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Avatar f tn I would be very interested to hear what diabetes specialists have to say on this because prior to this many doctors (fully aware of the type 1 diabetes) recommended daily ibuprofen for various problems such as back pain. Who's right? Would appreciate hearing from anyone who actually had a problem caused by ibuprofen, links to reliable sources of information on the topic, or opinions from professionals.
Avatar n tn I have never had pre-menstrual pain. It usually lasts for the first 48 hours, when the flow is heaviest. I went to the gynecologist at 16 and got a physical examination done. Everything is in the right place, and I show no signs of ovarian cysts. The doctor's first instinct was endometriosis, but the only sure way to diagnose it is through exploratory surgery which I do not want to put myself through.
Avatar n tn I'm scared of pain but don't want an epidural. I noticed that in general Ibuprofen works very well for me. Is it safe to take Ibuprofen (400mg) orally during contractions and delivery (I've never heard of such a thing, but perhaps it would be possible, to at least dull the pain)?
Avatar f tn Thought I would check and see if anyone out there has ever heard of this, or experienced this. My daughter has had her cycle for over a year now. We do have a history of painful menstrual cycles in our family, so we are use to the normal cramps etc. However once in October, and then again today, my daughter has had 2 very odd episodes. She awakes from her sleep in pain. Has extreme pain just above the pubic bone, excruciating pain. She ends up rolling around on the floor in pain.
Avatar f tn If the medication that was prescribed to you by the Doctor was helping with your menstrual pain and OTC pain relievers were not sufficient I would recommend staying on the hormonal contraceptive agent. You should discuss different treatment options with your Doctor who may consider symptomatic treatment with pain relievers and other medications to manage this issue.
Avatar f tn During my period, i get even worse cramps. And i still have bad cramps a couple days after my period. i can't stand the pain. i take ibuprofen a lot during my period, but lately it doesn't seem like it's working. is there anything i can do so i won't have this bad of cramps?
Avatar f tn No doubt tylenol is hard on the liver, but because my liver enzymes were not elevated my hepatologist said that in small amounts is safe and was effective to help with the flu like symptoms. Also my hepatologist approved me taking ibuprofen for menstrual cramps, again at a lower dose which was spread out to decrease the load on my liver 200mg every 8 hours as needed.
Avatar f tn I cut out all the chemicals, lotions, shampoos, soap etc but that did nothing. I take ibuprofen with codeine every 5 hrs for over a week, it's that bad. I'm now going to try the tripans and if that doesn't work I also have a script for Pizotifen (trade names Pizotyline, Sandomigran). Bring on the menopause!!!
1582332 tn?1296928465 I have had painful periods since they started. I would take ibuprofen for the cramps until it started geting so bad I would throw up the ibuprofen. I switched to tylenol and if I dont get it in me when I first start, I feel sicker, my bowels evacuate and and I get extreamly nauseas. Absolutly miserable wake you from your sleep periods every month. My breasts will enlarge a whole size and a few months later, return to their normal 34 D.
Avatar f tn I have had abnormal bleeding for years, since high school. I bled for about four years straight every single day in high school. I would soak my gym shorts whenever I did strenuous excercises. Now, I have low back pain. If I do something that causes my back to really start aching, I will start having pre menstrual cramps then full on bleeding with severe gas pain & bloating. I would have to take over 24000 ibuprofen tablets (200mg) in one day to get through & to slow down the bleeding.
Avatar f tn I experience abdominal pain and leg pain during my menstrual periods... I'm wooried don't know what to do? Is it a major problem? should i've to see a Doctor? I want to become pregnant...Plz reply...
2055843 tn?1332431515 - nausea - vomiting (inability to eat or drink) - dizziness - intense pain and aching in limbs - can't walk or exercise Basically, I lie inert for 2 days, using a heat pack to keep the pain down. I know the pain is normal, but... aren't there pills for it? Ibuprofen? Is it normal to vomit and be too weak to walk? Help is appreciated.
1729448 tn?1342098337 I usually don't get cramps but today my period is starting and I'm having back pain. I've had the pain a couple days but I spaced it on my period i forgot it might be that causing it. Like I said, it's unusual for me. I have a heating pad on my back and I'm laying down and i took 2 prescription strength ibuprofen (my mom was taking them and then stopped when she had hip replacement surgery). Any other advice? It just snowed so I had to shovel today...
Avatar f tn Thought I would check and see if anyone out there has ever heard of this, or experienced this. My daughter has had her cycle for over a year now. We do have a history of painful menstrual cycles in our family, so we are use to the normal cramps etc. However once in October, and then again today, my daughter has had 2 very odd episodes. She awakes from her sleep in pain. Has extreme pain just above the pubic bone, excruciating pain. She ends up rolling around on the floor in pain.
Avatar f tn I have the same kind of symptoms -- headaches, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and yes -- pain, pain, pain for quite a few days, the first and second days are the hardest. I am 24 and after years of suffering, I was on the pill as well and pain killers? pssh, they don't do a thing. I finally went to my doctor about it and he sent me to get a pelvic ultra sound and they found a fibroid. They told me that is why I had so much pain and other issues.
1577200 tn?1331729319 It all depends on your pain tolerance. BH don't compare to them either. The worse part for me was having a contraction and having the monitors on your belly the baby hated it and during a contraction I just wanted to rip it off.
1395422 tn?1308019851 Women suffering the most extreme menstrual cramps are sometimes forced to change their regular routine for a few days. In primary dysmenorrhea, there is no underlying physical condition causing the pain. Secondary dysmenorrhea involves another physical condition, usually gynecological (related to a woman’s reproductive system).
228463 tn?1216765121 I tried a Medrol dose pack last month and it did help by day 4 or so but don't want to ask for that again. I have also tried ibuprofen with no relief. Any comments or similarities please speak up! Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn Most people think this will make them bleed more when in reality the opposite is true--it should slow down the bleeding and also help with the pain. If the ibuprofen is not helping then back to plan A--go to emergency! Good luck!
Avatar f tn hi this is sweta, i would like to explain u the case of my aunt who needs your help she is of age 40 now and generally her cycle date is 20 and this month on 7th little bleeding started with brown colour drops and on 16th heavy bleeding took place ,6 napkins same day and generally she suffers from heavy pain of both longs and this time quite more pain kindly let us know 1)what the problem is 2)what care should be taken for her 3)is it anythi
Avatar n tn I can handle medicine alright but it just does not seem to work. I have tried everything over the counter for pain and nothing works. I was on bc for a few years but that did not work as well. Sorry if you find an answer let me know until then I feel for you. And understand completely!
Avatar n tn I had surgery on March 9 to remove a grapefruit size dermoid cyst from my left ovary. It was so large, they had to take my left ovary also. I am having my first menstrual cycle since the surgery. I have been having cramps so severe that my husband wanted to take me to the e.r. My dr called in some pain med's and wants to see me tomorrow. I'm wondering if the severe cramps are typical since I have not had a period since February??
605458 tn?1265086851 rectal spasms with menstrual cramps, ibuprofen and tylenol
Avatar f tn All I do for the pain is 3 Advil every 6 hours. It seems though, that one month it's not so bad and the next it's severe and back again. The Therma Care heat wraps do help on the severe months. I've given up trying to get rid of the endo after all these years, it always comes back again.
Avatar n tn My ablation was unsuccessful and now to make matters worse, I have severe menstrual cramping. I take ibprofen every few hours and it does nothing to relieve the pain. I am sick and tired of being miserable every month. Do you know why my cramping is even more severe now and do you have any suggestions to relieve them? Could it be a hormonal thing?
Avatar n tn Another thing that is great for menstrual migraines because it will also help with menstrual cramps is taking a supplement called Magnesium. Check with your doctor first about adding any supplement to your daily routine. But, for headaches the recommended dose that has been shown effective in clinical trials is 400mg of magnesium a day.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Tylenol is what is recommended for pain and discomfort including cramps. Mayo Clinic suggests no more then 2,000 mg per day if you have liver disease which includes people with Hepatitis C. Tylenol is a better choice then pills containing ibuprofen such as Advil or Motrin. The only concern with Tylenol is that you do not want to have any form of alcohol in combination with this drug. As always with any pain meds, the less the better. ....Kim .
Avatar f tn Is there an OTC pain reliever that I can use for my menstrual cramps while I am experiencing ulcer-like symptoms? If not, what are the best alternatives? The first 2 days are always just awful, and before I usually took 6 advil gelcaps throughout the day for the first 2 days. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I've had super uncomfortable menstrual cramps in my life as well as a cyst on my ovary that eventually passed (very painful). I did just weather through with ibuprofen. It does work well for me for relieving pain and discomfort. But if you are concerned or if the pain is super bad, then it might be wise to check in with your doctor.