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Avatar f tn Hi! Neither the surgery for cyst nor for aneurysm of a blood vessel in your index finger is difficult. However, correct diagnosis is important. For this your doctor will perform a clinical examination and may send you for a colored dopplar ultrasound or for a MRI. The treatment of either is surgery. Another possibility is that the swelling is an abscess that is about to pop and drain the pus. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn My right index finger has been swollen for a month now. the knuckle is painful to the touch, but i'm able to bend it. Any ideas what it could be?? Thanks for any help!
Avatar f tn It is actually on the opposite side of my finger from my nail. It's more on the area of my index finger that you see when you turn your hand palm up, the part with which you touch things. I don't know if that changes anything or not. It went away and I thought it was gone but here it is again. Strangest thing.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my right index finger that i just noticed within the last week. Its between the nail and the first knuckle. I havent noticed any pain, as of yet, and when you squeeze it it feels like just a hard lump with no liquid. What can it possibly be?
Avatar m tn I have a small bump that developed under my index finger ( on the palm side ), it is positioned just above my highest joint, when it first developed it was very hard to see because it was flesh colored. It has grown more white colored, and gradually more noticable. when i pull my finger back, it is very noticable, as it appears round and white. It is also very flat. It is not really irritating either, it is not itchy. I was thinking it could be a wart, but I am not sure.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 20 year old male and about 3 weeks ago, I noticed two small bumps on the palm side of my index finger. They are about 1mm each and about 1mm apart from each other right where my index finger bends. They are white, contain no fluid, and were painless. They became more pronounced when i would bend the joint. I had somewhat similar bumps on my hand about a year ago and went to a dermatologist because I thought they might be warts.
Avatar n tn I also notice the same numbness whenenever I ride my bike after 20 minutes or so. There also is a rash (?) on my index finger than resembles eczema on the backside of the finger and just dry dead skin on the side and palmside of the finger. What could be causing this? What should I do? I do not experience the same numbness with my left hand at all!!
Avatar f tn There is a small nodule found at the distal end, towards the base of my right index finger. It started growing and now it is around 5 or 6 mm size. It is movable and firm, i suppose with no pain, only mild pain during pressure. no problem to use my hand for writing or others. could it be a lipoma? will lipoma occur there? any reason to worry?
Avatar n tn If you draw a line from the bump to my fingers it lands in the center of my index finger and my middle finger. But it's practically on my wrist. It doesn't hurt. You can't move it around either. Any ideas what it is and how I can get rid of it without going to the doctor. Since it doesn't hurt should I just leave it go or will it be something serious?
Avatar f tn hi i have a tiny bunp on my left index finger it is sore when i slightly press on it do u no what the cause of it is.
Avatar n tn I have a painful bump on my left index finger (finger pad just above first knuckle). It will not go away (about 8 months now). My primary care physician suggested dyshidrotic eczema and treat with OTC Hydrocortisone. I have had dyshidrosis before this is nothing like it.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing an involuntary jerk of my right index finger for a more or so. It moves quickly upward by a few inches. Only happens every so often, less than 10 times in total. Just wondering it this is something normal or if it needs to be checked out. I have also been experiencing a mild depression with anxiety lately. So I seem to have a lot of muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and arms.
Avatar n tn I agree. He should see a rheumatologist. I have had a lump (giant cyst) on my right ring finger. I had surgery to remove it TWICE and it came back a 3rd time. I have no idea what causes it to return; however, the cause of it was from a "pin *****" prior to giving blood. When the cotton on my finger was removed, there was a very small lump/swelling. Unfortunately, it grew and grew. Within a year it had to be removed.
Avatar f tn hello. I have bumps on three of my fingers (both thumbs and my right index finger). I am not really sure what they are. I have had them for about 16 years, since I was 12 or so. They do not hurt but are just annoyances because I consider them unsightly. i have posted pictures of them here: I am wondering if these are removable, and if so, generally how much one could expect to pay for such a procedure. Thank you!
Avatar m tn Around 2 months ago, I noticed a sort of raised lump/bump on my right index finger (middle knuckle area).. At first I thought it may have been a spot or blister or something, but when i tried to burst it with a pin, it was just skin.. raised bump/lump with no fluids, just skin... Anyway, I went to the docs, he said it was probably a wart.. He wouldnt freeze it off for me so I got some over the counter stuff..
Avatar m tn Could there be a cyst under the vein or an aneurysm? It is on my lefthand index finger between the knuckle and first joint. I am a 65-year-old woman and did not injure the site.
Avatar n tn I'm old. I am not a doctor. I broke a finger when I was young. I taped it to the next finger. It healed crooked. Although I am used to it and there is no pain, it affects some things that I really like to do, like playing guitar. Doctors are overly cautious now because of petty lawsuits. (I'm suing you because you didn't take care of my broken pinky and it healed wrong.) If you want it to heal correctly, do what your doctor says. End of sermon.
Avatar n tn I had surgery done on my index finger one year ago and find it growing back again in an area near the original cyst.
915277 tn?1252576713 Just diagnosed with gastritis and Barrett esophagus, have arthritis of hands, knees, hips and back and degeneration in back, have that blister lump on index finger that Dr. Says is my joint blowing out and he wants to do surgery, feel like I hit 60 and started falling apart! I love life and want to live a long life. Any advice ?
Avatar n tn A few months ago I was cutting some locusts trees and got poked and a few splinters from the thorns. One of the spots was on the top of my index finger near the first joint. It is now a big bump which does not hurt but looks bad. Could there be a splinter inside this bump and could it be infected?
Avatar n tn On my the side of my index finger there seems to be a cluster of white extremely small and circular wart like things. It feels rough and a little bit dry.The circular edges are white, but the inside looks clear. There is know "black seed" so I I'm not sure if it is a wart. I do not know what it is? If it is a wart, how contagious are warts. If i mastubate will I spread it to my penis? WHat about my contacts? I have know idea and would like some imput.
Avatar f tn Then tonight after shower, I was applying the cream on the index finger again, and noticed that on my right RING finger there seems to be a tiny blister forming - this time it's on the pad of the finger (the fingerprint area), instead of near the nail, like what happened on my INDEX finger. Still, I worried that it might be spreading, so I put cream on that finger and have put a band-aid on it too. What is happening?
Avatar f tn I have a hard large lump on the top of the hand near the wrist which looked like a classic ganglion cyst for about 4 months now. The doctor was over 2 hours behind in his appointments and didn’t spend more than a few minutes with me. When I described the pain and its location (deep in the middle of the hand), he told me I didn’t have pain there. I also told him that the tip of my ring finger has been numb for the last month. He said it couldn’t be.
Avatar n tn she held up her hand and made a circle w/ her index finger and thumb ... about the size of a half dollar. (She did that when I said ... wow that looks big ... how big is that?) Yikes - right? that's big - right? I am not sure about fluid filled or not ... being that large - does it matter - won't it have to come out regardless?
Avatar n tn I am also experiencing small blisters that ooze a yellowish-clear liquid on the tips of my fingers. It started on my index finger about 4 months ago and after applying peroxide it dried out, flaked up and went away about 3 days later. However, about 2 months later it came back, affecting 2 other fingers. It is back again and itching more than ever. Currently, my fingers are in the healing stage, so they are cracked and sore.
Avatar n tn I have a hard pea sized lump at the base (palm) of my index finger and middle finger. It has a blueish color to it. I thought is was a broken blood vessel at first, then it started growing. And now it has the surrounding tissue swallen. Went to my Doctor and he sent me to a specialist. The specialist says it's not a cyst, that it's a tumor. I have to get it surgically removed.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing numbness and tingling in my little finger and ring finger on my right hand and some numbness on the side of my hand. It is beginning to interfere with my normal activities. I went to my general practitioner who sent me for a nerve conduction test. The physiatrist who conducted the test told me I had carpal tunnel syndrome. However, everything I have researched on the internet suggests I have ulnar nerve entrapment or possibly a cyst in the Guyon canal.
Avatar n tn In Aug 09 I had surgery on my index finger to remove a gangloid cyst. Afterward, the end of my finger hung down and I was unable to move it. A hump formed on the top of the joint. The surgeon had me splint the finger for about 6 weeks, stating that the "tendon had flattened out" due to the cyst. After 6 weeks no improvement so I went to a different ortho surgeon. He monitored the finger and advised he thought the tendon was not attached to the finger.
Avatar f tn I found a bump just a couple hours ago on my index finger just under the nail and off to the side. It's small (the size of the tip of a dull pencil), skin colored and hard. It doesn't itch but is a teeny bit painful/uncomfortable when pushed on or gently scraped with a nail. Initially I thought that this was a wart(and immediately slapped duct tape on it!), but after looking at tons of pictures and reading articles online, it looks a lot more like a myxoid cyst.
Avatar n tn I know I've had numbness and tingling in my right arm, but that was because of the trapped nerve before my spinal surgery, which now, my arm is fine, but I still have no feeling in my index and middle finger, but I can live with that. How are you all doing and have you done anything else? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless, Kim...