Im pregnant but have no symptoms

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Avatar f tn Im bout 5 weeks pregnant but have no symptoms. With my first baby i had them all, vomiting, nausea, headaches, breast tenderness this normal??
2104457 tn?1333749539 Nope! I'm almost 36 weeks, haven't felt pregnant the entire time.
Avatar n tn im 23 weeks pregnant, i found out i was pregnant when i was 13 weeks but i have never had any symptoms, no nausea, no morning sickness im tired often and my boobs hurt but for the most im perfectly fine ..
Avatar m tn hi I was wondering if two days is to early to detect any std's after a sexual encounter unprotected via male to female cause I have been having some discomfort in my genital area like a constant tingling but there is no burning or no discharge from my penis plus my test came back today and everthing was negative but I still feel discomfort
Avatar n tn with my dd i had all the symptoms in the book, with this baby (im 11w) i have no symptoms whatsoever any more, i did have a few bouts with nausia but that passed in a week, i was worried too, since i assumed i would be sick as a dog again, but at my ultrasound on friday everything looked perfect, baby is fine, and has a strong heartbeat, i also think maybe your not far enough to have symptoms yet, some( well most people who have been ttc) have symptoms from the start, but many also dont develo
1492421 tn?1290304115 ive been reading up and watching pregnancy vlogs and im just getting kind of worried because im getting no symptoms what so ever except being tired and that has kind of dwindled away. im just hoping to feel something soon. hope this appt goes good wed.
272759 tn?1270489194 Honestly, I am getting a second opinion, just to make sure, and I have the symptoms as though I am still pregnant. The news at first was unimaginable. But something is telling me in my mind that there is still hope, call me crazy. I want to weigh out my options before I have any regrets...
229947 tn?1217214896 I am pregnant with #2 but have no symptoms other than a little cramping. I had really sore boobs with DS by this time and queesy stomache. Has anyone ever had symptomless pregnancy and been fine?
Avatar n tn Hi, I took 2 tests, they came out positive, at first i had pains cramping, and lower back pains. but now i have nothing, no breast tenderness, cramps, and i even lost wieght. i should be 9 weeks (the medical way) 6 from the time i think i concieved. i dont even feel pregnant. except for the missed period i cant explain any of this. is this normal????? i have a doctors appt for the first time next week. but im really wierded out by this.
Avatar n tn they are still very sore but just no as intense. today i REALLY feel pregnant.
Avatar f tn I do have sore breast and have become a little sluggish but that's about it. Is anyone else pregnant but really have no tell tell signs?
Avatar f tn Well thank you. ; ive been worrying myself a lot about it and i think that its really stressing me out and that might be causing it to be late? ; & i really dont think im pregnant, but i might take a test just to reassure myself just in case.
1277082 tn?1344061420 then a dallor store test that doesnt seem to have a defind line at all just color. so Im going to take another one today, if its negative then no Im not pregnant. I hope its positive.
Avatar f tn my periodes are usually spot on and i can just tell when theyre going to start. but this is weird. im late. havent been in over a year or two. i have all my menstrul symptoms: cramps, heartburn, diareah (sp?). but its been acting this way for a week... but no blood yet. idk what cpould be wrong. my mom and sis both say they cramped like this when they were pregnant but idk. could i be? last intercourse was over 3 weeks ago. i took a test wensday and it was negitive but idk what else it can be.
Avatar n tn hi i wrote to ask if you could have pregnancy symptoms before implantion and someone said no that i couldnt be feeling these but i just wanted to say that i am now pregnant and i was feeling these
Avatar f tn Today I definately feel pregnant. I am tires, but can't sleep. I have a hunger pain that is very intense. And Im having lower abdominal cramps that are aggrevating. I am also having mood swings and I have to catch myself so that it doesnt seem like Im being mean to my 4-year old baby boy! Im just glad there's no morning sickness! Yet anyway!
Avatar f tn Be happy you have no symptoms. I didn't with my child but this one is awful. Im 17 weeks still have morning sickness, back cramps, leg cramps and all the above. No symptoms is a blessing.
Avatar n tn oh boy nausea has been kicking my butt! Im jealous! I wish I had no symptoms!
Avatar f tn I Dont have no symptoms at all and I am 9 weeks!
10045546 tn?1420151688 I was the same way. Im a ftm and im 24 weeks pregnant. I honestly didn't feel pregnant until the baby kicked for the first time. So no worries.
1056865 tn?1325812385 Anyhoo my Dr. Appointment is Tuesday Dec. 1st at 10 a.m. I'm feeling Normal... No vomitting no nausea no bleeding no heavy discharge barely no cramps. Yet I've taken a total of 4 preg test over the last 5 days. I'm trying to be positive and think everything is all good until I'm told or see otherwise. Well just wanted to post a little of my thoughts.
Avatar f tn i never have my period after we had sex .. but the day after that sexything happen i have a symptoms that i will have my monthly period but until now i dont have my period and the symptoms for my montly period is stop and now its 10days after we have unprotected sex and thats makes me worried because when i try a tes tbut its negative..dont know what to do..
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks and I have not been sick at all and I am a ftm. I don't feel left out but have been counting my blessings because I know how bad it could be. Girl enjoy it!
Avatar f tn Hey I'm only 7 weeks pregnant but I have little to no symptoms at all could that mean anything bad
Avatar f tn With my first baby, I didn't have any symptoms until about 8 weeks. My symptoms never got very strong. I never had sore breasts and although I had a little nausea, it was barely noticeable. The pregnancy was fine. Symptoms, or lack thereof, really have no bearing on whether the pregnancy will be successful. Your nervousness is normal, but (I know easier said than done) don't waste your time worrying about what your symptoms mean.