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228686 tn?1211558307 *Sigh* now I've got to worry about whether it's a normal headache or about to turn into a real migraine. Worse, I usually wake up with them (get them while sleeping) so I have a feeling this medication won't be of much help. least it doesn't happen frequently, either way. :) Thanks for the info. If all these new medications are so great, why is it they all come with a truckload of side effects???!?!
Avatar n tn They gave me a anti seizure medicine and imitrex to take, neither of which are doing anything for my headache. I had to stop taking the imitrex all-together because everytime I did take it my symptoms would get increasingly worse until it wore off.
Avatar n tn It gets so bad that I'm in tears. Sometimes light makes the headache worse, sometimes noise does. I tried sleeping when my newborn sleeps to see if that helped, and even have had my aunt come over a few days in a row to care for the baby while I had some uninterrupted sleep. It didn't help. Also, in the past weeks, my short term memory has gotten bad. Earlier tonight, I was changing the baby's diaper and thought of something that I wanted to look up on the internet.
Avatar n tn About a year ago after an allergic reaction to a fruit that ended it up in the ER, I started having those strange headaches ,that felt like I had bad circulation on my head, I had an MRI in March of last year and they told me it was normal, after that my headaches got worse, had another emergency trip to the doctor, I was given a shot (Imitrex)that gave a severe stomach pain, the day after I started noticing some vascular twitching around my temples and some tingling of my feet and hand, soon a
Avatar n tn I went to the PCP on Monday 3/10/08 and was given Imitrex to find no relief. I have placed a call to my OBGYN in desperation seeking relief. Could a spinal headache occur and appear 7 days after the epidural was administered?
Avatar n tn It then spreads to the temples and front of the head. The more often my ears pop the worse the headache gets. I have looked everywhere for a solution to no avail! Does anyone know what is going on with me or have any helpful insight at all?
Avatar m tn 5 months later, my headache has gotten worse, and there has never been one second where I don't feel it. It is a constant pressure on the front of my head, accompanied with a mostly constant fuzzy tingling in my face, and until a few months ago, tingling in the right side (last two fingers) of my right hand/wrist and minor left hand tingling. For a few weeks after this began in August I had eye twitching, intermittent stiff neck, and a bit after that I had right thumb twitching.
371281 tn?1215672670 I've seen 2 doctors and had 1 catscan. EVERY DAY I wake up with the headache and go to bed with the headache. I used to run 3 miles, 5 days a week, but now when I try to run a mile my headache turns into a migraine. I have lymphodema in my right leg, I got an IUD 4 months before the headache started, and I also might mention that I moved to a new house 5 months ago, but my husband and daughter feel fine and I've been on 2 vacations since and the headache came with me.
410281 tn?1254232664 It only makes sense to me that brain damage can cause headache!
Avatar n tn And I also take generic Imitrex when I get a headache that gets extremely severe. I have cut down having to take those by a lot since I cut out sugar. I wish all the best. I know how horrible it is living with headaches and trying to function. Thank you all for sharing.
Avatar m tn Last week I had Greater and Lesser Occipital Block injections and now I feel worse than ever. I was diagnosed with Chronic Tension Type Headache. I was also told that I have a bulging disk in my neck. Could this bulging disk be the cause of 30 years of continuous pain? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have suffered from migraine headaches since starting menstruation 13 years ago, and have been diagnosed with classic, common, and atypical migraine. This new headache is not only uncomfortable but annoying-- I'm not vomiting or crying from pain or incoherent, so people don't seem to believe me when I have one.
537974 tn?1213748515 Yesterday at work, just randomly felt a small stomach cramp, went to the restroom and BAM that terrible headache..This time much, much worse. It really scared me. Instead of going away in 10-20 mins, it put me in the bed for the rest of the night. Today I feel like I have a hangover, tired, my head is very sore....My only opposition to going to the dr. is seeing these posts where nothing has ever been found out other than a diagnosis of tension headaches...
Avatar m tn Not a sign of any relief so the Docs are now convinced it is vascular. Probably makes sense as when I wake up, there is little or no headache but the moment I start moving around back it comes with a vengeance. But there is good news! Out with the old i.e. Oxycontin and in with the new being JURNISTA! For ALL you folks suffering with chronic pain, this is a magic bullet!
480448 tn?1426952138 Hi, I have posted in the Headache Forum, but wanted to get some insight. I appreciet anyone's input. I have had a headache now for about 12 days straight, no relief, the pain is completely unresponsive to anything I have taken (from Vicodin to Imitrex, to Motrin.). I have also been on an antibiotic for almost a week now. I have NO prior history of headaches and have had mostly a complete medical work-up, all results normal. This is my fear...
Avatar f tn I had amitriptyline 25 mg for 3 months and it completely got rid of headache. but when i stopped migraine triggered back and becoming worse day by day. Even now a days i have migraines 3 to 5 times a week and lasting for 6 hours. I consulted neuro and he suggested me to take divalproex sodium 250 mg for a month from today. So let me see if this medication can help me in getting rid of this migraine.
Avatar n tn I rarely wake up with a headache, they get worse as the day progresses. It has been 3 mnths that I have had a bad headache that is typically frontal, right side. I have been to my PCP several times, consulted OB and neither of them was able to help. I am now seeing neurologist. I had MRI w/out contrast done 2 weeks ago was normal. The neurologist is requesting an MRI w contrast to see if its from the epidual I got in labor. He mentioned getting a blood patch done by an anesthesiologist.
Avatar n tn (allergic now to Skelaxin); cervical traction makes it worse; adjustments from chiropractor doesn't help; heat only temporarily helps; tried five types of cervical pillows, to no avail; trigger point injections with lidocaine, Kellog, do not relax my muscles. Stress may aggravate the situation, but I feel that this pain creates most of the stress, because when I am relaxed, it comes on. I'm tired of the pain. Must I go to a local neurologist? I can't currently see how he would help me.
480448 tn?1426952138 I have now had a mild-moderate headache (in the bilat temple areas) for 6 days now. I have tried every analgesic, and nothing even decreases the pain. The ONLY time the pain is slightly better is first thing in the am upon awakening, but within 30 min, it returns. NO other symptoms except a FEW twitches under my left eye (today only, maybe 3 times). I was seen in the ER last night, CT scan normal, BP slightly elevated at 164/95, no history of HTN, BP usually runs about 11/70.
Avatar n tn My neck, however, has been hurting in short, little spurts--not constanly, and I just kind of have this discomfort in my shoulders and neck region. My headache is now coming and going--no longer for long, drawn out periods--like on Monday, I had a headache for six hours. Is it normal to have neck pain and stiffness with sinuses?
Avatar m tn I had an MRI of my brain and it turned out normal and so the GP just said migraines and prescribed Imitrex, which after 500 bucks for 20 pills did nothing. It was suggested I go to a Neurologist, but after paying for the MRI and Imitrex, there's no more money for this. I'm looking for suggestions as to what is going on ... can this really be migraine? A constant headache (basically every second) and inflamed blood vessels without sensitivity to light or nausea?
Avatar n tn The side of my head feels pressurized and I usually get nauseas. Movement of my neck makes it much worse. The headaches started about six weeks into the Humira treatment. At first it only lasted two or three days. In the last three weeks I have been dealing with continuous bouts of pressure and pulsating. They have gotten so bad that I am starting to lose my concentration, forget what I am saying and doing -- wrong way on the metro, can't recall words., etc.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Topamax and Imitrex. Today was the first day for the Imitrex and I think it made me feel worse. Is there anyone that has any of these symptoms or am I just a hypochondriac? I really do feel absolutly horrible most of the time. Between my head killing me and my hacking up stuff every morning...I'm not sure how much longer I can take this mess!
Avatar f tn The pregnancy hormones cause migraines to get worse. Same with BCP's. it makes my migraines worse. I had to be on topamax (topiramate) for them. Its an antiseizure drug but the only one that would work on me. Triptans make my headaches SO MUCH WORSE (imitrex) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shortstuff~ You need to try drinking a coke/dr pepper/pepsi.. etc. something with a bit of caffeine. up to 300 mg. is safe a day. Also, try a beta blocker or a calcium channel blocker if it's safe. It should work...
Avatar n tn It has been about 11 days since my first bad headache and last night I took my first imitrex because I felt another bad headache coming on. The imitrex helped for around 4 hours to bring my headache down to a slight one but after the 4 hours I got nausea/malaise until I went to sleep. None of the symptoms have really gone away and I have also been experiencing some ringing in my ears and the vision problems seem like they may be getting worse.
Avatar n tn Any thing that you might notice brings the attack or makes it worse. In most cases stress, strong light, loud music, harsh sunlight cause the attack to precipitate and make it worse. The best option is to use the painkiller that suits you best. Most painkillers are available OTC but it is best to discuss the medication and its side effects with your physician. Also get your eyesight checked.
Avatar f tn Four to five years ago my doc thought they were migraines and I took Imitrex about once every 2 weeks. Then I started getting a worse headache from the Imitrex, like my entire head was supersensitive, my hair hurt. He sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed occiptal neuralgia. That doc has been giving me botox injections in my neck and prescribed Lyrica. I can't afford the Lyrica -- its $300 a month.
791533 tn?1309748944 But I do get a lot of discharge down my throat which makes my stomach upset and makes everything worse. Do you have any other symptoms?
Avatar m tn Migraine is characterized by intermittent attack of headache/head pain usually on one side of the head, pulsating/pounding in quality (usually but not always) associated with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to bright light, loud noises, and physical activity (even walking) makes it worse. In some patients migraine attack is preceded by an aura, usually visual, described as flashing lights, flickers, zigzag lines, etc in their visual fields.
Avatar n tn Im a 28 year old female, my migraines seem to have gotten worse with age I was put on Imitrex (pill) did not help. Just today I started to have some pressure on the sides of my head near the temples and tension in my neck, I would normally say its just sinus pressure as I do have sinus trouble but this is different then usual it was sudden and felt a little light headed and a little sick to my stomach.