Index finger moves involuntarily

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Avatar n tn Hello, My husband's eyelids, eyebrows, and right index finger twitch almost all the time. Sometimes is only his eyelid, and eyebrows. At first, I did not put much attention to it, because it sometimes goes away for awhile or it happens like 3 times a day but is not that noticeable. Plus now we just got married and I can notice it more.
Avatar f tn Every once in a while my right index finger quickly moves vertically about two inches. It's not often, but it is a weird thing and causes me some concern. I'm wondering if this is just another of the long symptoms of anxiety. Does anyone else ever have this symptom?
Avatar n tn To get the sensation I use my thumb and index finger and pinch a large skin fold. I recently lost weight so I have loose skin that still has a lot of fat left in it. In my case it works near my hip or inner thigh. I squeeze down and I feel a pop. Bubble wrap could not be a more perfect description. I feel it, not in my legs, but with my fingers - pop!. I can probably feel it a little in the actual skin of my leg but it's very obvious on my fingertips.
Avatar f tn Well I have involuntarily joined this club with all of you. I got all 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted 10 days ago, and have been experiencing a numb chin, bottom lip, and gums surrounding my bottom teeth ever since. I too have the horrible sensations of "tingles" and that my face has fallen asleep and won't wake up, constant "pins and needles", and that somebody punched me in the mouth and injected me with insects. It was been absolutely horrible and terrifying.