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Avatar n tn Of course I didn't realize then that that behavior is WHAT leads to needles and IV drug use or anything........... I don't know if it's true and you say something whether you can be sued for it or not. AT least tell that person to use their own snorting equipment and not to share that or something. Sad.
Avatar n tn I had a HUGE craving to use today but didn't....Just thought I would share that...When you think about it, drug use is a real simple issue.....just don't use! That's it! Now why can't I come to that point every other time I wanted to get high???
Avatar n tn I think she was saying doing drugs together as in needles? I know I did drugs with my sis fortunatly not the same needle that got me.
Avatar f tn We have known each other for six years and have both struggled with opiate addiction in the past. We are both sober from illegal drugs now. I take prescribed benzodiazepines, an anti-depressant and Suboxone to help with my opioid cravings. He does not take anything except Benadryl...It started when he was in the hospital for a long period of time due to an infection. They were giving it to him there IV and ultimately in pill form. His first hospitalization was in 2013.
212705 tn?1221624250 EmergenC (it's a packet of powder that you mix with water and it fizzes like Alka Seltzer) That was one thing that REALLY helped me out. The other thing was Vitamin B shots. I actually got my doctor to order them for me - and I give them to myself 2 times a week on bad weeks and 1 time a week on good weeks. I also drink 1 cup of coffee a day. Or tea. I just recently got diagnosed with ADHD - (Always thought I was - but got worse after TX) and they gave me Dexadrine.
Avatar f tn I always felt like i was a little different from my friends and i use to get a little low at times. When i was 14 i started taking class a drugs a lot of class a drugs. It completely changed the person i was. I was angry and my depression got worse i was always depressed. By the age of 15 i was taking 75mg of effexor-xr per day for my depression. I was taking these till a was 18 i was still taking class a drugs at the time too.
Avatar f tn “It is essential that we identify risk factors that can be modified to prevent and/or lessen the progression of HCV to fibrosis, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. These complications of chronic HCV infection will significantly contribute to the overall burden of liver disease in the U.S. and will continue to increase in the next decade.” This is the first study that evaluates the relationship between alcohol and cannabis use in patients with HCV and those coinfected with HCV/HIV.
1796826 tn?1578878379 Well, in an ideal world, you make sure they have a source for clean drugs of a predictable strength, clean needles, and you make that access contingent upon them becoming experts in the safe administration of those drugs. Make sure they have Narcan in their kit and if they feel the need to take a big dose they do it with a buddy. That would knock out a huge majority of the ODs. Provide them with a path out of addiction, if they wish to take it.
Avatar f tn These include razors, toothbrushes, earrings and nail clippers • Make sure that clean needles are used for tattoos and body piercings • Avoid illegal drugs. If you do continue to inject illegal drugs, never share needles or syringes • If you are a medical professional, follow good practices for using and disposing of needles If you think that you have been exposed to the hepatitis B virus, it is important to visit your medical professional and get a hepatitis B blood test.
424839 tn?1268189846 These drugs affect the nerve cells of the reward pathways in your brain in ways similar to that of stimulants, producing positive reinforcement for the use of these drugs. There are opioid receptors in the brain, spinal cord and gastrointestinal tract. Risk factors These factors increase the likelihood of your having an addiction to a legal or an illegal drug: • Personality.
Avatar f tn via mouth to stomach. I don't use illegal drugs however it's very interesting what Juttutin wrote; which prompted my memory of the above, long ago post. My husband's decided to ask his Physician to send him for bloodwork to see if he is positive for HCV. Better safe than sorry!!
2126606 tn?1346348724 If you're prescribed a hydrocodone drug for minor pain, or your friends or family members are taking pain medication, ask your doctor for a different prescription and remind your loved ones of the risks of taking these drugs. Please share any solutions in the comments that you've found effective in preventing your friends, family members, or even yourself from being prescribed hydrocodone so we can do the same.
Avatar f tn I stayed on the methadone and me and my friend decided to go to a methadone clinic to assure our daily supply of drugs. We started at a clinic and I stayed for almost 1 yr befor I realized that I had done it again ...............when you are at the mercy of a methadone clinic you dont know what to expect. THEY MAKE THEIR OWN RULES> If your late too bad you dont get your dose. If its flooded GUESS WHAT you dont get your drug. Well being so dependant on this clinic totally freaked me out.
163305 tn?1333672171 Sigh, it's far past the time that cannabis was removed from the list of illegal drugs. Tylenol is more dangerous than pot.
Avatar f tn Yes, if you share drugs with other IV drug users using the same works then that would be an exposure.
Avatar n tn Occasional use or daily use makes no difference, but hey I am not here to talk about addiction and illegal drugs so I will not go into it. A lot of websites are conservative in estimates. When blood gets exposed to air and other enviromantal objects HIV virus gets deactivated because it is unable to be reproduced ouside of the body. HIV is very fragile. Also the amount of blood is key...
179856 tn?1333550962 But later in life my cousin started tattooing professionally and I learned a few things Like the fact that we all had clean needles but the Kid never sanitized the stem that the needles ran through Needless to say this is where I contracted this disease ....
Avatar f tn Your risk increases if you inject drugs frequently or also engage in high-risk sexual behavior. Although avoiding the use of injected drugs is the most reliable way to prevent infection, you may not choose to do this. If so, one way to reduce your risk is to participate in a needle exchange program in your community. These programs allow you to exchange used needles and syringes for sterile equipment. In addition, consider seeking counseling or treatment for your drug use.
1576513 tn?1327900359 I beleive she is walking a very fine line between codiene and illegal drugs, I think if this isn't addressed very soon her drug use will flow back to the illegal drugs. If her suppily of codiene is abruptly cut off without a treatment plan in place I know her well enough to know she will go to the street to buy what ever she can get her hands on.
Avatar n tn I do not think you can use this site to sell medications, if any of you have opened meds with some left on the pen, throw it away.. no offense but noone should use something that has been opened. this is unsafe, and unsanitary..
Avatar f tn Not officially, but they don't even bother arresting anyone who only has enough for personal use. The other thing to keep in mind is that legalizing drugs will not increase drug use. Education is the key to preventing young people from starting, not just keeping it illegal. Sorry, it's just not working. But we probably see things from a different perspective. It's all based on personal experience. I know what I see everyday.
Avatar f tn Hep C is spread through blood contact and this should be general knowledge. It makes sense that people who shoot up illegal drugs and share needles are at a greater risk for getting this virus. However, lots of people who did try this form of recreational drug use in the early 70’s have Hep c now. I am one of those people. I have not put a needle in my arm or anywhere else on my body since my late teens. I experimented in 1975, and learnt my lesson. Never again and it was never done again.
1684282 tn?1505701570 His mind created excuses for his use and he told us that he does not use that much and there is nothing wrong with getting occasionally high. He told us that his dealer is different from other and will not sell him bad stuff. He told us that he does not care if he dies; he just wants to be able to get high again. We drove him back to his father in the hotel.
Avatar f tn Or even when she pees in the cup at each visit......They can detect drugs in that too, and every women has to do that at each visit. I'm so sorry you have to sit back and watch this happen....I hope she gets some help and the baby turns out healthy, somehow.
Avatar f tn but I'd never tell my parents that! The fact that your son has told you is a sign that you have a good relationship. The fact that I tried them doesn't mean I'm a waster (and the fact that I smoked weed doesn't mean I was dumb enough to stick needles in my veins either), and it's done me no harm. If he's literally just tried it, that's really not a huge deal (unless he's eight or something) - most people will try something they shouldn't at some stage when they're growing up.
Avatar f tn Heroin, he said, it's not as bad as people make it out to be. I never use needles. Having experimented with drugs in the past, I figured why not.. I'm willing to try anything one time. Not very smart, I know, but it is what it is. So I tried this drug that I always looked down upon and never understood and ended up liking it. Problem is my boyfriend has had this addiction for many years and instead of hiding it from me decided to introduce it to me too.
Avatar f tn This distinction is used in both official and casual discourse. The term hard drug generally refers to drugs illegal for nonmedical use that lead to profound and severe addiction, as opposed to soft drugs that has weaker or no physical withdrawal symptoms.
513436 tn?1212169488 Sharing needles to inject drugs is 'russian roulette' by another name. STOP sharing needles, or better yet, stop using illegal drugs. You are playing with fire and will get burned.
618210 tn?1223930565 Let me make it clear. I am against people who use drugs of the illegal nature. That part should have been obvious. They had a choice to make. They made their choice. They popped their pill and got whacked out of it and it wasn't all that it seemed. It left its mark on them. Big time. There is a special forum here on MH for people have tried drugs. I suggested they try that forum and swap idea / experiences. The forum is there for that purpose.