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Avatar f tn Recently (5/28) diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum and besides from cryotherapy for treatment i also received Aldara cream 5%. (the derm did not get every lump/wart with the liquid nitrogen) Questions I have about this is; How effective is it to be used? Should I apply it with a finger or would a Q-Tip be better or should it be something else? How exactly does it work?
Avatar m tn I suspect it was from sex, but I always wear a condom. I was prescribed imiquimod, and it has helped a lot, although there are still a few bumps left. However now I notice there are several lesions on my penis. One big one at the bottom of the shaft, and two right under the glans (near the rim) I suspect the first one at the bottom is due to imiquimod rubbing off onto it during sleep, the skin looks to have came off and it is regrowing, but it is not red or inflammed really.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I need help and I hope someone can help me out. I have molluscum on my genital, currently I'm getting them treated by the Dermatologist but I would like to know if some one know how to treat/cure them faster? Thank you so much in advance!
Avatar m tn He didn't give me a lot of information. I recently noticed them and my girl friend and I have been having sex and oral. I am concerned about getting the molluscum orally and it spreading to the rest of my body. I read about the silver pen, which was FDA approved. I am scared becasue mu partner now said that she has always been tested and didnt have anything. She works for a dermotologist. I dont know how to tell her.Is there anything I can do? How can you get rid of it orally?
Avatar m tn He prescribed valtrex and everything healed up. I've since had 2 blood tests and both have come back negative for HSV1 and HSV2. I read that Imiquimod may cause symptoms similar to herpes or secondarily reactivate the herpes zoster virus. Should I keep getting blood tests or is there some other way to be certain of what I may or may not have?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been diagnosed with molluscum and am going in for treatment this week. I have a large amount of very small bumps, roughly the size of the head of a ballpoint pen. I believe that I contracted it from a girl I have been seeing recently, but she does not have any clear signs of it. Otherwise, I am not aware how I could have contracted it. Oh well, I am receiving treatment this week and the Doctor has recommended electrocautery.
Avatar n tn But the disease started to crawl to my scrotum area and, frighteningly, the lesions down there don't look at all like molluscum anymore like they did on my pubes or my lower abdomen. First of all, they itch and burn. There are 2 big lesions which look like ulcers with yellowish liquid coming out. Now, I am very paranoid about the fact that the dermatologist may have made the wrong diagnosis or that I may have, in addition to MC, contracted Herpes.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor about 6 months ago and was told I had molluscum contagiosum. When it first happened I had marks on the inside of my thighs and my stomach that almost looked like ring worm. My gential area was a big rash and I had these marks in my pubic hair(looked like pimples). Since I was diagnosed with MC everything has started to clear up except on my penis and at the base of my penis. I've lived with this condition for almost 8 months. They are small, skin color lesions, very small.
Avatar m tn took a look at the small bumps I have and I was told it was Molluscum Contagiosum and was prescribed Imiquimod. The other woman I have seen has not shown any symptoms of anything that I am aware of or at least she has not told me anything. I am just a little intrigued and curious to know if there is any link between the two viruses and should I be concerned about any other STD.
Avatar m tn I left it alone for a couple days and finally went into the ER after work to get it checked up on. The doctor took a look at the bumps and said it most likely looks like Molluscum Contagiosum, although, he wanted me to go the local Health Department for further and precise testing. From what I've been reading up on about MC, I can see that there is quite a few different treatments ranging from scraping, freezing, ointments and so on.
Avatar n tn I went to the Doctor and was tested for everything(came back Negative) and they said it was Molluscum Contagiosum. They said I could have gotten it from anything from dirty towels to contact with another person. I have recently noticed that I have many of the same bumps in my pubic hair area as well that I didn't notice before. Assuming this started in October, I am guessing I have atleast another 6 months to get through it.
Avatar f tn 1. The partner who I suspected transmitted it never had any bumps on his genitals, which tells me you can get it w/o the bumps. So, just how easily spread is it? How contagious is the virus when there are no bumps vs. when there are bumps? 2. I'm sure I've touched my genitals and then touched my face/other areas of my body before I knew I had this i.e. before I had any bumps, should I expect these bumps to show up elsewhere on my body? 3.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with genital warts and molluscum contagiosum at the beginning of this past February. Since then I've gone to a clinic every other week to receive liquid nitrogen treatment. Since beginning treatment my warts have been reduced significantly but there is an area on my foreskin where the wart begins to grow back instantly after it is removed with liquid nitrogen.
Avatar m tn Other options for topical therapy include iodine and salicylic acid, potassium hydroxide, tretinoin, cantharidin, and imiquimod and must be prescribed by your doctor. Keep the area clean and dry and try to avoid manipulating the lesion to prevent secondary infection. Discuss which treatment option is best suited for you with your doctor. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Warts and molluscum contagiosum are frequently confused with one another by inexperienced health care providers. However, MC doesn't cause fatigue, fever, etc. It is theoretically possible that whatever caused those symptoms temporarily suppressed your immune system, so the MC infection became more prominent. STDs are rare causes of such symptoms, however, and your negative STD tests so far are reassuring.
Avatar n tn Your doctor is mostly right, and it sounds like he knows how to treat molluscum contagiosum. However, he is wrong about transmission; in adults, the infection is almost entirely sexually acquired. As in your case, lesions occur mostly around but not on the genitals--lower abdomen, scrotum, and thighs are much more common sites than penis or labia. On to your specific questions: 1) The virus may remain latent in some cases, but probably rare.
1295255 tn?1273121552 Several medications(like podophyllum resin, Podofilox (Condylox), Trichloroacetic and bichloroacetic acids, Imiquimod 5% cream and interferons) are available, which can be applied directly to the surface. Other treatment options include electrical cautery, surgical removal, Carbon dioxide laser treatment and electrodesiccation. In my opinion you should talk to a cosmetologist/dermatologist and get them prescribed as they should be used only after consulting a dermatologist. I hope it helps.
Avatar m tn It is just very depressing and I try not to think about it, but it is effecting a very important part of my love life. And i am also a little bit concern because my fiance and I this weekend cheated a little bit and we used a condom a few times over the weekend (I was very careful to make sure she didn't touch my lower stomach or pubic area or any other area not covered by the condom) because we are getting sick of it. I've been trying to keep my immune system up as well also.
Avatar n tn Did you notice the Molluscum clear up on it's own in an infected area and then re-appear 2-3 months later albeit maybe at a lesser degree? I just placed an order for SilverCure tonight and hope this will help my condition. Thanks again to all - this forum has been excellent.
Avatar m tn Other options for topical therapy include iodine and salicylic acid, potassium hydroxide, tretinoin, cantharidin, and imiquimod and must be prescribed by your doctor. Keep the area clean and dry and try to avoid manipulating the lesion to prevent secondary infection. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The limits are there to be fair to all who use the site and to keep individuals from dominating it. On to your questions, briefly. The utility of imiquimod (Aldara) for molluscum is marginal. Instead of wasting time, I would suggest you just bite the bullet and get them frozen. All need to be frozen in order to cure you and then to reduce the likelihood of you infecting your GF, your concerns about oral sex, etc. Just go on and get it done.
Avatar m tn (I don't know which, but I told them to test for everything they could and they took a urine sample and three blood samples.) I'm an elementary school teacher, and I know this is common in children, but could that explain the bumps? It wouldn't make sense for them to be in my pubic region though. Although, I'm not always as good about using hand sanitizer during the day with them as I should, so I could have gone to the bathroom after working with kids all morning.
Avatar f tn I smoke marijuana daily and my girlfriend was prescribed imiquimod cream for molluscum contagiousum which I appear to have as well, I've done three treatments so far (three times a week) and I'm curious to the effects marijuana smoking may have on treating the molluscum. I know that imiquimod works by provoking an immune response in treated regions, and that marijuana does effect immune health. Is there any advice? Should I stop smoking during treatment?
Avatar f tn She prescribed me Imiquimod cream to apply three times a week. I lost the cream and was frankly just too impatient to use it, I wanted the molluscum to be frozen off with cryotherapy. They were frozen off and successfully healed but even the day of the therapy I noticed that she missed one of the mollscum bumps and I still currently have it to this day. I am just getting anxiety about her diagnosis. How difficult is it to misdiagnose mollscum? Is it easily mistaken for genital warts?
Avatar m tn Then i showed those bumps on my penis shaft to a derm who told me that it is molluscum and has been sexually acquired. He treated me with imiquimod but to no avail more bumps showed up during the treatment and moreover i got severe burns on my scrotum due to that. Then i decided to get those bumps lasered off in January end. I also found out three bumps on my lower abdomen which i got needle pricked by the derm. I got married and did unprotected sex with my wife for quite a while.
Avatar n tn Pediatr Dermatol 2006) indicate that curretage can be more effective in treating recalcitrant molluscum in adults than cryotherapy, cantharadin or imiquimod. I can't seem to find a dermatologist in my hometown of Seattle willing to do curretage, however. They all want to spray with liquid nitrogen, which is proving to be less effective. Is a dermatologist even the right person for this? Would someone with an infectious desease specialization be more appropriate?
Avatar n tn You do not say much about how long your lesions have been present or where they are located. MC is not always and STD and, in fact are most common among children, a fact that reflects that the MC virus is spread through direct contact. It is not clear what proportion of persons exposed to MC lesions will become infected however treatment is the best way to prevent spread.
Avatar f tn Molluscum probably didn't cause all of the symptoms, and its quite probable that the aldara or coraphor (please don't waste your money on this anymore - the company is being warned by the FDA about false claims), or a combination of both. Your swollen glands, headache, etc., could just be in response to a virus in your body. If you aren't better in a few days, follow up with your doc.
Avatar m tn Antiviral activity has been demonstrated against a variety of viruses, and clinical efficacy has been demonstrated against genital warts, herpes genitalis and molluscum contagiosum. Imiquimod is administered as a 5% cream (Aldara) and has been licensed for the treatment of anogenital warts in immunocompetent patients. Complete clearance of warts has been observed in up to half of treated patients with only local side effects reported.
Avatar m tn A few months ago I noticed something popping out of my urethra, after driving myself insane online I went to a doctor and it was classified as a wart. I got it frozen off with cryotherapy and it went away within about 1-2 weeks. It's been about 2 months since then and I seem to be going into the clinic weekly for freezing. Tiny little warts, the size of pin-heads are popping up in different places. What started with one seems to be escalating! the more I treat them the more pop up.