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5441854 tn?1371191094 I watch it too and I did watch pregnant and dating but that went off and I like switched at birth.
956292 tn?1334058469 Hey Everyone, I was watching the Discovery Health Channel (Mystery Diagnosis) last night and they have a new show coming out soon. "Disease Detectives" It's about individuals who have been undiagnosed by other doctors (ahem, such as neuros and such) with all sorts of different symptoms, and specialists diagnosing them (No it's not HOUSE MD - hehehehehe but knd of I guess)...Sounded interesting and thought I would share..Not sure if you all get this channel where you are though..
Avatar n tn My cousin didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth but she was having intense pain so she went to the hospital she thought she could have appendicitis so her and her husband rushed to the hospital and the doctors are checking, running tests and they ask if she could be pregnant and my cousin had her tubes tied 2 years ago so she said no well they gave her a urine sample and sure enough she was pregnant.
Avatar f tn I am sure I will feel like you once I get to that point. I am a stay at home soon to be mommie and all i do is sit and watch tv. I am only 9 weeks. But Congrats, I hope your little ones comes soon!
Avatar f tn Movies The lion king All Michael Myers movies Alice in wonderland (the new one) The devils rejects Nightmare on elm street Dazed and confused Big Daddy Tv shows Law and order SVU Pitbulls and parolees South park 16 & pregnant & teen mom
Avatar f tn I am 35 weeks pregnant and I want to take my boys to the monster truck show. Do you think any harm can come from this?
172023 tn?1334675884 Sorry, my sister and I got into about this show earlier and I really think that reality tv is going too far, and this show is not even teaching teens about parenthood. There are TOUGH decisions and strains that are part of real life and being real parents that no show can mask. Its entertainment purposes only and most of it is staged anyway (take a media criticism class, you learn a lot about reality tv...its not really "reality"...most of it really is scripted).
8255052 tn?1399865406 oh yas SVU was my ish on Netflix I've watched every episode on Im on Game of Thrones love that show....
1500366 tn?1289229298 The worst part about it is, all us with these crazy symptoms KNOW there is something wrong. We KNOW our bodies and that something isnt right. Im 30yrs old and feel like a 90yr old. I did gymnastics for 9 years and have always been fit. I eat healthy and I have minimal stress in my life. Why does it feel like I have arthritis when the tests say I dont. Why is my vision going on me when there is nothing wrong with my eyes?
5555127 tn?1373565843 I am watching this show for the first time an i wanna reach through the tv and slap this guy!!! His 29 year old gf ( hes 30) is pregnant and hes telling her that he thinks this baby will ruin their life, he dosnt wanna be tied down and if she keeps their baby he will resent the child!!!!! WHAT!!!
Avatar f tn Lol i was just watching tv on the WE network and a commercial came on a for this upcoming show called "dating while pregnant" ,i had just asked a question about that topic not too long ago and now i see theyre making a show/series. I think its a sign! let me stop, but anyways it seems interesting i guess ill have to wait and see.
342335 tn?1240189874 i watched you'r episode on teens and sex these days.. this is what i think,im chelsea and 17 why do people(and mostly teens) have/allow sex in this generation? The biggest problem is alot of adults are becoming weaker and the worst to say,but stupider when it comes to allowing there kids to have sex and just telling them to use protection. The media and the world exposes it to much to infulence kids to do it and it is becoming a "fad".
Avatar f tn with my little girl im gonna ask for a mirror so I can see this time
Avatar f tn I'm 19 and currently pregnant. I got pregnant at 18 and im in my 5th month. No my parents dont have anything to do with helping me. Im engaged to a wonderful man, OWN MY OWN home, OWN MY OWN car, have a steady full time job as a CNA and also raise my younger brother and sister who live me. My parents are happy for me but do not take care of me or pay my bills. I'm sorry to get deffensive but what about people like me?
419158 tn?1316575204 ~( I am horrible with working out unless you count chasing after my kids and I really dont eat that much. My problem is im a night owl and I may skip dinner only to lay in bed watching tv (food network, lol) while eating a very late dinner (2am). I know with summer coming I will be taking alot of walks with my kids but I need to do something now. I refuse to put on shorts period.
1303813 tn?1303162962 I left my ex hb when I was pregnant in 2006. He was emotionally abusive and starting to show signs of physical abuse (punching the chair I was in and sending me into a bookshelf. I felt lucky I didn't lose the baby). I have a son from a previous marriage (1st ex hb was cheating, we had been together 15 years since I was 15 years old!) and my 2nd hb, his so-called 'step-dad,' was being terrible to my then 4 yo boy. Some of my family thought I was nuts...
132578 tn?1189759437 What's interesting is I get cravings like a pregnant lady. Lately I am hooked on turkey and avocado sandwiches. I couldn't STAND standwiches my whole life! Now I eat them breakfast noon and nite. I know what you mean about the moving pinched nerve. I can't even move when I wake up with out pain meds most days. Miss: That 24/7 pain is getting me too. A few good days in between to regroup sure would be nice! I am jealous how little time you have left!
3218865 tn?1346950951 I'm not gonna leave him i meant by staying wit my mother that i would stay the night to show i mean business, hes not horrible with the child he came and kissed and played with my belly the first time he heard the heart beat idc if he's not there to find out the sex hes still gonna know and my Dr gives a dvd he'll see the baby and see what it is himself just not live.
Avatar f tn Me nd My grandma Scrolled down the tv and say it and decided to watch it Im Secretly pregnant but im startin to show (4 months) nd it was awkward so i changed the channel I am goin to watch it solo thou!
Avatar f tn opks lyk im thank u now i know.. but im so bored today. im not cramping and even though they sucked i missed them..atleast then i was thinking maybe prego.. now im lyk dang im not.. af still no show but whatever.. 6 more days til testing.. and thursday im gone go to bed early as possible.. for some reason at this time 11::27pm in miami.. im up like lets get da day started.. and around 2-4pm everyday i need a nap.. but oh well.. i hope af doesnt show for u...
Avatar f tn I dont want to get too excited but having more symptoms and AF was due today and she didn't show!!! I feel sooo bloated and having mild cramping but nothing like normal AF cramps for me; I have really bad mestral cramps usually that I am on medications for sooo I am PRAYING that she doesnt come and that I can FINALLY get my BFP!!
Avatar n tn Ok i just found out im pregnant and im am addicted to oxy's roxi's and heroin. I shoot it up and its alot. I snort them to whatever will get me high ive been tryin to get clean but i do anywhere between 15 to 20 pills a day. I know i cant stop just cold turkey but would bein in a methadome clinic taper program be any better?
Avatar f tn I see it as yes I don't feel well but when he doesn't feel well or is sick he still gets up at 3am to be at work by 5am and works 12-14 hours a day so the least I can do is have a clean house and dinner done. And we have 4 kids and are 21 weeks pregnant. I'm more old fashioned when it comes to things like that.
212720 tn?1304379015 Wow, that is one fertile woman. I think children are a wonderful blessing but my goodness her uterus is gonna fall out onto her feet in the grocery store. That organ has got to be stretched to the limit. 19 seems like way too many to me but hey, to each their own. What do you all think??
Avatar f tn And hey Im taking this as a sign that I just needed to relax and rest, heck I been going hard the last 2 days. So, Im just gonna watch some church on tv and catch up on here, see how everyone is doing.
1303813 tn?1303162962 I am sitting on my sofa, eating Ice cream watching, I didn't know I was pregnant. on Home and Health And then all of a sudden, I think to myself... That would have been me... This time last year I was infact Pregnant, found out at 22 weeks, as I was so I'll with anorexia, I couldnt keep my little girl Peyton. But she has a brother now that she gave me. Anyways, I am sitting here wondering, Yes, I was in their shoes, but to go full term not knowing... HOW???
7502680 tn?1405287634 This is my 4 pregnancy and im 8 weeks +3 and im haveing constant headaches, always sooooo tierd. My son I just had 10months ago was horrable towards the end cuz he was so huge and im really ready for this pregnancy to be over!
Avatar n tn okay so me and my boyfriend were messing around, but we didnt have sex or anything. but im still scared that im pregnant. even though my period is normally inconsistant, this one seems different. i have been researching on the internet and it says that one symptom of pregnancy is spotting. im not really sure what that all entails, but im pretty sure that my perios is over with, and its only been 4 days. im so worried, even though i dont have any of the other symptoms...HELP! please some advice?
Avatar n tn f treatment i had a blood test to find out if i was pregnant,the blood results showed i was but the hcg levels were very low my doctor said this meant that i was pregnant but they didnt expect it to last and i should expect a period in the next couple of weeks.