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Avatar f tn Hi girlies so im 24 and have never been pregnant. I got the mirena because im very forgetful and the pill made me gain weight. My last period was 36 days long. Is that normal?
Avatar n tn Hi it took me 6 mnths i was on mirena for about a year and i just turned 32: im 5 weeks 5 days today.
310633 tn?1193185584 Hi my name is christina i had unprotected sex in January 2 x and then i got on the mirena on February 6th i have been having mood swing im always bitching about something out of the clear blue sky im always vomiting i have sore breasts im emotional im peeing consistently i have 2 kids alexandrea 1 year old holly 3months old it been along time so im wondering if i am i have an appointment at the health department at9:20am tommorow so im gonna have an positive attitude but hmu if you can give me s
Avatar f tn By the way 4months after I got it removed I ended up pregnant the bby is due in August...
1216539 tn?1266488247 My Mirena came out 1/5/10. I got pregnant right away and had an early miscarriage at a little over 4 weeks. I don't believe my lining was thick enough for my bean. I bled for 4 days, ovulated 3 days after the bleeding stopped and am now waiting for my BFP.
Avatar n tn I have a 2 year old boy and a baby girl on the way. Im 34+5 and im seriously considering some type of BC.. Ive heard alot of bad stuff about it but some people really like it.. I dont want the pills cuz i barely remember to take my prenatal pills and i dont like the depo shot. what do u guys think?
Avatar f tn Ive been on the mirena for a year and one cycle isnt due till march 27th and for the past 2weeks ive been very consitpated and my breast are tender and im having heat flashes... I normally have these sypmtoms a week before my period but this time im having them a little early.. ive never been constitpated while using this mirena...let alone before my period... And for the past month and a half ive been able to literlly pull my mirena string outside of my vigina....
Avatar f tn I had mirena and I felt everything you just discribed. It ended up being gas that I was feeling (like kicking) and I also made my husband feel it and he could too, apparently the mirena somehow made me alot more gassy than I ever was before. Also, the strings sometimes curl up or get pushed up to where you can't find them, it happened to me more than enough times, and I went and got it checked every month and asked about it almost everytime and was told it's totally normal for that to happen.
3093437 tn?1340917083 I had the mirena for 3 yrs basically was on my period the whole time maybe get a day or two off a week well this yr about march it kind of stopped altogether. I went to a docter to get it removed because of the pain i was constantly experiencing, and they had did a pap and i had an abnormal pap so they set a date for a biopsy and the mirena removed. I was 113lbs three weeks later i had both done i weighed 121lbs.
Avatar f tn ) I'm debating on mirena as my birth control. I'll be entering school and I like that I'd be protected for 5 years... Now what is Ur opinion of this IUDfor mommies who have used it or know someone who has? My dr is super confident in her placing the IUD but i m afraid my hubby will bump it during intercourse or something..he's not exactly small. Lol.. Opinions please!
466919 tn?1236228264 I was just wondering if anyone had been on mirena and if so how was the experience? Im asking because I am 37wks and 3days pregnant w/ twins and my doctor recommended mirena, however I was on depo vera for about 5 yrs and I am more comfortable w/ that method!
Avatar f tn I might be pregnant & I go to my ob 2mrw to find out, but if im not I was thinking bout using mirena for birth control.
964860 tn?1264892461 Well for me it didnt hurt to get put in but I had horrible cramping within about 5 minutes afterwards. I got mine on Oct 10th, 2009. So far im not loving it and hope it gets better. I have had constant spotting and cramping along with lower backache and headaches. I still love the idea of it though.Not having to worry about BC for 5 years!! Im hoping things get better for me:-) Good luck with your dission. It works great for some but not so great with others.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, my daughter is almost 7 weeks old, an I had the mirena inserted on Tuesday I have been having a lot of cramping especially on my left lower stomach, has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn Hello, Although with IUD’s chances of pregnancy due to birth control failure are low, but if you cannot feel the strings then it needs evaluation and pregnancy should be ruled out. To confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive ( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests.
Avatar f tn I used the progesterone only pill and a friend of mine did natural family planning. There is a way to be able to monitor it yourself.
Avatar f tn Has anyone here gotten pregnant with the mirena IUD still in? Im really worried about what to expect this pregnancy.
1441731 tn?1288197586 I Had Actually Checked The Mirena Myself, Doing It How The Mirena Website Told Me, And I Could Feel The Mirena And It Almost Felt Like It Was Wrapped Around Something.?. Im Not Sure But Its What It Felt Like. But Now I Cannot Feel It At All Neither Can My Fiance. I Think I Had My Implantation Spotting Yesterday Morning, I Have Not Spotted Or Anything Since Then And Have Some Cramping Today. We Have Taken Two Pregnancy Test, One This Morning, And They Both Were Invalid.
Avatar f tn I have read countless amount of comments and articles about being pregnant while on the mirena i just need to know what somebody anybody thinks i should do for my situation. i almost forgot to mention i did take 1 pregnancy test and it came back negative, so i brushed it off. im not the one to waste time, so i dont wanna go to the obgyn and come to find out im not pregnant its just the mirena doing its thing. i just know something isnt feeling right with me and what should i do?
540515 tn?1216401793 I had mine removed on De 07. Got my first meriod on feb 08, and got my BFP on March. im curently 16 weeks! It will happen soon, just let your body adjust. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn Im 26 and had mirena placed in 2007 for the full 5 years. I got it removed on June 14, 2012 and went on the pill Generess immedietely for 5 days and suddenly stopped the pill. My husband and i.decided yes we wanted to have a baby! ! I stopped taking the pill June 22.2012. We had sex from then until now occasionaly and then i had a heavy period from June 24-26. How long will it take me to get pregnant???
Avatar f tn Im 38. I had Mirena removed 4 1/2 weeks ago. Got light af/bleeding 4 days later. Ovulated on day 14 based on CM.
Avatar n tn My boobs have been real sore, like how it was when I was pregnant with my daughter, Im throwing up randomly and craving sweets, and I had a positive test this morning. Its only been 2 weeks since my it too soon to be pregnant?
Avatar f tn i am concerned that I may be pregnant, I am on the mirena and it has been about 3 yrs since i first got it in. About a year after i got it I stopped having my menstrual cycle all together, I hear that was very normal, but the last few weeks I've been really nauseas and dizzy and just not feeling right. I was on an anti botic for bronchitis that i stopped taking bc i thought maybe that was what it was becasue i have never taken that medication before. But these symptoms havnt stopped.
Avatar f tn The other symptoms could be side effects of the birth control and you probably be checked out by a doctor. With Mirena if you do get pregnant it can be life-threatening and there are a lot of other risks with it that might explain your symptoms. I would see your GYN or PCP - whoever prescribed it to get checked out. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I had Mirena for 3 years. Had it removed it at the end of December and was pregnant in March, having a BOY!!!! Ps. I NEVER had my period while having Mirena, wich was greattt...
7458937 tn?1391885699 Well the last couple weeks I've been feeling SUPER pregnant. Decided to test on a whim, and bam. BFP. Immediately. So I went to the doctor and to his AND my surprise, I am pregnant with twins, and my Mirena is NO WHERE to be found. Thus the journey begins again!
Avatar f tn Just found out I'm 5 wks pregnant. Did anyone get pregnant after the Mirena and it be successful? I have 2 other children and one previous miscarriage.
Avatar f tn I dont know if the pap is giving me the cramping, or if the mirena fell out and im pregnant, if i have the mirena in place and theres something wrong, or my biggest fear, if im pregnant with the mirena still in place. i just want to hear other women, with similar stories or information and/or a doctor who knows what it could possibly be. I still have cramping and a lot of pressure. feels like something is pushing down pressure =/.