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Avatar m tn Even as illegal drug use among teenagers have fallen, prescription drug abuse has increased. For example, while 4 percent of U.S. 12th graders were using Oxycontin in 2002, by 2005 that number had increased to 5.5 percent. It’s not hard for teens to come by prescription drugs, according to Sgt. Tracy Busby, supervisor of the Calaveras County, Calif., Sheriff’s Office narcotics unit.
1934087 tn?1360478607 Prescription drug addiction such as the Psychological- and/or Chemical Dependence on pharmaceuticals has become an increasingly escalating problem among people within all classes of society. According to statistics that were recently published on the internet, we may conclude that prescription drug addiction is increasingly exceeding other known addictions such as the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the frequent abuse of illegal class I controlled substances. Source : http://www.
Avatar f tn Not officially, but they don't even bother arresting anyone who only has enough for personal use. The other thing to keep in mind is that legalizing drugs will not increase drug use. Education is the key to preventing young people from starting, not just keeping it illegal. Sorry, it's just not working. But we probably see things from a different perspective. It's all based on personal experience. I know what I see everyday.
1684282 tn?1505701570 feature=related Since the original procedure was used on addicted soldiers in Israeli army, it has been gradually perfected by new medications that have since been approved by FDA to help control the effects of the withdrawal. The detoxification drug treatment procedure involves administering intravenous medications that remove opiates from the opioid receptors while the patient is sedated. The detox is done under anesthesia to avoid extreme discomfort and pain from opioid withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn But thats how the statistics get screwed up. He'll never admit to his doctor that he lied. He seems totally not the drug using type, so his doc believed him. He does not use drugs now, this was 20 some years ago he used them.
Avatar f tn IN FL ITS ILLEGAL!!! It is illegal to skateboard without a license. When having sex, only the missionary position is legal. You may not fart in a public place after 6 P. It is considered an offense to shower naked. You are not allowed to break more than three dishes per day, or chip the edges of more than four cups and/or saucers. Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as can the salon owner. Oral sex is illegal.
518031 tn?1295578974 I do not tolerate any use of any drug that is illegal as it adds to our already growing problems of obtaining pain management help.
Avatar f tn Methadone, Sedatives In a report released last March examining methadone-related deaths, the Government Accountability Office concluded that a lack of knowledge about the “unique pharmacological properties” of the drug among prescribing physicians and patients has contributed to the problem, as has a rise in methadone's use as an illegal street drug.
Avatar f tn -- 72 percent had used alcohol at least once in their lives. -- 37 percent had used marijuana. -- 8 percent had used hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD or mescaline. -- 6.7 percent had used ecstasy. -- 6 percent had used cocaine. Clearly, alcohol poses a greater risk to the greatest number of teens than does any other drug, even marijuana.
1801781 tn?1461633069 Here's the article quoting the CDC's statistics: So,who feels like typing all that in??
1747881 tn?1546179478 Who does an individuals drug use harm (from a legal perspective) Keeping drugs illegal to use sets up a violent black market. Criminal enterprise such as cartels and organized gangs are the only ones who profit. Do we want our police to spend money and resources arresting users? Is that a good use of their time and our tax dollars? I too am a mom. I do NOT want my child using drugs, and plan to do what I can to prevent that. I also do not want him to abuse alcohol, or smoke.
1684282 tn?1505701570 These doctors seem to forget their pharmacology training. They also forget to use their independent thinking and ability to look up information for themselves. They assume that if the medication is not a controlled substance (and it very well should be as we will discuss), then it is not an opiate, it is not addictive and they can just give it like candy without any consequence to their patient.
Avatar n tn The most common way (about 60%) of being infected with Hepatitis C is via use of drug injection (usually illegal ones). Here is a nice pie-chart that shows how hepatitis C is spread: http://goo.
572651 tn?1531002957 In some countries it is marketed only as a drug for MS. A few other countries also use it for cancer. The US is now is phase III trials for Cancer pain. I can't tell if it will be used for MS. I hope it will be approved and avail. for more than cancer. This is an area where our process is slower. I wonder if it will fail because it has too much THC in it.
Avatar f tn That will tell us something one way or another. I already know that illegal drug use per capita has declined from the 70's and 80's but I don't know if it has remained static percentage wise per capita from 1999 to 2009 or gone up or down. Generally the percentage of illicit drug users per capita remains within a couple percentage points up or down from year to year. And these kinds of statisics are hardly very accurate. It's all interesting stuff none the less.
547368 tn?1440545385 I am hopeful that these few Practitioners and Providers will be heard. They won't give up. Somewhere, some how, someday we will meet in the middle. Illegal drug use, OD and death will drop dramatically. Chronic Pain Patients will be recognized and treated effectively with whatever it may take. I encourage y'all to make your voices heard - sign every appropriate petition - write our elected officials, local and national. We need to do our part to institute change.
163305 tn?1333672171 I am not really for legalizing more substances with the potential for abuse and really only have one motivator for being pro legalization of drug use (never to be confused with dealing). I feel that decriminalization of street drugs will lead to increased regulation, therefor doing a better job of keeping it out of minor's hands. It will also help put dealers, many of whom directly target youth, have to work awfully hard to stay in business.
Avatar f tn But look at the stats in countries where drug use (not dealing) has been decriminalized. No increased usage. Not so far anyway.
Avatar m tn It baffles me that weed is illegal and alcohol is not- the statistics speak for themselves, but that is another issue I won't get into here. Anxiety meds can be tricky as to finding the right dosage and effectiveness, I've been trying to find the right combination for years. I've tried other substances too, but found they weren't effective. The decision is ultimately yours, all drugs carry a risk factor. Just be sure to weigh the potential consequences whatever you decide.
Avatar f tn The two killings have provoked anger in Mexico like no other recent controversy surrounding immigration, including Arizona's new law making it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant and President Obama's decision to send the National Guard to the border. Although many Mexicans were unhappy with both initiatives, popular and official reaction had been subdued, in contrast to street protests seen in previous years when the U.S. has cracked down on the border.
572651 tn?1531002957 This report is from the NASDAQ ******* business site - tracking key issues on the stock market - Biogen's stock fell Friday on heavy trading with the release of this news about their star drug ...... it is astonishing to think they make $1 BILLION dollars a year on this drug. - Lulu 4th UPDATE: EU Reviewing Biogen, Elan's Tysabri; Cites PML (Updates with FDA comments, beginning in the third paragraph.
601038 tn?1240256493 Seven of South Florida doctor's patients died of overdoses, detectives say • September 26, 2008 Read Comments(2)Recommend Print this page E-mail this article Share Facebook Digg Reddit Newsvine Buzz up! WEST PALM BEACH — Dr.
Avatar m tn I'm just wondering what folks think about nicotine. I think nicotine is the 2nd most abused drug on the world behind only caffeine. Personally I don't smoke but I do have to have a Diet Coke first thing at 5:00 am in the morning. Diet Coke is basically my coffee even though I will have an occasional cup from Starbucks. Please understand I'm not trying to make anyone mad and I am not judging people who smoke. My best friend smokes.
163305 tn?1333672171 That makes sense. Personally I think personal drug use of any drug should be treated as a health issue not a criminal one.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Having receiving patients for hydrocodone dependency for many years, I seen firsthand how dangerous this drug can be, which is why I am pleased to see the FDA taking steps to help prevent abuse. As you may already know, hydrocodone drugs can be extremely unsafe if not used properly, but unfortunately many doctors are prescribing these painkillers unnecessarily.
Avatar n tn Hep C is transmitted through blood transfusions, before 1992, and Illegal drug use. Hep C transmission through blood transfusion after 1992 is rare. sexual transmission of hep C is rare. when sexual transmission does occur, it is usually male to female, not female to male.
8513688 tn?1398470758 I take mild opiates but I rotate. I will most often limit opiate use to two weeks or will limit daily use to the most painful time of day. With that said, it is important to achieve pain control. Chronic pain sufferers rarely experience total pain relief without surgical intervention. Oftentimes patients find that they have to increase dosages when they allow pain to get out of control.
Avatar n tn The greatest consequence of prostitution is drug abuse and std's & hiv infection, this really an un-disputable point, i don't see how you can argue otherwise. Those who patronize there services and engage in this highly self-destructive activities are also putting themselves at great risk all around.
Avatar f tn Harm reduction is a policy of preventing the potential harms related to drug use rather than trying to prevent the drug use itself. More than one policy critic has suggested that those who are dissatisfied with the current alternatives in the American drug policy debate might look toward these developments overseas. The Netherlands, and especially the City of Amsterdam, has been in the forefront of the developing harm reduction movement in Europe.
547368 tn?1440545385 Most of the patients who are seeking out Narcotics are not there for the pain and the few that require meds to get through life are being denied because of the illegal use. In the article it stated that a 10mg Oxycontin sold on the streets in rural America generally go for $10.00 or $1.00 per milligram. In Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama...mostly the Kentucky hills, Oxycontin sells anywhere from $20.00 for a 10mg and up.