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Avatar f tn Interferon can cause myelosuppression (bone marrow suppression) which results in a reduced number of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells circulating in the blood. Interferon is the primary cause of decreased platelet count that often occurs during treatment.
1475202 tn?1536274577 All changes in diet, drugs, vitamins, supplements should be cleared by your hepatologist first as many are toxic to the liver when a person has cirrhosis. Taking vitamin C can increase iron levels. Iron and Vitamin C 'Some people with hepatitis C, particularly those with cirrhosis, have above-average levels of iron in their body. Too much iron can damage organs.
Avatar f tn Lean meats such as fish, chicken and turkey are rich in protein, zinc and Vitamin B12, all of which help increase the blood platelet count. Beans contain Vitamin B9 or folate which greatly helps boost the blood platelet count. Some other foods rich in B9 are spinach, asparagus, and oranges. So this could be a good diet to follow but he should consult with his doctor for diet recommendations.
Avatar m tn I did google things to help raise my platelets and they were things I was mostly already doing like plenty of fish,leafy stuff,vitamin c and fresh fruit.I just went to the market and got some papaya and some papaya extract pills,they said it was beneficial.I was wondering if anybody had any more suggestions to help raising my platelets so I can get rid of those awful nosebleeds.They are very embarrassing when I have them at work in front of the public and my co workers.
Avatar n tn htm it is a study on vioxx and the ability to possibly increase platelets. It was provided by one of the other people on the forum. If copy paste does not work he has posted a link below in an earlier posting under low platelets, it does work You may also want to look at the news posts as the are always informative. My platelets are also low now and I just received my tx via fedex today and will start next friday.
Avatar n tn take care... ----------------- ------------------- -------------- Vitamin E Vitamin C Milk Thistle - Silymarin Amino Acids (I use a product called Protivity) Antioxidants - Alpha Lipoic Acid NAC B Vitamin Complex *And I'm a huge fan of a super Antioxidant blend called Microhydrin PLUS Things to Avoid: Vitamin A Fats Sugars IRON!
Avatar n tn Silermoon. Gracias, me alegro. Yes, being a smart ass keeps the mind moving the others on their toes. The way it should be. Ameribrit, Thank you.
29837 tn?1414538248 When the body is subjected to an injury and starts to bleed, colorless sticky substances called platelets form clots to stop the blood. If you have a low platelet count, it is harder for the blood to form clots. There are several foods that you can eat that can help you increase the platelet count in your blood, but you should always see you physician for monitoring of the condition. Good choices include salmon, tuna, flax seed oil and free-range eggs.
Avatar m tn I had NAFLD or NASH diagnosed on October 2012 and during that time my ast was 95, alt 186. Then, I exercised and lost weight and my liver enzymes improved. However, I have platelets on the lower range and I do not now if it is genetic, if it is due to my b12 being on the lower range also, if it is due to diet or if it is due NAFDL/NASH.
Avatar m tn com/article/127280-foods-increase-blood-platelets/ But as far as some of the medicines they suggest I would be very cautious as the article is for the general public not for people with cirrhosis. Before taking any medicines check with your liver specialist here is something from the Mayo clinic http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar f tn I have been taking the iron 3 times a day with vitamin C and rarely missing a dose. I really wish I was going back to the hematologist sooner; I would really be interested to see how the iron dosage being upped and the baby aspirin have effected my platelets. Plus, wondering if I DO perhaps need the bone marrow biopsy, could we please not wait any longer than we have to?! I am just hoping to hear from anyone that might have some insight for me. Thanks in advance, everyone.
3093770 tn?1389742726 Vitamin C should never be taken by a patient with iron overload such as hemochromatosis. Vitamin C will increase the absorption of iron and further damage the liver. Iron overload is an important co-factor in the development of liver disease in alcoholics. What my be benign in one patient can be dangerous for another. There is no one answer to anything as complex as liver disease or cancer.
20849194 tn?1537448985 Hello~Increasing the intake of iron-rich foods (eggs, spinach, artichokes, beans, lean meats, and seafood) and foods rich in cofactors (such as vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin C) important for maintaining normal hemoglobin levels. Such foods include fish, vegetables, nuts, cereals, peas, and citrus fruits. Also, try to start exercising at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking a supplement from All In One Nutrition called Hep C Complete, which contains Selenium, Milk Thistle and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Im feeling slightly better, will need to see blood tests to get a better picture, May 2008. Would like to hear from anyone on what their regime is on supplements and how they work for them.
340734 tn?1256589862 It is also suggested to take Vitamin C and have a high fiber diet to increase the PLT CT. However, in Bohan54's case, the mouth sores are too painful to take supplements that are rough on the mouth. If there is a soft-gel type of Vitamin C and/or a soft-gel supplement for high fiber, these might be tolerable to someone with mouth sores.
1390055 tn?1365618655 It can be due to decreased production of platelets like vitamin B 12 deficiency, myelodysplastic syndrome, liver causes, increased destruction like in ITP, medications induced or snakebites ( unlikely in your case). ITP is one cause of thrombocytopenia. The diagnosis of ITP is one of exclusion. One should rule out other causes of blood abnormalities and causes of thrombocytopenia and then move on to confirm the diagnosis of ITP. Confirmatory test for ITP is bone marrow biopsy only.
3093770 tn?1389742726 Hi everyone I am trying to get prepared for starting tx (not sure when) As I already have lowish platelets and the tx will drop them even more I wonder if there is any natural way to increase platelet number A colleague at work had idiopathic trombocytopenia and at start doctors wanted to take his spleen out as he bottomed to 10. As he was not keen on that as you can imagine he was put on some steroids and also he started taking Ginseng.
Avatar n tn Ribavirin can sometimes be detected in the blood 6 months after completion of tx. I suppose everyone is different. At 6 weeks post, for me, I noticed more saliva. This showed me that the meds were dissipating.
Avatar m tn the fivefold increase in replication intensity was achieved at concentrations of Vitamin E that can be expected to occur after supplementation with reasonable amounts, say 300mg. One can only assume they used alpha tocopherol, the method section did not further define the actual substance used beyond the term "Vit E".
Avatar m tn I googled this question also, and read somewhere that peanut-oil may increase platelets because of high vitamin E content.
Avatar m tn Thanks everyone. I took the neumega for the platelets after my blood draw on monday. My platelets were 65,000 up from 45,000 so over the 50,000 where intervention is required for the trial. Hopefully I they will let me stop the nuemega (platelet growing drug) again unless there is a problem. The sides from the neumega are not something I cherish. I still appreciate my doc doing everything to get me through treatment though. My Anc is now at 3.
Avatar n tn he is going to do a colonostomy sept 19 and they took some more blood for liver panel and other things. I was diagnosed with hep c 1a and hoping I could use a herbal remedy cause I don't have any insurance except Medicare. I also have osteoarthritis and sever injury to the leg and ankle making it hard for me to do any exercise. Can't walk losing length in leg. Not supposed to pick up anything over a LB. I'm totally lost to what is going on. I just know I'm sick, tired and in alot of pain.
Avatar f tn Hi, did anyone ever find out what headache/pain meds are safe if you have a compromised liver? I have Hep-c and suffer from post concussion syndrome headaches everyday for 3 years. I fell at work so the workers comp doctors that only care about not putting in records that you are suffereing tell me to take ibuprofen or advil every day.
Avatar m tn Our new supplement will contain little bit higher dosage of vitamin E and C because today a normal vitamin supplement has only 90 mg of vitamin C which we want to increase it to nearly 500 mg in our new vitamin+ Arginine supplement. For better production of NO in our body, we have combined different but related factors together to safeguard our cardiovascular system and so we can live a longer life.
Avatar f tn i'm a 50 year old woman. i have had hep c for 30 hepatitus c fir 30 +years no real noticable symtoms until 1 1/2 years ago ,no health insurance. have seen many drs on the medicade end of the sclae. i feel i need to be able to ask the right questions because otherwise they will just let me go by the way side (a.k.a. die} my plaleletts are about 70 my bad cholesteral is 38. no one i talk to seems to give me ideas of what i can do for myself. i currently take 80mg to 160mg of lasix.
3624762 tn?1349398652 Therefore, you must have normal levels of neutrophils to start interferon. NAME Platelets NORMAL RANGE 140-400 /mm3 DEFINITION These are small blood cells that helps blood clot when injury occurs. EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT May be low in advanced liver disease, or while on interferon treatment. A low count may increase the chance of bleeding. Therefore, you must have normal levels of platelets to start interferon treatment.
Avatar n tn This has got to be due to a vitamin C with Bioflavinoids deficiency! Aspirin depletes vitamin C and so does stress and many other things. You need a good multi vitamin and mineral plus at least 1000 mg. vitamin C plus bioflavinoids. The Bioflavinoids help keep the veins and arteries strong.
Avatar m tn I am entitled to believe as an 'intelligent' person that there is only one CURE for SOC currently however there will be new meds in coming shortly that will work even better. I would advocate someone take them rather than high doses of vitamin C and hope for a good outcome taking Lloyd Wright fake supplements. I would hold out for the 75/80% chance of being cured rather than a zero %-to me that seems pretty obvious at this point.
Avatar f tn ---------------- Another way that might possibly/maybe improve blood coagulating might be using vitamin K. E.g., people who are on the blood thinner coumadin are told not to increase their consumption of broccoli and leafy greens, which have vit K. But I saw somewhere a warning that vit K can reduce the effectiveness of Prozac. ---------------- Unfortunately, nothing is simple.