Im pregnant how do i tell my parents

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Avatar f tn Today i found out i was pregnant but i jus dont kno how to tell my parents i kno they wont be happy anybody got any advice?
1137949 tn?1296608866 ok Im 17 and i found out i was prego not to long ago. How do i tell my parents that im pregnant ?
6323659 tn?1399114199 I have a lot of support from my boyfriends family but how do I tell my parents? It's difficult because I have no clue how they will react. Any tips?
Avatar f tn It wont be easy but im waiting till my chances of miscarriage are lower. Im planning to tell my mother in law first. My boyfriend doesnt agree but its what i want to do.
Avatar f tn I am 21 and im still having trouble trying to figure out how to tell my parents. Its a tough situation, especially if you have a thought on how they would react. I know some friends that have done told in public, a grocery store, so that the parent would not over react. What I think I will do, is sit my parents down and try to have them as calm as I can before I deliver the news. I also suggest having the father present if he is involved.
Avatar f tn Honestly I was 18 when I got pregnant and turned 19 now a few months later. When I told my mom(I was scared out of my mind) she was sho freaking excited lol I swear she's the most excited out of everyone I told. Plus she was way more excited than I our my bf lol so you might surprised. They may be excited to have a new baby runnin around =) good luck.!
Avatar f tn But now I am. How do I tell my parents without them thinking it was planned. I love my parents more than anything and I really don't want them to be dissapointed in me because my mom got pregnant at my age and didn't want the same to happen to me. Please help...
Avatar f tn Im 4 month's and 3 weeks and still haven't told my parents im pregnant... im so scared im 19.. and im pretty sure they'll react really bad because my babys father has tattoos all over and they never met him before. Any ideas on how should I tell them ?
Avatar f tn so i kinda hooked up with this guy and we've hanging out a bit but its nothing serious. but i took a pregnancy test and it says im pregnant. how do i tell him im pregnant without completely freaking him out? like im freaking out right now but if i tell him he's gonna really freak. also how do i bring it up to my parents, they don't even know that i have sex. i need help now!!!!
Avatar f tn I don't live with either of my parents I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago. I really need some help with how I can tell my mum and dad that I'm pregnant. I'm not close with my dad at all I hardly see him even tho he lives 10 minutes away. Me and my mum have had a better relationship now I've moved out, and I'm really worried it will bring our relationship back to square one. Has anyone got any ways I can tell my parents I'm pregnant in the most pain free way possible ????
Avatar f tn I told everyone when I was with them I was scared because I barely turned 18 and my parents are strict and I was super scared to tell them but I told my family that I was pregnant
Avatar f tn Ikay im 18, I live with my mom but I have no idea how to tell her im pregnant help pls
Avatar f tn How did you tell your parents ? Im 19 and my parents and grandparents dont know yet . Im only 10 weeks but I nees to tell them eventually . Theu arent going to be happy but at least I dont live with them and I have a full time job . Im just so scared of them judging me .
Avatar f tn I guess I just had a more understanding mother I could tell her anything. If I would have gotten pregnant when I first started my period I could have easily told her. I feel for all of you who have the fear to share your wonderful news with your families. The only advise I have for you would be to be honest and just tell them. All the women pregnant with girls especially remember that you would want your girls to be able to tell you anything... good luck..
Avatar f tn I've been independent since my father died when i turned 15 and by independent i mean that i pay bills i pay my car i help around the house n my family hasnt been there financially for me since then so i make my own decisions. My bf an i have been together for 3 years and we decided to get pregnant again and now we are 8w preg. In a month i will move out w him to our first apt.
Avatar f tn I was 15 when I got pregnant with my first child when my mother found out we got into a fight.. later she gave me pills to have a miscarriage and when that didn't work she took me to an abortion clinic told me it was my doctor.. but she was there when I gave birth apologized to my son and out of all her other grand children she does for him way more... So I guess I'm sayin she might come around like mine did..
Avatar f tn I recently just found out I'm 5 weeks an 5 days prego. I honestly am scared to tell my parents because I don't want there disappointment . I know eventually they'll be fine but in the mean time I don't wanna tell them ! At least until I get my stuff back together. Help ladies. What should I do??
Avatar f tn I live with my parents still and they hate my boyfriend how should i tell them im pregnant?? My parents and i dont have a good communication and dont get along alot. I was thinking of texting my mom to tell her and send her a picture of a sonogram. Help???
Avatar f tn Im 10 weeks pregnant , I havent told my parents that I'm pregnant but all my baby fathers family know and are very excited about it . I'm 18 , we have been together 2 Years and Are very close to getting our own place . anyways how should I tell them ?
Avatar f tn I think you should tell people when you feel ready. Maybe you should look for another job before you go any farther.
Avatar f tn It turns out that when we went this past Thursday, I was 7 weeks pregnant. I was on birth control at the time (I got pregnant while waiting to get more pills for two weeks), but I stopped a week before finding out I was pregnant because I was certain that I was.Now I'm pregnant and about to move in with my boyfriend at the age of 19, going on 20, but I don't know how to tell my mom because we're like strangers-only living under the same roof.
Avatar n tn I was in the same boat a few weeks ago. 19 and I had to tell my dad at some point. When I went to my 12 week appointment I recorded the heartbeat on the doppler and sent it to my dad. Made it more "real" to him. Rather then just saying oh hey I'm pregnant.
Avatar f tn hello everyone im 18 years old im 17 weeks & a couple days pregnant & i have been hiding my pregnancy to my family & my boyfriends family how do i tell them im pregnant? how are they going to react? what should i say? my boyfriend knows im pregnant & were both very excited of our little one on the way.