Im pregnant but still having periods

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Avatar f tn should i still be worried about being pregnant? i havent really had any symptoms at all. no nausia or anything. but im still concerned. a pregnancy itsnt really an option seeing as im not that able to get one right now...
Avatar n tn no you not pregnant.. im sorry to keep writing you messeges but get over it ok.. i know we are supposed to help people here and everything and im sorry if im coming off as a *****.. but you are not pregnant.. if you were you would have shown up on a blood test by now.. are you still having unprotected sex? do you want to get pregnant?? whens the last time you tested and when is your next period due?? maybe its something horomonal??
Avatar f tn Went to the ER and they gave me blood test and it showed that my htc levels were at a 46 but then they gave me a ultra sound and that doctor insisted I was 6 weeks pregnant and was having a miscarriage. I kept telling him I wasn't 6 weeks but he insisted. So I go to my doctors on Wednesday and take more blood. All this time I'm still bleeding. Very light period, brownish blood with brownish blood clots.
Avatar f tn Can you get your period while being pregnant ? I'm 4 weeks, I haven't confirmed it but im almost positive. I've been getting almost every known symptom for 2 weeks I think, symptoms I've never gotten before I had unprotected sex on Aug 27. Even veins on my boobs ! And I've never used birth control, I'm also 14.
Avatar n tn i don't know about you, but i'm too young for menopause. i have no idea why my periods come every two weeks...but i am searching for answers.
Avatar f tn So I thought I had miscarried a few days ago well... I came to Mary Birch Hospital for women and newborns to get checked out by my Dr. He did an ultrasound and said "good news, your still pregnant". I started crying my butt off I was so happy and I'm already 12weeks along. My bleeding stopped cramping gone and nausea came back. The only thing is he doesn't really know what all the blood and big clots were about. So im here admitted into the hospital for a few days.
Avatar f tn Today I still feel alil nausea but haven't three up again since yesterday. I have been having unprotected sex all through june and somewhat of july. Im not sure whats going on with me.
1201929 tn?1293711672 I'm extremely concerned right now. I've been having these awful gut feelings that this is not a miscarriage at all and that it is just bleeding. So much so that I just took a Clear Blue 50hcg test only to find that it says PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. I'm beyond upset and so concerned. I took a test the day I started miscarring with an ULTRA EARLY test of 15 hcg.. and THAT came up VERY faint like there wasnt enough hcg SO HOW THE F*CK could I be registering on a test of 50 hcg's! if I'm MISCARRING!!!
Avatar f tn ive taken 4 test all negative and a blood test like a month and a half ago but i still FEEL PREGNANT AND HAVE syms...
Avatar n tn but what are the chances of me being pregnant after having sex days after my period and im on a 28 day cycle most of the time my mom is always on top of that for just to help me learn it well for situations like this. every since i had sex back then i have been having the two day bleeding happen thats why i feel something is wrong. but ill check with another doctor again to see what they tell me. Thanks ur all a lot of help.
Avatar f tn and now i still havent come on.. im normally very regular.. i feel pregnant, but taken 2 tests and both came out negative.. ive had some signs, like cramping in my belly, feeling sick but havent actually been sick, very subtle head aches.. always tired, but cant seem to sleep much. also, i havent been eating properly in days, so that might have something to do with, but ive ALWAYS had problems with my eating, so.. and im 16& want a baby so badly, stupid i know.. but yeah.
Avatar f tn If you've missed 3 periods and still not showing up pregnant on a test then it's unlikely you're pregnant, but you still need to see a doctor and they can do a blood test to confirm and look into what's delaying your period.
Avatar f tn I do have VERY irregular periods so its hard to tell when Im ovulating. Anyone else with irreg. periods have trouble getting prego. but are now a mommy? Any suggestions?
1395749 tn?1286633893 hi im 14 4 months ago me and my ex boyfriend was doing the touchy thing, he didnt go inside me, but my period have been all wavey since, could i be pregnant? I still get periods btw?.
Avatar n tn I am just wondering if I could be pregnant since I have heard all this talk of women becoming pregnant and having neg tests and bleeding and also I don't have health insurance at the moment so I am wondering if I should be concerned.
Avatar f tn so my doctor tell me dat im pregnant and I feel like what!i has a period problem but it will work If still can get pragnant??!.. After on aug 5 and im diecide to buy test pregnant and say POSITIVE?...IM pregnant say is happen?has experienced like this before??!...
Avatar f tn The Dr put me on novo medrone to restart my cycle, i finished them 4 days ago and still no period, i tested and im not pregnant. The Dr also said i had a retroverted uterus and suggested different positions to help to conceive, he said to try for a month and if nothing happened he would start me on clomid. He did do a test in october and it said that i ovulated. I did a home urine test in novemeber and it said that i ovulated around the 11th but i never got a period.
Avatar f tn im a 20 yr old woman.. i weigh almost 200 pounds.. i have never been the skinny girl but lately i have been gaining a lot of weight i have never been this close to the 200 mark.. my cycle has been very crazy lately.. november 2008 i had a cycle then my fiance came home from college for thanksgiving and we had sex.. then december i had no period at all!! my fiance[highschool sweetheart<3] came home for christmas break we had sex.. everyday.. we never use protection..
Avatar f tn Im wondering if its possible i could be pregnant? Im going in for an ultrasound next week but still i just want to know. I mapped out my symptoms and every one of them lined up almost perfectly (and i completely forgot about the calender i did until two days ago so no its not all in my head) Just really concerned. Please any advice and personal stories will help!!!!
Avatar f tn I am 22 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. My periods are ALWAYS regular. I was supposed to start on the 16th Feb! I have done a pregnancy test 3 times and all came out negative! Dont know whats going on. Can anyone help?!!
1213859 tn?1296795000 I never really know when I'm going to start my period even tho i keep a calendar when I start and stop and when I have intercourse just to be on the safe side, we also don't have protected sex I guess its his way of telling me if it happens it happens Im not entirely sure but I'm still not trying....
Avatar n tn it'll help our relationship, and just help everything else. im now 2 days late, but im still having some short periods of cramping here and there throughout the day...i have a feeling im not pregnant, but that its something to do with the fact that i don't each much and when i do its all healthy, and i exercise, and i only weigh 110, (last time i checked... like 3 days ago).
Avatar n tn If you are having periods, you are more than likely not pregnant. Remember, not all periods are the same. Stress, diet, etc. can all affect length, flow, and symptoms.
Avatar f tn please help me im 21 me and my husband would love a family but my periods stopped around 5months ago gp has ran hormone blood tests which were fine and gave me a hormonal pill to make me have a period in the hope it would kick start them again but it hasnt and that was a couple of moths it possible i could still ovulate without a period and what could be the causes?i am not pregnant i have had blood tests as well as home pregnancy tests.
Avatar f tn ^^^^ Lmao yeah those two things are your best bet I've been confused by irregularitie before and people do get pregnant during periods but it's rare it can happen tho