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Avatar n tn Just about every single commercial on tv says not to take with liver's AMAZING the amount of drugs that we shouldn't take at all. You are so right. I've noticed it and worried a bit but then realized...if I was ever so incapacitated that I couldn't mention it - it would probably be so crucial I have the med it wouldn't matter anyway ;) It's so important to pay attention to things like this that I shouldn't even joke around.
Avatar n tn I have suffered from migraines for many years and take Imitrex for them. The Imitrex works well for me and it is totally non-addicting. Of course I still get my fioricet prescriptions but not for the headache pain. They stopped helping my headaches a long time ago. I wish I had more info. for you but just wanted to welcome you and to encourage you to keep posting.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Topamax and Imitrex. Today was the first day for the Imitrex and I think it made me feel worse. Is there anyone that has any of these symptoms or am I just a hypochondriac? I really do feel absolutly horrible most of the time. Between my head killing me and my hacking up stuff every morning...I'm not sure how much longer I can take this mess!
Avatar n tn ) My migraines have moved from above my eyes to behind my eyes and Imitrex is no longer working! All pregnancy tests are negative and I know that the booklet says that this can happen, but my goodness! No thank you. I will be switching back to my TriCylcen immediately!
Avatar n tn I know I have turned into a loser who would rather sit in front of the TV, then go out and try to have social fun. All I do now is read the internet and dwell on every little symptom my bod comes up with. Any good suggestions that come my way I have 10 negatives to throw at it. Is this you too? Don't let it be. Don't be me. We have to write a mission statement and set goals and force ourselves to do healthy things. I have started like I said to eat better and live a better life style.
Avatar f tn I work as an audio tech, and while I kind of fell into the job, I know most of my peers got into it to do music and TV and what not.... but unless you are a top engineer, what pays the bills is corporate work, and of any segment, by far and wide, the deepest pockets are pharmaceuticals. If you dont know what an "ad board" is, its an advisory board that is set up by pharma companies that are pushing their drugs through the FDA.