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408795 tn?1324935675 The brand name is also checked against generic names, medical products, and common medical abbreviations (such as “bid” for the Latin bis en die, or “twice a day”). Potentially confusing names are rejected. Sometimes a drug name is approved only to be retracted later. Prilosec began life as Losec but had to be changed when it was repeatedly mixed up with an unrelated drug called Lasix.
Avatar f tn I already have two girls both with Z names and I was hoping this boy was going to be a girl so have another girl name but NO BOY NAMES, help!
Avatar f tn Thought I was the only one! Lol both my girls are Z names and I am having a boy so want his name to start with a Z as well..I'm still brain storming, there's a few names on my boy name post..good luck!
Avatar f tn Zada, Zackary, zaharah, zaidon, zoey, zane, zara, zena, zeke :)
Avatar f tn Ok this is our 4th one am pretty sure its a girl thats all me my sister and brothers have... i had a hard time picking my 3rd baby name that start with a z so do anyone have some z names for a girl???
Avatar f tn -) Brooke is a good one lol I like Jaylen Jaden and jocelyn for J. I like carly for a c. Abby for a?
Avatar f tn About a week after the event, I camed down with an upper respiratory infection and was prescribed a Z Pak. I was to take the first 2 pill the first night, a total of 500 mg and 250 mg for the following four days. My question is... do you think that is effective against eliminating Gonnorhea if I were to have it? And what other STD's could this take care of?
Avatar f tn I like names starting with an A, Z, or and E. I have one name in mind, but I'm not too sure.
Avatar f tn When I read it, I said "zare-a". I do like it, but be ready for ppl saying it wrong.
7891785 tn?1397532007 Lol im stuck and my fiances suggestions are no good. Lol coming from the dragon ball z nerd who wanted to name our baby Goku if it was a boy.
Avatar m tn I can repeat what others have said but I dnt feel it neccesary because u have already read it and both of the above posters r absolutely correct.Also just for your knowlege u can buy A LOT of illegal things on the internet.Its easy to obtain narcotic pills without a prescription online(like xanax,soma,lortab,oxycodone,roxicodone,oxycontin&any other pill u can imagine.
Avatar f tn Hello Ladies!!!! I am 33w +1d and it is time for me to start thinking about my baby girls name. I am looking for a name starting with Z......any suggestions? I was thinking Zy'Leigh or Za'Layla ?????
Avatar f tn Rules: Are very similar to the "Song Titles: Alphabet Song Title Game!" but instead of listing a song name you would list a person's name starting with A all the way to Z. Once reaching Z, the game would then begin back at A. Let's try to use a different name every time without repeating any. I'll post the first two names to show how it should be played. The names can be either male or female. I hope you will find this game to be fun.
Avatar n tn So I been thinking of baby names for boys because I think that's what I'm likely to have and I already picked girls names.. But boys is the hard one bc I want something original and rarely heard of.. I came up with Estan (ess-tin) what do you think ? Or any other suggestions for me ?
Avatar f tn I'm due August 18 and I've been through a whole list of names from A to Z (I prefer Arabic/Persian) names and there's one name that stuck out the most to me: Faiza. It means victorious/successful. I've met several girls with this name and they were all beautiful and it sounds beautiful and short as well as easy to pronounce. So in my home town my second cousin just had a baby girl 3 wks ago and named her Faiza.
Avatar f tn I like Zayden, but I love names that have a z in them bc it's definitely ! different And if you want unique then that seems the way to go bc the name rylan is definitely on the rise these days. I know a few girls that have named their Baby Rylan. It is a very cute name though.
9246787 tn?1404943147 Ok so my sons name is Antonio I have a thing for all my kids with A names but the only other name I like is Anthony would it be weird if I have one son named antonio and one Anthony I know it pretty much the same name but I can't think of any other name I like
Avatar f tn Its not illegal. It'd be illegal if it was like a curse word or something nasty. But I'd say the name is a little out there. But I have heard worse names if you like the name go for it.
11110919 tn?1420209467 Me husband went through the A-Z listing of names and we still cant decide!
Avatar n tn I am looking for baby boy names that start with a E, J, or Z. I like uncommon names and am finding it hard to find a name for my son. I am due in Feb so I really want to find a name.
Avatar f tn I coach a softball team of 6 yr olds and have a player named Sybohney and we call her sybo pronounced like a "z".
Avatar f tn My partner and i are debating about names, both of our boys (11) have D names (Darius and Dante) We both agree we want something unique but not going to cause teasing when the child is in school... Any suggestions? Please!
Avatar f tn Heyy I too wanted a unique girls name, originally wanted to call her Zion, coz I like the z sound. But her father didnt take to zion. Soo im naming her Zemírah-Rose. Love a good double barrel name.