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3122657 tn?1357436202 Hi all so far 3 months into treatment i was pretty much sailing through it but not by body is hurting my back my legs just everything i ran out of Acetaminophen and want to know if anyone here knows if i can take Ibuprofen for the aches i am undetectable at week 4 no liver damage if someone could help me out with this Thanks Much love Karen
Avatar f tn I'm a male aged 39. I took a series of ibuprofen and paracetamol overdoses about 8 months ago, whereby I tool a large amount of pills. During the course of several weeks, I took about 10-15 grams of ibuprofen and some additional Paracetamol each time. I cannot remember how much Paracetamol I took. This happened at least 8 times, and although my symptoms at the time were minimal, I suffered with headaches, back ache, stomach ache and some nausea.
Avatar m tn I have to go to bathroom at least 3 times every night. I find that when I take 2 generic Ibuprofen tablets totaling 400mgs I can sleep from about 11pm to 5am without having to get up to relieve myself. My urologist can't explain it. Is it safe for me to take this dosage every night without fear of liver or kidney damage? No guessing please! Only a qualified physician answer this. Thank you...
Avatar n tn this product does not contain complete directions or warnings for adult use" well basically i have the worst cramps i've ever had in my life, and i was trying to find the adult warnings for it online but i couldn't...and i just HAD to take some. i drank a full glass of water with them but it feels like my esophogas & stomach are irritated...i'm worried the effects may be worse for adults or something??
Avatar f tn This allows my liver to clear the medication easier, I also make sure to keep my body well hydrated too and drink plenty of water because dehaydration in itself can cause a lot of health issues including headaches, body pains, cloudy thinking, kidney and liver problems, on and on, so far so good , my health is excellent and truth is having hepatitis C forced me to be more aware of how I take care of myself and before I had hepatitis I was very overweight, smoked and didnt really pay too much at
1654058 tn?1407162666 With low platelets from tx and a compromised liver and kidney system, any of the NSAIDs are contra-indicated for you (includes Motrin, Advil, Aleve). Tylenol is not to be taken indiscriminately either, though. With cirrhosis, no more than 2000 mg per day max (that means no more than 4 Extra Strength Tylenol in any 24 hour period).
Avatar n tn I contacted hepatitis B in1986 in Mexico. At that time I was hospitalised for 10 days and released in good health. Now after 12 years on Norco (degenerative disk desease and associated moderate to severe pain) which is 10mg hudrocodone and 375mg acetaminophen (tylenol) I have for the past several years been experiencing flu like symtoms much like the symtoms I had being hospitalized for Hep B sans the yellow eyes. Over a year ago I consulted a Chinese herbalist who put me on a liver detox.
Avatar f tn I am a type 1 diabetic and take 800 mg ibuprofen to get through my horribly painful period and cramps. As long as you do not take over 800mg in a 4-6 hour period, you are fine. Anything you take will affect your body. That's why they are called "drugs.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have had Acid Reflex for years and am on a daily dose of Prevacid. I recently had colon surgery and had to go on pain meds. I have to watch Ibrufroin ( sp?) as if I take more than a couple of days, I also get nauseated. I think it is because of the acid in the stomach and the drug is hard on the stomach. What I do is try to only take one and only with a large meal. Even then, after a few days, I will have to take a break or I will develop nausea for a couple of days.
142841 tn?1201978652 All my previous hepatologists have steered me towards ibuprofen, because of the liver toxicity risk associated with acetaminophen. However, my doc has told me to definitely switch now to acetaminophen. My recent biopsy shows advancing liver disease due to hep c, I'm now stage3/grade3. My doc says that as liver disease advances, the risk to the kidneys from ibuprofen exceeds that to the liver from acetaminophen.
Avatar f tn Anyway,I would see a family practise doctor and find out how your blood chemistries are and a complete blood count and see if they want to do any further studies on you. Don't worry about what the doctor or anyone else thinks. That is what a doctor is supposed to do help you. It takes time for any drug to clear your system and a large dose of a drug for the kidneys and liver to filter out all the Ibupropin. If you feel down maybe get a referral to a conselor to have someone there.
2121656 tn?1395678349 I feel like I'm falling apart, the unknown is the worse. Anyhow, I just had a ultrasound done on my liver, pancreas, aorta and right kidney due to high liver enzymes. I had a attack about 4 yrs. ago with pain under my left breast that radiated around my left side in my back and shoulder area. Never did find out why. However, since that attack, I've to take beano before eating veggies and gas-x at times, or I've a discomfort. Unfortunately, I never did receive a diagnose as to what happened.
Avatar n tn Chances are you're just fine but for your peace of mind get an appt with your doctor and ask to have lab work to measure your kidney and liver function. Usually, staying well hydrated and eating properly will keep your organs in good condition. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Has anyone noticed any difference in blood sugar numbers while regularly taking Ibuprofen, or other NSAIDS? I've had some health anxiety, and stopped taking ibuprofen in fear of kidney issues. But I notice my post dinner readings have been worse. I was only taking about 600mg before bed daily. Would that still effect blood sugar by dinner time the next day? Glad I'm off the pills. Just scared will affect BS control. I'm just trying to figure out if it's just my anxiety I've had lately.
1326572 tn?1275504511 I have early RA, just got the latest blood work back. My liver and blood count look great but my doc said my kidney function is slightly off. The creatinine is high at 1.09 and the GFR is low at 54. I was occasionally taking ibuprofen but have stopped completely now. I'm also on mtx, folic acid, norco for pain and also xanax. The doc said she wasn't too worried but she wants to watch it. I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same sort of thing.
Business man2 The ibuprofen seems to adequately control my knee pain. MY 3 QUESTIONS ARE ... 1) At my age 69.5 and a daily dosage of 4 ibuprofen OR 3 naproxen, do I have to worry about kidney disease resulting from a "total lifetime dose" of ibuprofen/naproxen ?? 2) At recommended dosage and over a lifetime, does acetaminaphen have less potential to harm me than either ibuprofen or napproxen? 3) Is there a "total lifetime dose" concern for acetaminaphen?
689265 tn?1251133687 He hit the roof!!! He said ibuprofen is proven to cause kidney damage and should NOT be made for children at all, he's on quite a mission to ban it. Just thought i'd let you guys know. fortunately, i'd only given my lad 2.5ml dose twice and then switched to calpol ( children's paracetemol ) as it wasn't working. Dr. said that wasn't a worry but has told me to throw the calprofen away and use calpol only from now on.
Avatar n tn In addition, in these patients with advanced cirrhosis, NSAIDS, including Motrin, can worsen or even precipitate hepatorenal syndrome (a serious condition with both liver and kidney failure) and possibly induce intestinal bleeding.
Avatar f tn Do not take NSAID, ibuprofen, aleve, advil, naproxen, aspirin under ANY circumstances with a GFR of 26. Also check with the pharmacy before you take anything Over the Counter. Because, for example, Aierus the allergy med, should only be taken every second day.You also shouldn't be taking any tums (antacids of that nature in general) because of the magnesium. I could be wrong, but I do believe you can take codeine. I think in the US it is prescription only so you'll have to ask for it.
Avatar n tn Vicoprofen is the same as hydrocodone but with ibuprofen instead of acetaminaphin-less harsh and your liver. Please be very careful about pain meds though. My dad has HCV and was unable to do tx due to side effects. He has terrible pain in his back due to a slipped disc and his doctor prescribed him hydrocodone. He was taking one every 4 hours and was admittted to the hospital last week b/c his liver was so inflammed and hurting. He is now on vicoprofen.
Avatar n tn Pretty sure oxycontin is just time relese Oxycodone with nothing else added. We know that acetomenophrin and ibuprofen are not good for the liver. I have never read that Oxycodone is bad for the liver but it like all opioids is a poision.
Avatar n tn Soaper, I did a quick look-up on Fosamax. I didn't see liver problems mentioned (maybe someone else here can find some additional info for you). I'll paste here what I did find on Fosamax: *************************************************************** The following came from Medscape: http://promini.medscape.com/drugdb/drug_patient_handout.asp?
Avatar m tn My average intake has gone from 6 to 8 to 10 Norco 10/325's a day. I was always watchful of the acetiminophen because of my liver and my liver tests are all normal. However, can the Hydrocodone be causing the kidney problems my levels are indicating? I do not take Norco every day. However, the breaks in between have got smaller. I am prescribed the Norco 10/325 basically by two Doctors for as I said legitimate reasons.
Avatar n tn At the end of the week he went to see his doctor and she tested him for diabetes, white blood cell count and tested his liver counts. Liver was higher than normal. All other tests were normal. It is now a week and a half later and he had another liver test where it showed that it is continuing to climb. He had a sonigram and it came back with no abnormalities. Now his fever is a lowgrade one and he is feeling very fatigued and can only work 3 - 4 hours a day.
Avatar m tn Other things that could be causing your liver enzymes to go wacky are medications that you're taking, foods you're eating, or alcohol you're consuming. Even certain herbs and vitamins can affect your liver function. And of course WAY down the list is liver cancer--common throughout the world, but not as common in the U.S. (though rates are rising). Honestly, I've never heard of such dramatic swings in liver function, though.
86664 tn?1291561395 A "real live educated doctor" told you the only nsaid you could take was Ibuprofen because the others "eat your liver like pac man?" And they also "kill your heart"? And therefore only opiate laced Tylenol is what's required for long term pain relief associated with IFN/riba side effects?? Tell me sambone, was this doctor from Earth or was he a specialist in Martian physiology? That matters, you know?
Avatar n tn My husband already had a CT scan, ultrasound and blood work. CT scan found 2 in the liver (both under 3cm) and 1 cysts in the kidney, tests are negative for any hepatitis, however, he is feeling very weak (past 4 weeks), loss appetite (loss 5 lbs in 2 weeks), low grade fever. One of the doctors prescribed antibiotics (took it for 2 weeks), he's not getting better and now they are recommending him to wait and see but we find this recommendation to be unsatisfactory.
Avatar n tn Other less common causes include a condition called papillary necrosis and AV malformations ( a connection between the artery and vein of the kidney). Papillary necrosis leads to bleeding by sloughing off the lining of the kidney. There are a variety of causes including sickle cell anemia, diabetes and medications such as pain pills ( aspirin, naprosyn, and ibuprofen). AV malformations most commonly occur as result of renal biopsy procedures although they can arise by themselves.
Avatar n tn I have seen more problems with ibuprofen( in adults) kidney damage than I have heard of liver problems from Tylenol. I would cut back though. Only when she is extremely fussy, not as a routine.