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Avatar m tn catalog_no=IMG-2208 Imiquimod and resiquimod as novel immunomodulators
Avatar f tn I'd head to your local pharmacy and just ask them if they know of this medication being used for skin tags- your pharmacists are usually the biggest help when it comes to uses and interactions of prescriptions. It wouldn't hurt to just go get tested either, it's not abnormal to get a regular panel of STD tests run if you are sexually active as a precaution.
1297646 tn?1275465752 *Imiquimod, an immune response cream applied to the infected area *20% podophyllin anti-mitotic solution applied to the infected area and washed off later, OR *0.5% podofilox solution applied to the infected area *5% 5-fluorouracil cream *Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) The treatments should not be painful but if they are go see your doctor or health advisor. If your partner is pregnant they should not use the podophyllin or 5-fluorouracil treatments.
Avatar n tn Not only is it the most painful approach, but probably no more effective than freezing, podofilox (Condylox), or imiquimod (Aldara). It certainly generates the maximum income for the provider, however, by a large margin.
Avatar m tn I would like to mention that an other TL7 agonist is already approved for skin conditions. Its name is Imiquimod and the brand name. in most countries is "Aldara cream". It is also absorbed from the skin into the systemic circulation and might well have similar or the same effects on HBV supression by stimulation of the Tcell system by reactivating dormant or exhausted Tcells, the standard scenario in chronic HBV.
Avatar m tn does it make any sense to try this vaccine during pegintf or for those with very low hbsag levels with monthly injections in a skin area previously treated with imiquimod (with also zadaxin added for the lucky ones who has it), the vaccine seems inexpensive and if it makes no harm it would be a good try are there any trials on these new hbv vaccines in combo with peg intf and zadaxin, i couldn t find any?
Avatar f tn Throughout the tx I lost a lot of hair and had flu like symptoms and tiredness, wired headaches, sometimes more, sometimes less dont worry the hair will come back 3-4 months after you stop, i also had all that by imiquimod and i think pegintf was a good try anyway you will benefit a little while on tdf mono anyway the paracetamol taken while on peg is no problem if doses are low and correct for liver disease your fibroscan is not much different, 6kpa is still healthy rage and that is probably
Avatar n tn Had flu like symptoms about the 3 week mark, which I think is from imiquimod. Also did 2 sessions to try to freeze the bumps. I did some STD tests, one during the first outbreak and came out negative for HIV, HSV-2, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia. Just did another one yesterday (3.5 weeks) to ensure against false negatives. So now that you know my background my questions are: 1) Do you think Molluscum Contagiosum can cause me to have bad chronic fatigue for 3.5 weeks straight? If this normal?
Avatar n tn While the virus has used the strategy of mutational epitope evasion for core immunity combined with the eantigen for the core, it uses the mass flooding of the system with surface antigen to evade adaptive immunity against the surface Ag epitopes,, BUT DOES NOT MUTATE THEM.. Herein lies the power of the Replicor approach.
Avatar m tn yes a researcher on vit k2 and vit d combinations said it is best to use 400mcg in case of d3 over 15000iu daily, i also saw they prescribe it i in case of kidneys stones and it is thought to clean veins from cholesterol/calcium arteries build up plaques, she even said k2 may soon be discovered as important as vit d if not has no toxicity at any dose.