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211940 tn?1267884866 I am about to start my Rebif for the first time ever next week. I wanted to know if you liked the auto inject or the normal syringe, and why you like either one better than the other. And how does it make you feel after u take the injection? And for how long you feel ill afterwords, if u do at all. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn So your doctor is only at risk if he takes that dirty needle, sticks it in his arm and draws his blood back into the syringe and then he must inject that blood back into his body, which is then at that point 'mixed,'as you say, with the infected blood,,,,,ONLY THEN he is at risk? Its hard to believe you're serious.But I know you are. btw I don't like if a health care worker doesn't wash their hands before they touch me. I don't allow it.
Avatar n tn I am sorry...I put that you have lost 22 pounds now I see it is 24!!!!! You are doing GREAT!! I saw your other posting and I will leave you some feedback.
Avatar f tn These include razors, toothbrushes, earrings and nail clippers • Make sure that clean needles are used for tattoos and body piercings • Avoid illegal drugs. If you do continue to inject illegal drugs, never share needles or syringes • If you are a medical professional, follow good practices for using and disposing of needles If you think that you have been exposed to the hepatitis B virus, it is important to visit your medical professional and get a hepatitis B blood test.
Avatar m tn Do you get high? And when you do, do you inject it into your veins?
Avatar n tn SEEK HELP, Don't listen to others if you have a problem GET to the Clinic and get the meds.....I'm esld IV and meds definitely WORK. Let the Doctor give you what you need if you care to be around with us very long..NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS sould be used ,but life is Great Srright too!!!
Avatar m tn The ways it's transmitted are unprotected vaginal/anal penetrations and sharing needles to inject drugs. Whether you are in India, USA or Spain, it will always be like that.
Avatar f tn Your average junkie isn't going to want to share if they don't know you. Besides, most of the illegal stuff I've ever seen at clubs has been pot and ecstasy. MAYBE prescription drugs. And from what I understand, blood toxicity tests check for most things. Honestly, I'd be more worried about getting roofied at a club than getting stuck with a needle. Club bouncers are there to watch people like hawks because a club can get shut down if people get caught with drugs.
Avatar f tn This dea, cde, fda broad brush, draconian approach is driving cut off opioids pain patients to the illegal market where you never know if you are getting a safe analog(similar or home made) real or fake opioids, and desperate enough to take black tar heroin which is very dangerous . And the illegal market is so expensive it will ruin you financially and can easily turn you to selling your body and the like .
Avatar m tn I think the greatest health issue you have is using illegal drugs. If you truly are concerned about your health you should start by giving up drugs that is your single greatest health risk at the moment. I don't believe from what you describe you are at much risk for hep c if you are worried get tested then you will know.
1576513 tn?1327900359 I realise buying her tablets when she does ask me isn't the best idea but until we get her into treatment that is going to work it is going to keep her away from the illegal drugs, ones she can inject. This is working on the idea of harm minimisation but only for the short term, if it continued long term it wouldn't be harm minimisation.
Avatar f tn Truly terrifying that bruising is all you can see. If we told you how to use IV drugs properly without bruising would you leave this community and continue to use? You need help honey. You need serious professional help. "Normal" people (whoever they are) do not wake up in the morning and decide to inject poison into their veins. Only us addicts do that crazy shyt. Drugs are a symptom of what is really going on with you.
544292 tn?1268886268 Good Evening Lovely Tramadol Warriors! So glad you are here. So glad you are choosing to join us. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol. Lots of love, information and empathy here!
Avatar m tn The ones I know that have it told me an in incident of having used a needle, to inject illegal drugs. Hemophiliacs used to catch it, before we cleaned the blood supply, in 1992. Also people who have to have Kidney Dialysis, more in the past, but it is an invasive procedure which happens frequently, so it is important for the hospital staff to very carefully sterilize that equipment as well. I worry like you do, especially after going to the dentist.
Avatar m tn 37 Levels of HIV infection seem to be low (less than 1%) amongst sex workers who do not inject drugs. However, for those who do inject drugs the risk is often significantly higher. According to a study carried out in three cities in the Netherlands, the HIV prevalence among female sex workers who injected drugs was 13.8%, while it was 1.5% amongst other female sex workers.38 In many areas, it also seems that male and transgender sex workers are more vulnerable to HIV than female sex workers.
Avatar m tn People who share hypodermic needles or inject illegal drugs, like heroin Patients who are on hemodialysis or kidney dialysis for an extended period of time People who had piercings or tattoos with equipment that wasn’t properly sterilized (this is most common in prison settings; research has shown that hep C isn’t spread in licensed tattoo businesses) Healthcare workers and others who have been exposed to infected blood and/or contaminated equipment People diagnosed with HIV or AIDS Children b
Avatar n tn I am happy that you found some relief, good for you. I hope you get a more flexible medical team soon. I heard that vaporizers(there are some digital ones) are better than the smoking and more effective than ingesting thc, but if it is working so well for you already, carry on!
Avatar f tn That's why sharing IV drug paraphernalia puts you at high risk of hepatitis B. Your risk increases if you inject drugs frequently or also engage in high-risk sexual behavior. Although avoiding the use of injected drugs is the most reliable way to prevent infection, you may not choose to do this. If so, one way to reduce your risk is to participate in a needle exchange program in your community. These programs allow you to exchange used needles and syringes for sterile equipment.
Avatar m tn Good lord how much did you drink? You are lucky to be alive. Next time you may not be so lucky. How often do you participate in this behavior?
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Avatar f tn Hi honey, Welcome. I'm sorry you are going through this. Your husband has a drug problem. Cocaine is a bad, bad substance. It wrecks your health and it is addictive. I know your husband has said he only uses it on the weekends, but that's your "you and me" time...and he is going to spend it doing illegal drugs? I had a good friend who was a weekend user of coke too. She did it that way for years, but cocaine is evil and insidious, and she graduated to doing it every day..
Avatar f tn You bet. crush and dissolve ocycontin pills and inject those? you bet. But that isn't the drugs fault or the drug manufacturers fault. People also die from taking percs, but not because of the narcotic, but because they overdose on acetaminophen and kill their livers. This is a tricky one to figure out, because the number of narcotic prescriptions given out has increased dramatically- it has gone up over 39% from 1999 to 2009. But have deaths from overdoses gone up the same?
513436 tn?1212169488 I just had a regular blood test and my liver enzymes are all in perfect range am still waiting on my hep c results.If i had hep c by now would my liver enzymes be off since i would be in the acute phase????
Avatar n tn I think it is that people feel safe getting high off a technically legal drug. I always hated illegal drugs. I've tried them all, and always felt anxious becuase they were illegal. But popping a few vicodin I could rationalize because it was a prescription drug...even if it wasn't prescribed to me. Well that lead me to an oxy addiction...irony. Anyhow, I also think the pharamcutical industry has become somewhat corrupt and the over-prescription of drugs in general has become a problem.
1530342 tn?1405020090 html Healthcare giant GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to an unprecedented $3 billion settlement with the U.S. government over allegations that the company advertised drugs for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and then used lavish gifts to convince doctors to prescribe the drugs. The multi-billion dollar settlement is the largest in U.S. history for alleged healthcare fraud, government officials said.
Avatar n tn thats my motto for now (no alcohol, illegal drugs of course). I get extremely thirsty on tx, so I have adapted well to drinking a gallon or two of water each day. Dont be afraid of everything, think of all the KoolAid and pop we have drunk over the years, they are loaded with artificial colors and flavors. We are still alive and kickin. Remember when they said coffee caused cancer etc? and there are always gonna be people "poo poo-ing" what we eat and drink.
765775 tn?1366028291 While I do agree that too many people abuse prescription drugs, the fact is too many people abuse illegal drugs as well and look how successful the country has been trying to stop that. I have three chronic conditions, two of which I take narcotic pain meds for. Without them I would be unable to continue my 40+ hour a week job. I would be unable to raise my daughter and take an active role in her life.
Avatar n tn Adding more drugs to your body will only in fact compound the problem to the point that you will either land yourself in the hospital fighting for your life, doing serious damage to your liver, heart, kidneys and other organs or losing all the weight you want, but regaining it after you stop taking the drugs, and begin to eat normally once again.
Avatar f tn I read your post. I can't help you with anything but to offer some hope and "less pain thoughts". Wherever you are, I'm sending a big gentle hug to ease your pain. God Bless you and Keep you.
199892 tn?1204927752 this time for 5 yrs.. and they only know of needles for illegal drugs.. like their father uses) Thank you again for your support.. sorry for just spewing some stuff out, I just really have no-one else to talk to about my illness (s) because my family is close minded and believes I can deal with my pain with some tylenol or motrin... anyone who takes pain medicine on a daily basis is an addict in their eyes.