Im pregnant from a one night stand

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1706625 tn?1343065313 i have been noticing for last 2 days i have bad itching on my feet, legs and thighs,back and sometimes my face, it is at night mostly, and sometimes ill get lil red bumps. like flea bite looking, but i have no animals at all.....also have been very tired lately more than normal, i feel like itching is under my skin, at first i thought maybe because i used bar soap instead my norm body wash.....but i have used that soap for months now from time to time for my face.....
Avatar n tn Im sort of in the same boat but i had a miscarry 3 months ago and now im 5 weeks pregnant. Everyday im so scared that its going to happen again,so i know just how your feeling. I think the best thing for us is just to relax and take one day at a time,i wish u all the best.
Avatar n tn If I'm sitting down I still get it and when I stand up it just gets a lot worse like the pain is so horrible one night this might sound weird I was feeling my legs and all I had was pain. I don't have the pain in my legs anymore, but I still have the pain to my head should I go see a physician Or just leave it alone and deal with it?
1417732 tn?1310125483 help me im at a serious crossroads im 32 weeks pregnant and really struggling with my relationship we have been together for 5 years but he is so selfish! i cant stand him at the moment. He is not supportive he does nothing to help me at all and im struggling i have talked to him time and time again but nothing gets through he plays poker constantly and its not like wehave a lot of money and i hate poker!!
172023 tn?1334675884 After I had several NST's that they gave me the pitocin for, my feet were so swollen that I had to buy new shoes twice. I believe I went from a 7B to a 71/2 EEE. Could barely waddle in to L&D when I finally did go into labor. I hated that more than anything else about labor, including forceps!. My legs looked like umbrella stands, and it took at least three weeks for them to come down.
408901 tn?1274690798 ) may b since it is my 1st getting such strange ideas. send in more advices..more loving them..
Avatar f tn I think it is time to start the harsh punishment, belt spankings, smacks on the hand if you are in public and he is rude NEVER ANYWHERE ELSE IN PUBLIC, make him stand up at a wall if he is rude make him stand there for about 30 minutes depending on the offense, but no more than 2 hours because that is around the time his legs will hurt and he will be tempted to walk away.
Avatar f tn AF is due on the 7th but this month I have noticed that I have a lot of wind, some in the day but a lot at night, it feels very trapped at night aswell. I eat healthily. Does anyone know why this could be happenning? I have not noticed this before as a AF symptom.
Avatar f tn All law enforcement know that if they don't act upon abused during a pregnancy, that was reported..THEY could get in trouble. Putting your hands on a pregnant female is a felony in most states.
8924846 tn?1410576501 I get two 15 minute breaks during a 6 hour shift and two 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch during an 8 hour shift, I put in a request for a stool so I'm hoping they give me one
Avatar n tn Run, do not walk, from such a facility. I have no idea why pregnant patients should be banned from MMT programs and will not comment on this bizarre practice, which you describe, of herding them all into a single clinic. It is not done anywhere else in the world in my experience. There are guidelines about monitoring prenatal care that all clinics must observe in the federal regulations. This implies that pregnant women should be served.
Avatar f tn When are yuh due and when was yur last period begging and end and the one night stand date and the day yuh think yuh got pregnant from yur boyfriend..
Avatar f tn It's itching (usually worse at night), not a rash. I gave myself what I thought was a rash from scratching (later diagnosed with ICP). I hadnt realized I was doing it so much. That could be it. But Amanda, you didn't mention itching. Does the rash just appear or is it preceded by itching?
1123420 tn?1350564758 the cops got him and charged him for a DUI. this is his second one. he just got one literally a year ago, last August. so now hes in jail and his jeep in in impound. and hes gonna lose his license that he just got back 2 weeks ago. and he is gonna have fines up the a**. And i cant afford to do this on my own. Im terrifed of how hes gonna treat me when he gets out of jail. I really hope he realizes that I didnt do anything wrong. it had nothing to do with me.
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied in 2000. Prior to having them tied, I NEVER had menstrual cramps, night sweats or terrible mood swings. I now have severe cramps, night sweats a few days before my period and one week of " pure crazy emotional roller-coaster". I'm a RN and have asked several docs that I work with about my problem and most have told me they have no clue what is going on.
Avatar f tn Imagine how a four year old boy can process this in a mature way. He can't. Moving on from this relationship to one that does not involve children would be a very wise decision.
1668776 tn?1375489081 *update, i have an ultra sound in 2 Im praying I will see a heartbeat, because my insurance ends tomorrow, lol* *****UPDATE****** I JUST FOUND OUT IM HAVING TWINSSS...OMG..I COULD CRY, TWO SACS, TWO HEARTBEATS, TWO BABIES..........OMGGG...THIS MEANS THAT I WAS PREGNANT WITH TRIPLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!..OMG HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!! PRAISE JESUS!******** I CANT EVEN TYPE THESE WORDS RIGHT NOW..MY GOD....SO EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE SHAKEN, WILL BE SHAKEN..
Avatar f tn Are you scared because you want to get pregnant and dont want a negative result or because you dont want to get pregnant? Either way, a 5 min test will give you the results.
Avatar f tn according to the dates i got from the transvaginal ultrasound i had at 9 weeks its about 5-7 days off from the one night stand. is there any way it can be from my bf even though there is a difference of 3 weeks? ive read that transvaginal ultrasounds are very accurate and it seems to be leaning towards the other guy. if you can give me any kind of insight, please help.
5787844 tn?1376082584 They put me on reglan since there are no safe drugs for migraines while pregnant. One of reglans side effects is help with headaches. It allowed me to come out of a pitch black room to a dim room with sunglasses on. That was how I spent last winter.
Avatar f tn Id be staying with the boyfriend , if you have to lie and say you had a one night stand at a party when drunk around the same time you and your boyfriend had sex then so be it but unless you want to severely rock the boat with your family and potentially ruin his own family in the process then that's your choice and more importantly you should never have even entertained the idea of getting romantically involved with family .....EVER specially since its illegal in most places.
1303813 tn?1303162962 she's lying about her bleeding and stuff anyways I bet she aint even pregnant she's jealous because Im pregnant so she's making it up and she'll miscarry in a few weeks cause we wasnt really pregnant. So me and John moved them ( I nearly fainted) she laughed and said im pathetic and started bitching to her mates about us saying im lying and stuff and my otherhalf doesnt actually want to be with me... John heard all this and went mad at her saying shut up and stuff....
Avatar f tn for three years now ive been dating a guy and since day one he started controlling me. at first i thought it was cute him calling just to say hi but then all the cheating started and e always blamed me. everything was always my fault every time we fight he tells me off he has called me the worst name you can think of of coruse after the fights i was always the one to blame.
Avatar f tn I'm devastated. Can't eat or sleep and I have to go to the funeral home with his family and listen to them argue over what they think he would or wouldn't want. How do I even consider moving foward? Oh, side note... I'm due on his birthday. Which originally was so exciting and is now the worst thing that could happen. I'll be giving birth to my deceased husbands only son on his birthday. .....
341551 tn?1266984330 I had my first normal period on Dec 23rd, a month from my m/c, but now I don't know if I'm back on a regular cycle or not...should be due tomorrow but I guess we'll find out! What else is going on with you??
Avatar f tn Making the choice to have an abortion is a difficult one, but having a child you can not care for is also a difficult situation. This is a subject that many have very strong feelings about. Maybe you should talk to some one from planed parenthood. They can give you all your options from an unbiased stand point. Good luck either way you will need positve support.
Avatar m tn anyone who can help you with meds for a few days till you can find a better doctor? I know that sounds like the last thing I should be suggesting - but I know from going thru your same situation, and having 2 young kids at the time.... that this isn't the time to go cold turkey for you -- Unless you've been tapering for a while? I didn't see anything about that in your first post? How did you feel today? Sending happy thoughts your way.....
Avatar n tn They do make nice hats from fox. I actually slugged one with a bat the othernight bc it was after my chickens.