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Avatar m tn The skin over the PIP joint and intermediate phalanx on my index finger is roughened and scaly. The skin also itches frequently and is not as flexible as the skin on my other PIP joints of the same finger. sometimes it cracks as well due to dry skin. I use lotions to prevent my hands drying and I am a student. Attached is a picture of the finger. I will see a dermatologist as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn i have the same thing on my hand right under my pinky finger, exact same discription. and i have no idea what it is, but it itches and burns so badly takes every thing i got not to scratch at it. whats worse is the skin around it starting to peal and make my skin thin and sensitve, and now my skin is cracking and it hurts really bad. what is this and how do you treat it, nothing is working that i have tryed.
Avatar f tn For at least a year now, I have these instances where a spot on my left index finger (at the joint near the tip of my finger) starts to itch. It itches for up to a couple of weeks, and then it stops for a few weeks, only to start again. It's only this spot, and always this spot. There's no rash (only redness because I scratch it) and no blisters, but while this is going on the skin on this spot feels very dry, no matter how much lotion I use. Any advice? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have been having these symptoms myself for about two to three months. The time that it was the worst, the outside of my index finger on my left hand was covered in bumps and it was very itchy, and my middle finger on that hand was swollen and sore at the joint. I noticed it after a morning of intense deep cleaning my house, so I wonder if it is an allergic reaction to the cleaners I use. I have seasonal allergies.
Avatar m tn I have the same problem on the pad of my right thumb and the side of the middle joint of my right index finger. it started as only the thumb but then it appeared to spread to the index finger and now it's worse there. It does not itch though; just very dry, hard, and flaky, and eventually cracks. no matter what lotions I use it does not go away.
Avatar n tn To make matters worse whenever I flex the previously injured finger in all the way the index finger begins to hurt. It also hurts more than usual if I bump something or knock on a door. Is there any type of joint injury that could explain this bump that is almost the size of a pea forming on the joint after the injury heals? Can I expect this bump to go away after a reasonable period of time? If not would a hand surgeon be able to remove the bump somehow?
Avatar f tn Then, here recently, those have went away, and now the area on my index finger is now this small lump that sometimes itches. Okay, it gets to the point I have to scratch it, then it starts to just ooze out this clear liquid. The only way that can... Make this lump go away, is if I use peroxide and neosporin and cover it with a band aid. Which does help the itching also go away. But, I want to know what this is.
Avatar m tn The nerve innervating (supplying) the thumb, the index finger and the middle fingers is the median nerve. This can get compressed in the wrist, leading to numbness of these areas leading to a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The nerve can get compressed due to obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, hypothyroidism, arthritis and trauma.
Avatar n tn i have a reddish brown bloch on my right hand from my thumb to my index finger. some times it itches and other times it dont.
Avatar n tn I have had little small bumps on my left index finger for a about twelve months and it comes and go once I rub my finger against somthing, I never thought anything of it because I work with my hands and I figured it could be a rash until now while reading about herpes and herpetic whitlow and now Im beginning to question myself if I may have contracted the herpes virus, I have had no symptoms or outbreaks on my mouth, penis, anus, or anywhere else on my body, it doesn't hurt when I urinate, and
Avatar m tn I've just discovered a black spot the size of a pin-head under the skin on my left index finger. It has the appearance of a blackhead, but no matter how much I squeeze nothing happens. It doesn't hurt or itch, although it does feel slightly raised. Any ideas as to what it might be? I do plan on seeing my GP, but thought I'd post anyway. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn it started with one bump, on my ankle. it was itchy and like a knot. I scratched it until it bled and it healed 3 days later... Then i had 2 come out on the back of my head, as well as swollen lymph nodes in my neck.. they healed after 4 days... then it went into my right ear. was painful, not itchy & pus came out. It also went away 3-4 days later. Then i had one on my right index finger and 2 on my right pinky! They were warm to the touch, swollen, red, itchy...
Avatar n tn two months ago, I got one small red bump on index finger that itches. Days later the skin started dying and hurting a lot. It finally healed and everyone said it was a brown recluse bite. Now, I got another small red itchy bump center of right hand, and it is doing the same thing! I will add that I gave MS and Hemachromatosis and don't know if there is a connection. Never had this before. Any thoughts? Thank you.
Avatar f tn The itch is from my triceps and biceps down to forearm and down to my finger tips. My entire arm itches, even my right palm. There is no visible rash or bite marks or anything visible at all. I have no known allergies and have not come into contact with anything out of the ordinary. Nor have i consumed or used anything out of the ordinary. I live in the city so I'm not around many plants or foliage. My hands are starting to hurt a bit from the itching.
Avatar n tn It started off whith my right hand ring finger now it has spreaded to also my index finger and my middle finger. Please let me know what this could be? And what I need to do. sincerely.
Avatar n tn For the past 3-4 years I have been experiencing a problem with my hand on and around my fingers mostly between and on the sides of the middle index and ring finger i develop a small rash like redness. It itches extremly sometimes if i scratch it small bumbs appear that resemble to me like very small ant bites containg clear fluid arise, my fingers then get extremly dry and crack sometimes to the point of bleeding. It is very painful.
Avatar m tn i have what looks like pimples under my arms/hands and on my thighs and lighter on other areas. I have some sporatic raised bumps on my fingers. The inside my index finger has a raised area of clearlike raised areas. I think this area looks the worst perhaps. The rashes so far don't look as intense as what I've seen of herpes. The bumps have been increasing somewhat. The underarm areas itches the most.
Avatar m tn Forgot to add - In addition to the breath shortness, I have also been having a problem with my left hand. for Friday & Saturday this past weekend, my index finger was numb and tingly. And my left palm on the picky side sometimes itches and needs to be scratched.
Avatar n tn I have a rash, it consists of 3 or 4 red bumps on the middle joint of my middle finger and now I also have two bumps on my index fingers on both hands and some bumps on my elbow. They are a little itchy and kind of painful, and look sort of like blisters. Does this sound like what you've experienced? I'm hoping you can help shed some light on my situation. I appreciate your help!
Avatar n tn Soon after, tiny skin colored bumps would show up on my right hand, along my thumb and index finger side. Periodically, it would itch in the area, but the bumps weren't bumpy, nor did they burst in anyway. These bumps started appearing on my left arm (and caused it to itch), and also on my legs and inner thigh as well. However, these bumps were red and periodically itched. At first, my parents and I thought it was simply bug bites and treated it accordingly.
Avatar n tn Whenever I use the mouse for more than an hour per day I get tiny dry white blisters and cracked skin on the tip of my right index finger. It goes away within a week or two. I have cleaned the mouse with alcohol weekly. That does not seem to help. I also use an iPad and that exacerbates the skin problem on my fingertip. I try to use a different finger, use a stylus, or put a bandaid on the cracked dry skin to help me remember not to use that finger.
Avatar m tn Every once in a while, 2-4 times a week, I get a rash at random on my right hand between my thumb and index finger. Sometimes it extends over the top of my hand, sometimes it does not. Sometimes it itches, sometimes it does not. I used to be allergic to everything but I'm not anymore. In past experiences with allergic reactions, a shower and some cream would do the trick. I've tried this approach to no avail.
Avatar m tn I noticed small bubbles about a month ago on my right hand index finger, on top of the interphalangeal joint (knuckle). I let them be thinking it was some kind of reaction to shrimp I had eaten (no history of allergies showing these bubbles before). About 2 weeks later I saw that these bubbles were not going away, but rather increasing in size and quantity. I went from 2 or 3 little bubbles to 4 sizable ones. Still, all on the top of the joint and around the knuckle.
Avatar f tn That all went away after about 6 weeks thank goodness. Three days ago my index finger on my same hand started itching like crazy. I am afraid I am going to break the skin. I don't even notice it but my thumb is almost always scratching the itch. Does anyone have any experience in the department? What do I do to relieve the itch? Thanks! :) Oh BTW for those that responed before about my ear...thank you all!
941625 tn?1263585382 My left palm was numb, but when I rubbed it I felt it in the top of my left index finger. As the numbess went away, so did that sensation. Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I noted that in my journal ... thanks for the reminder! :-) These things we go through are just insanely crazy sometimes! Take care!
Avatar n tn i have stabbing pains in the thumb and index finger these fingers are numb and tingling and the left hand is highly sensitive to cold, this is the same symptons as cpt but with ms ther call it parethesia. how can you tell the difference? I'm taking neurontin 300mg 3x a day. it eases the pain a littlt. thanks, smurf102 This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/894025'>trigeminal neuralgia followed by general parathesia</a>.
Avatar f tn Another interesting thing that is strange is that it is always mirrored to both hands, so if I am itching on the index finger on the right hand it also itches in the same place on the left hand. At most, the itchyness is worst on the centre of my palms, close to my wrists.
Avatar m tn About six months ago this rash popped up on my middle index and ring finger it was bad for about 2 1/2 months then went away for about a month and has since returned. Some days it's not as bad as others but I always wake up with little blisters on or around the rash that I drain and it ends up looking like this pic for the rest of the day. Sometimes at night it itches and when I run it under hot water it's like satisfying a deep itch.
Avatar m tn It tends to itch along the same lines of the way my eczema itches on my finger. I'm 30. I had sex with a girl who had HPV when I was 20 and noticed 1 or two raised flesh colored parts of my skin that same year that I'm sure are warts, but they are so barely visable that I have ignored them and they have never really itched or anything at all. No one I have been with has ever complained of anything in the last 10 years so I figured it was harmless.
Avatar m tn I also developed other patches which started out as blisters on the same hand. One on the corner of the wrist and palm and one on the inside of my index finger. I finally went to the doc at the VA but wasnt able to see him. They gave me antifungaClotrimazole Cream 1%. I applied as directed for over 2 weeks and it did not help. It seemed to spread even more using it. On Christmas I burned the other hand cooking and within a day the same thing happened to that hand.