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Avatar m tn According to research institutes, Ibuprofen overdose damages your internal organs like liver. While in some cases it has been reported that it has result in a permanent liver damage, in other cases where the victim was taking the dose for a long and continued period it has resulted in organ failure one by one.
Avatar f tn The problem with ibuprofen or tylenol is that you can cause liver damage that doesn't manifest immediately. An amount like 10,000 is too much for the liver to absorb at one time, and there can be considerable damage that you don't realize at this time. I think you should go to a physician, relate what you have told us, and get appropriate testing. Also,maybe some therapy.....that's helpful usuallly to everyone. Keep me posted. Good luck and God bless.
1323278 tn?1298126088 Acetaminophen far below the toxic dose taken on a daily basis can lead to liver damage. While ibuprofen can upset the stomach, there is a second drug, Cytotec (Misoprostol) that can protect your stomache while taking NSAIDs There are also enteric coated NSAIDs that do not dissolve in the stomach but dissolve in the intestines. We should always let our doctors know all of the medication, including over the counter, herbal supplements, vitamins and other substances (Medical Marijuana?
1654058 tn?1407162666 Over-the-counter pain medications such as NSAIDs (aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, and other medications) can cause unpredictable liver toxicity and kidney damage. They also can cause life threatening gastrointestinal bleeding. Something a cirrhotic wants to avoid at all costs. Acetaminophen has predictable hepatotoxicity and affects the liver in a dose-dependent manner.
142841 tn?1201978652 All my previous hepatologists have steered me towards ibuprofen, because of the liver toxicity risk associated with acetaminophen. However, my doc has told me to definitely switch now to acetaminophen. My recent biopsy shows advancing liver disease due to hep c, I'm now stage3/grade3. My doc says that as liver disease advances, the risk to the kidneys from ibuprofen exceeds that to the liver from acetaminophen.
Avatar f tn do you think i have done serious damage to my liver and kidneys? is it normal that hospitals dont tell you what they did for you or what my test results were?? help??
Avatar n tn The hydrocodone has acetiminophine in it and I'm worried I am destroying my kidneys. Could that be possible. I don't have any side effect symptoms, but it bothers me. The ibuprofen actually seems to give me a minutes of releif once it kicks in. Also, could the inability to empty my bladder be part of te nerve damage? I also wanted to tell you that I appreciate this site. I spend more time here than any where else. I just wish someone could take away my pain.
Avatar m tn I am scared right now because of course the nurse gave me the results on the phone, but was not sure what Grade 3 means, as far as my liver damage. I am also in stage 4 of Hep C. The Dr wants to do 2 more blood draws for something else and then see me asap following the lab. So here I am sitting here wondering and waiting, while I have no clue what these diagnoses mean? I see from all of the searches I have done that stage 5 is basically the END stages and also mean cirrhosis.
Avatar n tn One that size will not cause symptoms and they certainly wouldn't want to take it out. If your liver enzymes are normal, and I would ask to have it done if only for peace of mind, then just forget about it! PS I am an RN.
Avatar m tn They cause salt and water retention. They can cause kidney damage. NSAIDs will make your symptoms of liver disease worse.
534785 tn?1329595808 This is more for my records, but if anyone has any thoughts on any of it...do share.
Avatar n tn Vicoprofen is the same as hydrocodone but with ibuprofen instead of acetaminaphin-less harsh and your liver. Please be very careful about pain meds though. My dad has HCV and was unable to do tx due to side effects. He has terrible pain in his back due to a slipped disc and his doctor prescribed him hydrocodone. He was taking one every 4 hours and was admittted to the hospital last week b/c his liver was so inflammed and hurting. He is now on vicoprofen.
Avatar f tn Or can it cause damage? Also, if I was causing damage what are the symptoms? Is jaundice the first symptom or could it cause liver pain? How can you tell the difference between liver pain and heartburn? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hello, I've been getting acupuncture to treat my lower back pain. At my last treatment the doctor placed a needles at several locations on my legs and back. The needle behind my right knee caused pain upon insertion and a lot of pain when he manipulated it. He took the needle out and replaced it and it appeared to be fine. Also the needle in my right ankle caused discomfort.
Avatar n tn My doc and case nurse are firm about avoiding ibuprofen, but they say that even a damaged liver can metabolize 3 grams/per day acetaminophen. They limit the dose to 2 grams, however, for those us in the program. I take it for bone pain from Neupogen and for the slight leg cramps from the INF.
979080 tn?1323437239 To treat costochondritis you take anti inflammatories like ibuprofen but because ofmy liver I do not want take ibuprofen. Is there any way to clearly identify if these symptoms stem from my liver ? It is not enlarged according to last ultrsaound and LFTs are in normal range.
Avatar n tn Right now you have a middle stage of Cirrhosis, meaning the damage to your liver is irreversible, and you are having serious symptoms of Cirrhosis, which could become life threatening at some point in the future (near or far). Varices can bleed out, and people can die.
Avatar n tn Hepititus is unlikely, I'm told, and was also told the possibility of maybe some liver damage from the chemo. However, my liver enzyme count has nothing to compare to, since it was last checked when I was given chemo more than 2 years ago, and that was high then, but not as high as it is now, I guess. I am told that more than likely since I am so active that my body is constantly repairing itself, making the liver more active in response.
686869 tn?1227203535 Overuse of some common drugs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen can also cause chronic kidney damage. Investigation Methods of Measurement for CKD Stages of Kidney Failure Chronic kidney failure is measured in five stages, which are calculated using a patient’s GFR, or glomerular filtration rate. Stage 1 CKD is mildly diminished renal function, with few overt symptoms.
Avatar m tn your liver values, no matter what portion of your liver values might or should be affected by Tylenol, if there is anything abnormal about it at ALL, just to be on the safe side I would avoid anything that could have a negative effect on the liver. Sometimes the liver will regenerate itself and any previous damage is repaired, other times it won't. It's not worth taking the chance.
Avatar f tn Woke up one morning with chest pains in August 2007, Went to get an examine, x-rays, EKG, blood work and boom found out platelets were at 92 and was told to see a cardiologist so I went , was told me that I should admit myself into the ER with chest pains to get into the system, off I went next thing I knew I was admitted and test after test and boom found out I have GERD and an ulcer, in addition, looks like cirrhosis not Hep A or B or C straight up cirrhosis - I was floored - GI keep insisti
Avatar m tn Did you damage your liver? I barley slept a wink think about my elevate liver test. So fired up now.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms sound liver related to me. Do you drink alcohol? If so, I'd stop all alcohol and have a liver panel done. Be careful of what mediations you take, be careful of OTC drugs too and avoid taking any if possible until you find out what is going on. Liver issues are very quiet and usually do not cause symptoms at all until the damage has progressed to some degree and they can be very hard to diagnose in some patients.
Avatar n tn I have also been having high anxiety and panic attacks for about 4 months but I am not sure if this would even be related. My dr has prescribed Ibuprofen which helps, but not entirely. My dr seems to think it is muscle related but I don't feel as comfortable with that because the pain does not feel like anything I have ever experienced before. I do have a CT scan scheduled in 2 days, but I would just like to get another opinion on what it may be.
Avatar m tn I can only comment on your hepatitis C and liver disease. Most of the symptoms you mention are NOT symptoms from your liver disease. So you need good doctors to manage all of your health issues. Neuropathy (nerve damage), bipolar illness (mental illness-physiatrists) (joint pains and swelling (arthritis), cryoglobenemia (enlargement of the spleen, skin vasculitis with purplish patches, and nerve, kidney and heart disease).
Avatar n tn list_uids=15654780 damn these researchers, for not breaking down results by liver damage! if they did, we would not have to put up with these non believers! How dare you feel ill with only stage one! I see insults coming....dodge!
Avatar n tn Also long term regular use under these amounts is now found to cause some liver damage so if you take it everyday even in small amounts you are at risk. I know that my liver enzymes get elevated when I am taking pain meds with tylenol because I have had them checked when I have been worried.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy and have had symptoms of burning in my feet for 3 years and my lower legs for 2 years. I also have severe joint pain and would like to know if neuropathy can cause joint pain too. Also I am experiencing what feels like bad muscle aches in the thighs - could this be the neuropathy spreading and how do I know if this is the case? One other question can neuropathy come in conjuction with other things such as fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn If you had "just some scarring and platelets were 40,000", then it sounds like early cirrhosis, because of how low your platelets were. People with cirrhosis have worse side effects, during this Treatment, often times.