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Avatar f tn Hi I have a massive period ache , therefore I took 1100 mg of ibuprofen . At first I had taken 500 mg tablet but it's been an hour and a half and it did not help , so I took an other tablet of ibuprofen of 600 mg . The pain is gone but I feel very tired , can I be harmed or die out of it ? Should I ask for help ? Or has anybody been familiar with it ? Please help me , I am a hypochondriac person and I also have OCD and use Prozac .
Avatar m tn The maximum dose is 3200mg a 24 hr period and you have trippled that. That is a dose that can be very harmful especially when you add alcohol to the mixture. I think you have liver poisoning from the 5600mg that you took along with the alcohol. You need to call your doctor immediately. Here is some stuff for you to consider. I am not a doctor but I can tell you that I am pretty certain that you did some damage to your liver.
Avatar m tn Always take anti inflammatory medications after food. For an adult maximum dose per day is till 3 gms again this depends on weight of the individual. Take care!
Avatar f tn what is the maximum dose of Ibeprofen for a 17 year old? A: 600mg" I am 17. Saturday my head hurt like a migraine, I was a little nauseated and pretty drowsy, I didn't give it to much thought because it's been happening lately and I have bad allergies. Sunday I felt fine. Last night my back started hurting more so around the kidneys and I was pretty nauseated. Told my dad, he said to drink some water and rest. I drank 6 glasses of water and the pain stopped. Today the pain is back.
365850 tn?1207700206 Ibuprofen is the only anti-inflammatory I know that is available in the country I live in Australia without a doctor's prescription so it must be fairly safe. The maximum recommended dose is 1200 mg (6 200 mg tablets) in one day and not to be taken more than 3 days in a row at this dosage but limits such as this would tend to err on the side of what is very safe for most people.
Avatar n tn I take these reconmendations from several hepatologist (liver only specialists) who only reconmend tylenol based products at no more than 2-3 gm per day (4-6 OTC dose). Every doctor varies a bit..but this is what I have come to know as the standard of care (even for the liver transplant crowd) 1. Tylenol at no greater than 2-3 grams per day and never mixed with any alcohol (which is a no-no anyhow). 2. Avoid NSAIDS.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if you could tell me if meloxicam would be better for pain relief compared to 800mg ibuprofen. Also does it take time for meloxicam to build up in my body for maximum benefit? If so, how long does it take? Thanks very much!
Avatar m tn Maximum for tylenol is 4 Gm or 4,000 Mg and the Maximum for ibuprofen is 3.2 Gm or 3200 Mg-this is within a 24 HOUR period. 2400 Mg or 1800 Mg/24 hours is the most commonly prescribed for ibuprofen. I have taken care of TWO patients in the past; one who had tylenol toxicity and the other one had ibuprofen toxicity. Both patients were going into liver failure in which was caught in time. Both thought is was ok to take more than the RECOMMENDED amount of medication. Please be careful.
Avatar m tn adults taking maximum doses of Tylenol for two weeks had abnormal liver test results in a small study,r esearchers found, raising concerns that even recommended amounts of the popular painkiller might lead to liver damage. In the study, 106 participants took four grams of Tylenol - equivalent to eight extra-strength Tylenol tablets - each day for two weeks. Some took Tylenol alone and some took it with an opioid painkiller. Dummy pills were given to 39 others.
Avatar f tn Maxalt as an abortive for migraine- I don't see any reason why (as far as drug interaction goes) you couldn't take it, though if you have a bad enough headache that you already took the maximum dose of ibuprofen, I believe you waited too long to think about taking the Maxalt.
Avatar f tn When I sit for more than 5 minutes the pain from my shoulder to my hand is sharp like when you hit your funny bone, only it's constant pain. Neurontin is not working at maximum dose, along with max dose of Ibuprofen. This sux. I sit down at work all day (I'm a secretary) so I have to adjust my keyboard and screen to allow me to work standing up.
Avatar m tn If you truly took 10,000 mg of ibuprofen, you need to go to the ER ASAP. This is about 9 times the maximum dose you should take without the supervision of a doctor and about 3 times the maximum dose you should take even with the supervision of a doctor.
Avatar f tn You can take ibuprofen over the counter. The recommended dose is 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours. Talk to your doctor though as mine has me take up to 4 tablets every 4 to 6 hours (the maximum and what takes it to prescription level). Absolutely makes cramps manageable for me. Ibuprofen comes in a variety of brands from store brand (cheapest and perfectly fine) to Advil to Motrin. There is another OTC medication called alleve that women take as well for cramps.
Avatar f tn I've had a headache non stop for 5 days now. I've been taking the maximum dose of ibuprofen that I can take each day and drinking loads of water yet nothing seems to work.
Avatar n tn what is the maximum daily dosage of ibuprofen? Is it similar to Acetamenophine in its' potential to damage your liver? Or does it do harm to some other organ? How does it compare to acetamenophine (i.e.- which is worse)?
Avatar m tn (AP) A Food and Drug Administration report released Wednesday recommends stronger warnings and dose limits on drugs containing the painkiller acetaminophen, citing an increased risk of liver injury. The recommendation covers both prescription doses and over-the-counter medication, of which Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol is the most well-known. Acetaminophen is also widely available as a generic over-the-counter drug.
Avatar m tn Over the counter ibuprofen (Advil) is 200 mg of ibuprofen per tablet. So, your dose of 2 tablets is 400 mg per dose, which is within the normal dosing range. Ibuprofen is best taken with food or milk to help minimize stomach irritation and always take it as directed, whether if it is prescription or over the counter. NyQuil has several cold and flu products. I am not sure which one you took.
Avatar n tn The maximum dosage of Ibuprofen is 2400 mg per day given in three equal dosages, but should be more of an acute dosing (2-3 weeks maximum).
460830 tn?1347222906 But I do take fish oil and flaxseed oil caps every day. I had not taken aspirin nor ibuprofen since posting this, but a few days ago I took a single dose of aspirin, for the first time since then. But I noticed yesterday I had the SAME bleeding, in the SAME PLACE! I wonder what's going on? Also, to ireneo: I also take Vitamin C every day... Anyeway, thanks to you all for your replies.
Avatar n tn Now I'musing ibuprofen, more tan the suggested maximum otc but still less than a prescription dose, and my pan is 90% gone. But I'm in my fourth day of withdrawal, with attacks of weeping and shaky hands so I can't do any precise handwork.
Avatar m tn Hi, Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). The maximum dose is 1.2 g daily and it is not recommended to take for more than 10 days for the treatment of pain. Paracetamol is safer to take but may not be as effective. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor about this for proper management. Your medical history is an important consideration. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn • *If you take both acetaminophen and ibuprofen in the same 24 hour period, do not take more than half the maximum daily dose listed above for each product.* • Increase your daily intake of fluids (nonalcoholic and non-caffeinated). We recommend 8–10 glasses (8 oz.) of water or other clear beverages each day. http://hepatitiscnewdrugs.blogspot.com/2010/12/hepatitis-c-anemia-and-other-side.
Avatar f tn I've got scoliosis in my mid to lower back, fibromyalgia, severe arthritis (especially in my back but also now in both hip joints making walking more than 2 blocks impossible. I take the maximum dose of ibuprofen every day, but now it's starting to affect my kidneys, so I've got to back off some. I take antidepressants from a psychiatrist, which don't work well with like the main drugs for fibromyalgia plus others.
Avatar n tn Please make sure you follow the over-the-counter dosing regimen and not to exceed the maximum daily dose of 4000 mg. Aspirin and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are best avoided during pregnancy. Using ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) in the first two trimesters have not been show to increase risk of birth defects, but it needs to be avoided in the third trimester. It is important for you to follow your OBGYN with regular check-up.
Avatar f tn (if they were extra strength tylenol, it would be 3,000 mg) Tylenol.com's recently reduced their daily maximum intake recommendation from 4,000 mg to 3,000 mg. 1,950 mg doesn't sound majorly worrisome as a one-time dose, but if medical advice is handy it's certainly worth a call.
Avatar m tn I have been taking maximum daily dosage of generic ibuprofen (3200 mg a day, usually 1600mg at a time). I also take 600mg etodolac, 400 in the am and 200 in the pm. I have been having kidney pain on both sides, and excessive sweating. Could this be from taking too much NSAID medication?
Avatar f tn I was on ibuprofen for years, (it worked almost as good as some of the heavy narcotics I needed for chronic pain. I never took more than the maximum recommended dose, but I took it for years...it worked so good. Well, about 3 years ago I got ischemic, (or ulcerative)colitis, and the only connection that they could ever find was the ibuprofen, (and I personally think it was), I can't remember how many years I took it before this happened, maybe 5-7...
Avatar f tn Dear Kate, Good news for you regarding the drug screen. The ibuprofen is predominantly metabolized in the kidneys (and partly in the liver). Lortab is really hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen and both components of the Lortab are metabolized in the liver. Acetaminophen = Tylenol. If your kidneys are already in a "stressed" state, I would not recommend taking more than the maximum recommended daily dose of ibuprofen.
Avatar m tn Since starting the Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement, she has not even done that once! My dog weighs 28lbs and the maximum dose for her is 500mg Glucosamine and 200mg Chondroitin. I give her one capsule with the 2 combined, with that dosage every day. If your dog weighs twice my dog's weight, you could give 2 capsules (1000mg Glucosamine and 400mg Chondroitin) It is perfectly safe to give dogs capsules of this supplement prepared for humans. In fact it is cheaper.
1644541 tn?1302995757 For a person with a healthy liver the maximum daily dose of acetaminophen is 4 g (4000 mg). Never take more than this amount in one day. NSAIDs are a well known cause of liver dysfunction. Aspirin is intrinsically toxic to the liver. NSAIDs are safe when used properly and as prescribed by doctors; however, patients with cirrhosis and advanced liver disease should avoid NSAIDs since they can worsen liver function and cause kidney failure in theses patients.