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Avatar f tn I checked a few different BMI charts & the average says that a healthy weight for a female your height is 115-150 lbs. Rule of thumb states that for a lighter body frame subract 10% & for a heavier body frame add 10%. If you are a large frame this would put your ideal weight bewteen 126-165 lbs. This shouldn't be used as the only assesment for ideal weight though. You should look at body fat %, visceral fat %, & body shape (apple vs pear).
Avatar f tn your best weight depends on several factors besides your age. How tall are you? What is your body type, i.e., small boned, large boned, average boned, medium boned. The best thing to do is type into your internet, "Ideal weight, or what is my ideal weight"? The internet will help you figure it out. I am 5'11" tall and my ideal weight would be 105 lbs. (if I were younger) to 112 lbs. I have a small frame.
Avatar f tn 129-169 lbs, Height Small Medium Large Frame Frame Frame 5' 9" 129-142 139-153 149-170 This recommendation is based on a Body Mass Index (BMI) range of 19-25. Your current Body Mass Index is 31.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your insight on my questions. My doctor advised me to get an at home monitor and see how different foods affect my blood sugar. I've spent a week doing daily monitoring. Having cut out fruit juice from my morning smoothie (replaced with almond milk), cut out honey from my morning tea (replaced with stevia), and cut out my nightly dessert of ice cream or cookies, I have not seen my blood sugar spike above 126 mg/dL at 1 hour postprandial.
Avatar f tn If either are more than moderately active, calories should/may need to increase to maintain a steady and ultimately healthy body weight. So at only 500-1000 calories if you are even moderately active you should be dropping weight fast. 3000 calories under/over your daily normal limits (as above) is all it takes to lose/gain 1 pound/approx 0.
Avatar f tn It is important to have a balanced diet, and primarily one suited for weight gain as per your body type. Having regular meals 3-4 times a day is an important factor in staying healthy. If you need to gain weight, you need to increase the amount of carbohydrates and fats in your diet, along with the requisite amount of protein. A normal composition consists of carbohydrates 60-70%, Protein15-20% and the rest Fats. Exercise is essential to gaining weight right.
Avatar m tn In order to gain weight, you have to consume more calories (per day) than what your are burning. Thats why the calorie count on this app is really handy to help you know exactly where your up too. You can also buy a device ( so sorry I don't know what its called exactly) that you can wear around your wrist or body somewhere, & it tells you exactly how many calories you are burning & much more.
192055 tn?1263559137 Another symptom is that his penis retracts into his body when his adrenaline gets going. He would literally have to pull it out before it goes all the way in. I have tried looking up these symptoms but only found one thing called "Penis Panic" pretty much saying that its a beliefe where men think their penis is going to retract into their body and disapear. Well, this def is not something in his head, lol... really happens. Anyone else heard of this?
Avatar f tn If you are, remember, this is still a calorie burn. You've been asking your body to reverse gears in a pretty short time frame. It's important to get good nutrition; make sure you're eating good carbs and protein - whole grains and peanut butter, nuts, eggs, and lean meats are all good sources of protein. You can also add supplemental shakes, like Ensure, to your diet to give you a calorie/protein bump. They actually taste pretty good!
Avatar n tn I had the idea to combine Wellbutrin with the Lexapro to help stop the weight gain and at least keep me where I am (I only register 8 lbs above my ideal weight on the BMI scale). My doctor agreed to try it and it is the perfect combo for me. I take 20 mg. Lexapro and 150 mg. Wellbutrin each morning. My OCD symptoms have all but disappeared and the depression is totally gone. Also, I have been able to pretty much maintain my weight, but have not lost any weight.
Avatar n tn I know how frustrating it can be when your body gains weight for no apparent reason and refuses to take it off. I've gone for the lipodissolve on my abdomen since my pregnancy, hysterectomy surgery, and scar left me with stubborn fat that diet and exercise won't cure. Hopefully, it will kill the fat cells and not just remove the triglycerides from them.
Avatar n tn I am 5'10 and also considered obese by most charts, but I tend to disperse the weight over my whole body. I think that about 75% of my weight issues are mental and revolve around feeding my emotions (depression/anxiety) and the PCOS/insulin resistance only compounds habits that already existed. I have had to get "real" with myself and seek out other ways to deal with my anxiety and seasonal depression. Working out is that las thing that I would ever want to do, but it does work.
Avatar n tn I have digenerative disc disease and my neirologist just prescribed topamax, he said it would help with the pain and tingling but could result in weight loss. I am wondering if prescribing topamax for ddd is common among neurologists? I can't seem to find any other information related to topamax as a pain med, only information I have is that it's a powerful drug with lots of side effects, most not so good. The weight loss aspect is the only plus...
Avatar n tn I agree with the others, this sounds like it may be a healthy weight. It depends on her skeletal frame - if she has a narrow frame, she is heavy. If she has a heavier broader frame, it sounds like this might be close to ideal healthy weight. She might be putting on the pounds in preparation for puberty - both girls and boys plump up a little then. If she continues to gain weight really quickly, it's a concern.
Avatar n tn my family and boyfriend blame it on muscle weight, but as small as my frame is, my weight is extremely unnatural. No matter how much i try, the weight seems to stay the same and my self esteem is at its worst.
Avatar f tn Healthy foods can be unhealthy if eaten in the wrong quantities. Do you know how many calories you eat in a day? I really think you should look into your caloric intake and see where you are. Perhaps you're getting too many calories. Fruit is amazing, but you really shouldn't get more than 3 serves in a day as they tend to have a lot of sugar. If you have a lot of higher fat dairy, that's a lot of calories.
Avatar m tn Hello. I am a 25 year old male, 5'8", medium body frame, and I'm trying to lose weight. Currently I am 202 lbs. and I've adapted to a healthier lifestyle for the past 4 months. What that means is that I try to eat lean, rarely drink, and take in around an average of 8 hours of sleep per day. At the moment I am trying to boost my metabolism by taking green tea supplements, eating smaller lean meals (i.e. ~6) consisting of vegetables, fruits, and lean meat.
Avatar f tn She was skinny, only had like a muscular type frame but no body, stringy hair that she dyed lighter but was brown, and was very unattractive looking. I would think she was the complete opposite of myself. I'm not sure what was going on there.
Avatar n tn My doctor told me that that is a COMMON time frame to put on extra weight. I guess the baby has a growth spurt then or something? I assumed it was because 19-23 weeks for me was between Thanksgiving and Christmas...everyone gains weight during that time!!! Have a great weekend everyone!
619345 tn?1310345021 Well I look Fat I am Fat but funny I don't feel Fat I think your new gadget is great does it wake you up too I haven't read your link yet but I am assuming it says I will lose weight on tx well I hope so but you know the saying once you have maintained a body weight for 3 or is it 5 years it becomes your normal body weight I like had a super physcadellic with my eyes wide open experience last night acid flashback stuff real cool spirits are alive in my house
Avatar n tn I came back and within 2 weeks put on 10% of my body weight! Since the weight gain, I have been on a strict low carb diet and exercise only to gain weight! I have been researching like crazy to see what happened. Recently, I searched stomach bacteria and stomach virus because I'm bloated and feel like it has to do with getting sick in Europe. I'm freaking out since I searched stomach virus and found a ton of articles on the "OBESITY VIRUS" which is also called AD-36 or H5N1.
Avatar m tn The unique and special combination that produces EXTREME MXL is specifically created to strengthen your body lose excess calories while building muscle tissue on your frame all as well. There's no other formula that exists which is livlier that EXTREME MXL. EXTREME MXL is often a proprietary combination of natural ingredients meant to increase your body testosterone levels and provide you more energy before your workout.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't stress too much - just let your body do what it's going to do and worry about weight issues after - not don't need anything else to worry about at the moment and also the doctors aren't always accurate with their estimations. None of them predicted that my babies were going to be 9 pounders, they said I'd be lucky to produce 7lb babies! Ha - talk about being way off!!!
Avatar n tn I also weight train 3 days a week. 1 days lower body and two days upper body. My body fat has increased and my pants size has increased. Why can't I lose the weight or at least the body fat? Does anyone have advice for me?
Avatar n tn I know you have done alot of exercise but I still have to ask. You body is not saggy from loosing all this weight in this little time? I wrote down all the carbs, fat, etc...that you were recommended to eat for breakfast for extra energy. I'm wondering if a Slim fast will work the same way for breakfast because I have always had a hard time eating breakfast?
1829603 tn?1379328434 I am 5'2 133 lbs with a large frame and people think I weigh less than I do because my frame makes me look smaller weight wise then I am. My little sister is 5'2 with a small frame and weighs the same as me but people think she weighs more because the weight is distributed differently. Physically we are both in our normal range according to BMI but our doctors only say that I am considered a healthy size. I also just had a baby in May and since have been building muscle.
Avatar f tn I would recommend speaking with your doctor about the ideal weigh for your body and frame. Always consult your doctor before starting a diet and or exercise program to help discover what is best for your body in particular. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn While 120lbs is still healthy for your age and frame size, you'll want to compare this to your pre-baby weight. Hormonal changes that happen during the pregnancy make it extremely difficult to achieve your pre-baby weight. As far as the speed of weight loss, 1-2lbs per week is a healthy rate of weight loss - especially for someone like you that isn't too far from "ideal body weight". There isn't anything magical about Insanity or other similar programs.
Avatar n tn Thank you for mentioning this. I'm not a overly large person in my opinion but every time I take the BMI it tells me I'm overweight. My family, friends and coworkers say I look fine for my height. I know I have a larger bone structure because I can't get bracelets to slide over my hands, I can't wear anklets and I can wear blazers unless I have them altered to fit after I buy them because my shoulders are wide.