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338734 tn?1377160168 Went to hospital ER due to stroke symptoms. Had CT and MRI as well as bubble echo. Suggestion of shunt. To follow up with TEE.
Avatar n tn it depends on the type of ablation. right sided ablations have a very low incidence of stroke. Left sided ablation like atrial fibrillation or left ventricular tachycardia carry a risk of about 1%. Ask your doctor what the risk is for your specific type of ablation. It would be easier to answer if knew what type of ablation.
639965 tn?1228344380 I had my second TIA in two years back in September. well TIA's are Trans Ichemic Attacks.. The symptoms are supposed to disolve themselves in a matter of 24 hours. Well i had a problem with left sided weakness. I stil have the problem even 5 weeks after the stroke.'s 5 weeks today. So anyway I went to see a nuerologist the other day. I actually saw a PA.. anyway the guy told me to take 5 steps I took 3 and lost my balance on my right side which is opposite my left.. anyway..
Avatar f tn Apparently I suffered a mini stroke yesterday.Spent the day at emergency. I feel very tired and weak. They will be doing two more tests to follow up.
Avatar f tn spinal tap, myelogram, ct scan, mini stroke TIA
Avatar n tn Unless there is atrial fibrillation, pure mitral regurgitation has a low incidence of thromboembolism and hence may not be the cause for the TIA. Hope hypertension has been ruled out, this can cause left ventricular hypertrophy and can also cause TIAs. Therapy for mitral regurgitation depends on the severity of the disease and the clinical symptoms. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn If you still have numbness then it was not a TIA. By definition effects from a TIA resolve themselves in 24 hours. You need to see a neurologist and get some preventative care to prevent a full-blown stroke. The neurologist should also be able to direct therapists to help with what ever defivcits the stroke left you.
Avatar n tn A TIA should not leave any lasting effects, if it was, in fact, a TIA. Therefore, you should be checked out again if this persists. If you were started on new medications (such as blood pressure or others), they may be causing some of this "fogginess" as well. But better call your doctor or follow up with neurology soon.
Avatar n tn html PEGASYS can cause serious side effects, such as mental health problems and suicide, heart problems, stroke or symptoms of a stroke, new or worsening autoimmune problems, and infections. Some of these side effects may cause death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if your loved one has any of these symptoms while taking their treatment with PEGASYS.
Avatar f tn Hello. I feel sorry for the situation you are in. It is difficult when doctors differ on their diagnoses. From you description of the first incidence, I got an impression of a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). One recovers from a TIA within 24 hours. That's in the definition of a TIA. It is less likely that Migraine would cause such a long standing tingling and pain. I would suggest you discuss this with your current Neurologist. What did the MRI say ?
Avatar n tn can a stroke victim become violent or unpredicdable after having a stroke also become more demanding ?
2175879 tn?1338355028 It was determined today by another doctor that I had a mild stroke, not a TIA. That explains atleast for me, why although my symptoms have improved but not gone away like a TIA is expected to. Reading all these questions on TIA sure helped me deal with this, but I think that there are other people that have had strokes and been labled as TIA's because, just like me, the stroke fixed itself, but has left its footprint.
Avatar n tn Absolutely start cholesterol lowering medication such as lipitor especially because the protective effects of estrogen on your cholesterol level will soon be lost after menopause. This of course does NOT mean that estrogen replacement will lower your stroke risk. But it means you have to be extra careful with the cholesterol. Eat healthy and get exercise. Stop smoking if you do.
Avatar n tn four days later i woke up in the middle of the night with my whole body vibrating. i managed to get back to sleep after a couple of hours but the next day i still felt little vibrations in my arms and legs. i went back to emergency and they checked with another ct and came up clear. since then i have these issues at nightime. Also i get a sense of numbeness that goes up my neck into my head.
Avatar n tn My Sister is 52 and has had diabeties since she was 11. She is currently in the hospital because of a TIA which has left her with some numbness on her right side, short-term memory loss and problems finding words and forming sentences.She has also been bleeding into her bowel. Today they did an ultrasound of the posterior side of her heart and found a hole which is leaking blood and causing clots to form. The Doctor's have left the decision of Plavix and Aspirin vs.
Avatar n tn Well, passages that are blocked to not always stay blocked. That is to say clots may, and do not always, disappear into ther bloodstream of their own accord. Spasms disappear of their own accord after time, or upon the use of relation agents, such as under-the-tongue nitroglycerine. Every invasive diagnostic procedure has a downside and often potential hazard. That's another issue.
Avatar f tn For TIA the diagnostic challenge is greater, and the ‘mimic’ rate higher (and more varied), because there is no definitive diagnostic test. TIA heralds a high risk of early ischaemic stroke, and in many cases the stroke can be prevented if the cause is identified," http://pn.bmj.
Avatar n tn This is worrisome for a blocked artery in the neck called carotid artery and is considered a warning sign for a major stroke. Treatment consists of surgical or endovascular opening of the artery on an urgent basis. This is probably the most well known type of TIA requiring immediate attention that is recognized by all types of docs.
Avatar f tn The neurologist prescribed it after he had TIA number of times. He used to get seizures like symptoms and loose his consciousness. He was bedridden and stopped walking completely. Now, he is up on his feet and doing his regular work after regular physiotherapy. At first, he had trigeminal neuralgia and he was on carbamezapine 150mg twice daily and then 300mg twice daily. I just need to know how long he has to be on Citilin. Is it a safe drug to be used for long time?
1131994 tn?1260284673 Does anyone who has experienced a TIA, or for that matter stroke, work shifts, especially nights? I am currently in discussion with both the medical team assessing me post TIA and the occupational health team at my hospital to determine whether I should be removed from the night duty rota.