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348629 tn?1212329273 the habituating nature of the drug, although it showed little abuse liability in preliminary tests. In May 2009, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a Warning Letter to Johnson & Johnson (Who bought the rights to the drug), alleging that a promotional website commissioned by the manufacturer had "overstated the efficacy" of the drug, and "minimized the serious risks".
Avatar n tn Example, According to the March of Dimes, about 150,000 babies are born with birth defects each year in the United States. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that 3 out of every 100 babies born in the United States have some kind of major birth defect and yet Bendectin is not still available in the US. The March of Dimes even supported the return of Bendectin a few years ago.
Avatar n tn My symtoms seem to migrate and alternate - a few days of warm sensations in legs and then a few days of left side headache. Very weird. My neuro doesn't have a clue (said its likely stress). I'm on antidepressent but doesn't seem to help anything. Has anyone had succeses with a holistic doctor practice? Any success with vitamins (B?). If so, any details would be much appreciated!
233488 tn?1310696703 The high growing cannabis plant has been used commercially in the United States since colonial times when it was imported from Caribbean countries. It was refined or spun into cloth, ropes, wax, resins, paper, fuel, pulp and other useful products. The Caribbean natives were aware of the psychoactive effects of smoked hemp which they called “ganja”.
Avatar f tn For example, during 1992, 45 states reported 9,677 cases, representing a 19-fold increase over the 492 cases reported by 11 states in 1982 (5). The State of Connecticut, which in 1992 had the highest rate of Lyme disease in the country, reported between 1991 and 1992 a threefold increase in the proportion of infected ticks in four communities and a one and a half-fold increase in reported cases throughout the state (6).
748543 tn?1463449675 is an extension of general Postural Consideration. In other words it is a part of a complete system of interrelated bones, muscles and joints that ultimately relate to the Trigeminal System. Dental Occlusion must be synchronized with healthy Mandibular Function as it relates to a healthy head position and by extension a healthy posture. So why are teeth/occlusion so important for posture?
Avatar f tn the habituating nature of the drug, although it showed little abuse liability in preliminary tests. In May 2009, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a Warning Letter to Johnson & Johnson (Who bought the rights to the drug), alleging that a promotional website commissioned by the manufacturer had "overstated the efficacy" of the drug, and "minimized the serious risks".
242516 tn?1368227505 and - MMR vaccine without thimerosal can cause autism. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims Office of Special Masters ruled out the first and third theories since "the evidence was overwhelmingly contrary to the petitioners' contentions" on each issue, according to Special Master George Hastings.
Avatar n tn The results of the trial demonstrated for the intensive therapy group a 76 percent reduction in the risk of development of retinopathy, a 54% reduction in incidence of nephropathy (kidney disease), a 60% reduction in Incidence of neuropathy, a 34% reduction in the development of high cholesterol, and a 41% reduction in the risk for heart attack and stroke.
Avatar f tn Mercury isn't in vaccines anymore. You'd fine more in a can of tuna than in a vaccine these days. Anyway, there are so many that wanted desperately to make this connection and it has never been made. Happy Holidays to you as well.
544292 tn?1268886268 Morning Lovelies, Welcome to part 34! Please come on in and make yourself at home. It can be done!
Avatar m tn None of them seem to relate to the closure of the windpipe and cant give me a straight answer when I ask them. Has anyone an answer or better still has anyone else had this problem.
Avatar n tn With a population of 293 million people and an incidence rate of 1 in 100,000, there will be 2930 people in the United States who develop the disease during their lifetime. If 10% of all cases are familial, then that reduces to 2637 people out of the entire US population who develop sporadic ALS. That is not very many. Most people who develop the disease have onset after the age of 50. Therefore, people with muscle twitching in their 20s and 30s should not fret.
Avatar f tn making money - it actually isn't cost-effective for them to make vaccines when their other products are in so much more demand. The United States government has to force pharmaceutical companies to manufacture them for this country's supply because it's a public health necessity - otherwise, they'd focus on the statins and boner pills that make them so much more money. This isn't just about you. It isn't just about your family. It's about other people and their children too.
Avatar m tn Six patients--two with cirrhosis and four without-- developed liver cancer an average 7.3 years after HBsAg clearance. The incidence of liver cancer in those who cleared HBsAg was much lower than those who remained HBsAg-positive, researchers noted. Interesting, after loss of HBsAg, HBV DNA continued to be detected in the bloodstream of 28 (18%) of patients even 3.6 years after clearing HBsAg.
Avatar n tn Large-scale immunization exercises have been ongoing in many other countries and in the United States, and thus far there has been no association of hepatitis B vaccination with serious adverse events. No clear association has been demonstrated between hepatitis B vaccination and disorders such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, and seizures. Even then, such alleged associations are still being studied to further ensure the safety of the vaccine.
Avatar m tn TMAU is classified as a “rare disease,” meaning that it affects less than 200,000 people in the United States. However, its actual incidence remains uncertain, due in part to inconclusive diagnostic techniques. “Our findings may bring some reassurance to people who report fish-like odor symptoms but do not have mutations in the FMO3 gene,” said Monell behavioral geneticist Danielle R. Reed, PhD, a senior author on the study.
Avatar n tn He has always told me that it was just a muscle spasm, but like you said, you can feel something in there. Mine feels sort of like the end of a chicken leg bone. You know how it's sort of round and hard. I just can't tell you how excited I am to talk to you. Did you read in my original post that I did have surgery for this problem?
Avatar n tn The only treatment that worked was to take 3 benadryl -- which of course knocked me out for hours. But if I took the benadryl early enough in the course of the swelling, it would stop the swelling, and ultimately, the fluid would be absorbed into my body. But I missed days and days of work. The phenomenon ended about four years ago. "Idiopathic Angiodema" was the diagnosis -- as an earlier commentator noted, that is not much help!
Avatar f tn im actually doing my project for school right now that is due tommorow and ive been sitting in front of my computer for several hours of silence. out of no where, my mind kind of wandered and my ears focused on the smallest noises. typing keys are like banging, and the sound coming from my computer booms. everything is magnifyed in perspective, and ringing within my head. It hurts my ears, and basically the slightest things creep me out..
Avatar n tn Decreased levels of cortisol are found in Addison's disease, conditions of low thyroid, and hypopituitarism, in which pituitary activity is diminished. CFIDS stands for Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.The nonspecific nature of the name CFIDS is appropriate because while there are many symptoms, disabling fatigue and exhaustion are the most prominent and consistent.
Avatar n tn My suggestion on how to already known! Ok, I don't want to transform all of you in a bunch of drug addicted, but have you tried a tranquillizer just once? Just to see whether your tingling diminishes the moment you calm down? @rnneeedshelp: as my "colleague" has written, you are anxious over the symptoms, not the opposite, and the same is for all of us.
Avatar n tn I've suffered from a severe case of IBS (Irritable Bowel) for most of my life, and have had cases such as this happen to me often. It may or may not be related to some form of allergy. You should contact a specialist (gastro-intestinal), and please be sure to drink water, for the diarrhea and sweating can dangerously dehydrate you. It may also be the case of why you get so dizzy.
Avatar n tn i've been doing so much reading lately online about the withdrawal problems from ssri's, and i'm shocked that there aren't class action suits all over the place!!! been on 25 mg for 3 yrs. tried stopping in aug. of '05 and went ballistic all of the time. friend finally talked me back onto it. i returned to the same lame anti-depressed state. just haven't felt like a normal person participating in life for a looooong time. i kind of fazed it out again in this past december.
Avatar n tn There's been a lot of press lately on the topic of decreased levels of D in women. Most of what I've read attributes this to sunscreen and adults no longer drinking enriched milk, and listed symptoms include general muscle and joint pain. I guess my doctor is reading the same thing. Ok, I can understand where this can create mild symptoms of discomfort. In fact, some articles state that most women won't even know that are deficient.