have three itchy bumps in a row on my right hand index finger and one on my right wrist. They have been there for about 2 weeks and I've never seen something like them before. Please see picture below. they are hard to capture because their coloring is close to skin tone. They look like they may be going away but not necessarily. Ideas? Thank you!
Avatar n tn On my the side of my index finger there seems to be a cluster of white extremely small and circular wart like things. It feels rough and a little bit dry.The circular edges are white, but the inside looks clear. There is know "black seed" so I I'm not sure if it is a wart. I do not know what it is? If it is a wart, how contagious are warts. If i mastubate will I spread it to my penis? WHat about my contacts? I have know idea and would like some imput.