Im pregnant and sick what can i take

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1957133 tn?1325088417 Is There Anything Safe For Me To Take To Help Cure A Bad Cough? I Am Pregnant And Was Told That There Isn't Much I Can Do. I've Had This Cough For About Two Weeks And Gotten Major Migraines I Think Because Of Coughing Too Much. I've Been Drinking Warm Honey And It Helps For A While But Doesnt Seem To Cure It. Also Just A Few Days Ago I've Been Experiencing Only My Left Thigh To Becoming Numb A Lot, Like Weak And Just An Awkward Feeling. Underneath Left Thigh And Left Foot. What Can That Be From?
Avatar f tn For your sore throat drink hot lemon tea with honey or You can take Robitussin-DM, or Mucinex For headache take Tylenol or Acetaminophen Drink pleanty of fluids, more water than anything
489099 tn?1286224581 Ive been sneezing all week. Now my eyes are like watery. I believe its just a cold, but what can i take, im dying here at work. I tried drinking tea with honey. Drinking lots of water. I also had a cough drop (halls). Im so ready to go home. Yet i have till 430 and its only 10am here *SIGH*.
6658929 tn?1395715122 Im coming down with a bad cold what is some safe medicine i can take to help with my cold ?
1465922 tn?1286293247 The best thing to take is a Honey and Lemon drink (Homemade) you cant take any medications I dont think. I was told I wasnt allowed!! Your doc might be able to give you something!
Avatar f tn I see my Dr on Thursday. I think its more than a cold. I think its the flu and I can't sleep or move...
Avatar f tn There is one thing in there that we really shouldn't have(I can't remember right now what it is) but I took it when I was pregnant with my first, before I knew I was pregnant. There was no complications due to taking it. I know it's not on the list but it works for me.
Avatar f tn Hi i have a ? What can i take to stop runing nose and watery eyes and chest congestion im really really sick and im tired of bean like this my sore through cant take it icant stop coghing all day need help im 35 weeks pregnant any suggestions....
Avatar f tn ( and thats what they told me to take im 15weeks pregnant. But it can make you sleepy if you take both together:) so they recomend you take them before bed if you take them together or just take them a few hours apart.
Avatar f tn Im 20 Weeks And Sick With A Cold Do Anybody Know Any Good Cold medicine I Can Take While Pregnant
Avatar n tn I know i asked this before but im so scared.. I have a sore throat and i had a fever of 99.5 and 100.2 ..
7998970 tn?1435186802 Yeah its not really allergies is more just like an annoying cold. I dont have anything other than what I use to take before I got pregnant so I went out & got benedryl cause I was told it was good enough l. Ugh I hope it works.
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies
Avatar f tn I feel like I have a fever and I have a sore throat. I dont feel like eating or anything. Whats a safe medicine to take? Is it okay not to take anything? I feel like medicine will make me feel worse. Is it ok to skip prenatal vitamins for a day? Im afraid to take them on an empty stomach. Im just not hungry..
327668 tn?1224795950 im really sick and just moved to new york and still dont have a doctor and dont know what to do if to take and what to take i have a really bad runny nose and feeling really weeck what should i do
Avatar f tn I wasnt cursing I said s u c k e d lol
Avatar f tn Im 34 weeks and i have a cold what can i do to get better is it anything that i can take
1352892 tn?1338221505 i just found out im pregnant im about 6 weeks pregnant i have no job im applying for medicaid but mean while i cant afford to go to the dr so is there anything i should be taking like vitamins ? also i have R.A. what are my risk with the pregnancy and last but not least ive been taking Prednisone for the last 4 months no that i found out im pregnant i stoped though it might be too late what could happen to my baby?
1507909 tn?1313637404 with my daughter my sickeness was gone by the 12th week and im pregnant now with another lil girl and im 19 weeks and still get sick every morning ugh i hate it but i thank you for all your input at least i know im not the only one.
5886921 tn?1379642657 what do you ladies recommend ? Someone told me to take airborne.. but I read the label and it said do not take if pregnant.. so I guess thats outta the question..
Avatar f tn I had the same issue and unfortunately in had to take meds... I took what they gave me in the er (cuz I didn't want to take anything I ended up in the er with bronchitis) ... I only took it till the second my throat felt better.... However I did suck on halls at night which helped and so did sonic slush drink cu they stay cold forever !!!!
155461 tn?1207868371 I feel like ****! I am 15 weeks and 2 days and I have a sore throat and I am all achy! Any suggestions on what I can do or take to feel better?
Avatar f tn I won't take medicine for my colds and what not ever. I only use those zinc losengers I mentioned . Eucalyptus and lavender essential oil added to bath salt baths. lots of fluids and rest when possible with a toddler lol!! yup my colds are gone way faster then when I ever took any medicine!