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Avatar n tn To complicate things further,I personally do not see any moral ,ethical or health issues in the paradigm of Recreational drug use,done with education and clean known safe chemicals. Only problem they are all illegal that is why I told Chad from Philly to have a few beers,what do you think the DEA agents do after a hard days work taking your favorite drug from you.
544292 tn?1268886268 They have an actual medical code called 'Failed Back Surgery.' They use the code alot. I also know that one surgery leads to two and three and more. I also know that hey can accidentally kill you during any surgery." Little piece of core steel contained inside my GUT, "Said slowly and clearly, you don't need surgery. You need to get of these pills." I didn't listen for awhile. The gut voice is hard for me to hear, and understand and act on, but I always know it spoke!
Avatar f tn both contain the same combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. There is no difference between them other than who makes them. My own personal experience has been that narcotics have not provided much help with joint pain, unless maybe if the dose is high enough to be blunting your awareness in general.
233616 tn?1312790796 htm I've been saying for years as soon as efficatious natural cures are recognized drug companies will seek to ban them and make their own, adding an isotope or 2...and now the legislation proves that's exactly where they are headed. kiss your milk thistle goodbye...big brother is looking out for you......
Avatar m tn I'm curious how this would work in weeding out illegal immigrants abusing the American Medical system, with false names etc? If all US citizens had insurance and illegals didn't? Sounds good to me.
544292 tn?1268886268 When I crash, I pretty much am laid out horizontally hopefully on the sofa and not in bed! Being in bed, brings the drug thoughts up fast. Distraction techniques are best for me. I like to watch either light funny movies or action films. The action films help me not feel as angry. Or help me feel more angry. Both of which are useful states of mind. I was kind of expecting a complete immune system crash since all my body's energy is being used to toss Tramadol out on it's posterior!
Avatar f tn students showing up late for class, or violating the dress code, or talking during lessons. Those habits were unheard of in the days when schoolteachers routinely swung a paddle, they say. "Back then, you wouldn't throw spitballs, because you were afraid of the consequences," said Darr Kuykendall, a worker for a plumbing supply company. "A lot of kids have tempers," said Abby Jones, a junior at Temple High School.
356518 tn?1322267242 You may not notice a difference mentally but the drug does work in the brain and this drug can be detected by a blood test. Driving while on this medication can impair you in many ways, ways you may not realize. If I ever get hit by a car and I think the driver is impaired, I will sue for everything that driver has. I watch drivers when they make a turn and only look ONE WAY!!! Other drivers are on the phone.
Avatar n tn Pronounced tendency toward relapse, with cocaine acting as cue to an increased craving for drug. 3. Virtually all cocaine addicts have additional drug dependencies and/or psychiatric disorders, including affective disorders, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and eating disorders. Given these complications, needs of cocaine addict are at least 5-fold: 1. immediate abstinence 2. diagnosis of any coexisting disorders 3.
467126 tn?1283148458 and when he found me typing in the code in the bios, he told me to stop and admitted I'd find something I wouldn't like.. apologized and OK'd me to put an admin. account on here. NOW he has the password, and I do regularly check things about 1X every month or two, but so far he's proven trustworthy... for now. we're gonna be 22 here in November, our son is due September 13, and it looks like he's FINALLY started to grow up and mature.
Avatar m tn (NaturalNews) In mass shootings involving guns and mind-altering medications, politicians immediately seek to blame guns but never the medication. Nearly every mass shooting that has taken place in America over the last two decades has a link to psychiatric medication, and it appears today's tragic event is headed in the same direction. According to ABC News, Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter, has been labeled as having "mental illness" and a "personality disorder.
86075 tn?1238118691 Ina, Tallblond, Strator -- good to see your names here. I have wondered, Tallblond, what your viral load was. It seems that you were going to have a test again and never posted the results (or I missed them). ARe you still consulting with dr C in Kentucky?\ poetic wax - there are no doctors here -- only patients. HR (hepatitis researcher) posts here occasionally, and he is a doctor, but he does not monitor the forum or offer advise.
Avatar n tn levels after cessation of the treatment. Also, it is illegal in the US, so patients must travel abroad for the therapy. Just to inject some facts into the dialogue of the expert opinions above.
Avatar f tn WE are the ones that will eventually make a difference once we shed the stigma and are not afraid to come out of the closet (So to speak) and make our disease known and what it's all about and how it's contracted. (Not just IV drug use) I was a hairdresser for many years and I'm almost 100% sure I got it through that "DIRTY" manicure table.
Avatar f tn I can say, though, that many people have resorted to treating themselves with veterinary doxycycline (that's usually the first drug given for Lyme). I can't say I approve of that------ but it's a fact. Below is a link to some more info on Lyme that's been posted here. Ricobord is the poster you want to read----- she's active here with detailed information. So much so that some people are overwhelmed by the 'brain-dump' of information--- LOL ---- but it's here and it's free! http://www.
Avatar n tn Thats one i have not heard"symptomatic". I get looked at like it is all in my head. Have been told so by a GP. I had a meeting with the manager at work today and he aske dme if I was getting better. I said no physical work makes me worse and they still dont get it. I am now trying to get an appointment with my specialist to shout louder some more.I wish there was a place we could all "SHOUT AT THE DRUG COMPANIES AND DOCTORS".
Avatar m tn For those of you with this problem who have tried alpha blockers/ some sort of erectile dysfunction medication, do your drug induced erections usually show full improvement? In other words, are you able to attain a full, healthy erection by using these drugs?
Avatar n tn i have lost everything and my doc dismissed me so now I will have to buy illegal drugs....i wish u all.the best of luck....And ty for this forum it kept that peak attack from worry of heart failure down...i think im cursed and just want peace....but 9 years was too much so im gonna be junkie. Its the only way I knew how....
Avatar n tn I told him that I really did not want to take a drug for the problem. He told me again of how good he thought the drug was and how well anouther patient of his was doing so I agreed to try it. I really trusted him. So I started to take it (three 25mg tabs three times a day for ten days and then two 25mg tabs three times a day for ten days. Please do not use this information for your own use it is only mentioned for acuracy. Consult your own doctor if you want to take this drug).
Avatar n tn good post...and no being me 1 study /proof from a real medical jounral ,or doctor ,THAT IS NOT SELLING IT that it works..hate me thats fine..but do you not read my posts ? I posted facts.about the true side affects...the fact HCG is no more then 220 ammino acids (protein) and protein does do anything to fat cells.......Ive posted from the countrys top steroid,hormone seller..he said it was junk....AND HE SELLS IT !! ...
1647691 tn?1363727302 All is well here- mostly. I had an episode in my head when a drug rep came in to tell us she was pregnant and that was followed by an emailfrom a friend w/ the same news. Then I thought- my time is coming- I just have to be patient and keep trying. I am just so ready. @Hoping2BAMom- lol. I would drive you NUTS!
Avatar n tn I've been going through it with digestion & AFib episodes. I'm scheduled to have an Ablation Procedure 12/22/2009 but I'm apprehensive because I keep thinking what if it's a digestive issue. I now have a scar on my heart which is normal from the EcoCardiogram I had done in August. I have never been a big soda drinker.
Avatar f tn It is also illegal to alter the information on your records. I did encounter some resistance or maybe it was nervousness when I inquired about the materials used in my implant. I told them that either they could get me the information, or that I would get someone to get it for me. It is material in my body that I have paid for--give me a break! Sorry if sound wound up--all of this has been trying on my patience!
251922 tn?1193786078 Just wondering what you consider 8 days--mon-Fri? I also ordered from drug delivery, I ordered on 9-17, got email that it was shipped on 9-27. Trying to figure out when I will get it...Just eager to have everything here, I plan to start next week, so even at 21 days I should have it in time, its kinda like Christmas, I just can't wait, I am really excited. Also I ordered the 1500 iu ampules, is that what you ordered? Oh well it still all boils down to I have to wait and see Good Luck ALL!
Avatar n tn that really works. NO it is not a miracle drug, but it will give you the energy to get out of the house. OR, like I did the first time I took it....I cleaned the WHOLE house!