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Avatar f tn I have been on topo for a year and a half but i do get extremely tired for a 19 year old. Also during the begining of taking topo i had speech problems like could not find the right word or the word was on the tip of my tongue and just did not know it. Know these words were common words that was the hard part. People thinking that you do not have any vocabulary at all.
1796826 tn?1503243419 I was on lortab for 4 years for a back injury I went CT the first time I quit and was clean for a year( the happiest year)... Then boom. I have since tried a few more times to quit and our addict brain will always find some excuse to wait. Well today is day 5 for me and I feel much better. I am determined as ever because like your own lifestyle I have a lot to loose. I was miserable these past few months while taking the pills because I hated every minute of it.
Avatar n tn I want to applogizeto you all for my quick exit, my 13 year old wanted a kiss goodnite she has a bad cold and wantes mom, It's nice to be needed. Schlub---I am also on Bupernex, my 1st time, day 6, I plan on another 5-10 xxperience with this med? I don't want another adiction problem for Bup. It has Opiates in it also. so far, like you I feel great! Let me know if you have any advice.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Welcome to Part 12! We're so happy to see you! Come on in and get comfy.
Avatar n tn I had the old coot put away in a Nearby Nursing Home for Know it Alls. He won't be back for a while. How do I feel about Possum? About the same way I feel about scabies, prickly heat, leaky colostomy bags, Injun underwear and Circus Peanuts, that's how I feel. I'd rather go back into withdrawal than to characterize ANYTHING but the sacred pork as BBQ.
Avatar m tn 240 10/325 this lasted for a year or year and half and that wonderfull DR added 15mg morhine to the mix, by the 7 year point I had a monthly prescriptions for. 240/325 norco 120mg ER morphine a day, 2-60s and 40mg of oxys. Now I don't blame the Dr. I of course learned every lie in the book why I need more, more, more, this mess lasted for a year. I never missed a day in 8 years. Then I went to jail for 4 days. I got a DUI (valiums) I freaked ******* out.
Avatar n tn Newby here......I've kicked down from the 100 fentenal patch to the 25mg patch. BUT, I'm still taking my 7.5 perks, (about 6/7 per day and about 1/2 dozen "libbies" 25mg (librium.) I DO have a history of two neck operations after a work-related accident and now my lower back is shot to Hell. I've been on this veritable roller-coaster since '96 and CERTAINLY in the Spiritual "grey-zone.
Avatar f tn I now use Lidoderm patches and Voltaren Gel to help. The Voltaren is a anti-inflammatory and I even got my 77 year old mother to ask her doctor for it. She LOVES the gel...she has RA bad and in the cold winter she used to be barely able to move. Now she rubs in the gel and gets some relief.
320944 tn?1245970199 I am already stressed enough. I aIso have a 12 year old son who relies on me One more thing gas is up to $3.00 per gallon for regular unleaded, and only expected to get higher..
1548028 tn?1324616046 He takes Neurotin 300mg/3x daily and Ditropan every day for his bladder, ibuprofen for his bad headaches. It is amazing how much I love to see him smile. I know this is long but thank you for letting me say what has happened and how I feel. This was theraputic.
Avatar n tn It is also marketed under the name Darvocet, and as narcotics go, it's really not much stronger than ibuprofen for pain relief. Valium and clonazepam are both benzodiazepines, which are no different from opioids when it comes to being addictive.
Avatar f tn - OTC Motrin (just plain old ibuprofen) for my aches and pains - A whole food supplement for Adrenal fatigue - A whole food B-complex supplement - A folic acid/B-12 supplement - A whole food supplement for ovarian function/health - Apple cider vinegar/chia seed drink that I mix up and take 2 times daily And here's the controversial one, Kratom, that I'm sure some of you may disagree with, but I started using it just over a month ago, and with charting my use of it....
Avatar n tn I don't have any other sinus pressure or drainage. I'm going out of town until New Year Day, what can I do for it while I'm gone?
Avatar n tn And since then I have only increased the dosage. For the past 4 -5 yrs I've been taking 8-10 tablets daily. I get headaches coming up from my neck to the back of my head. If I don't take the pills every 4 hrs I get severe withrawal symptons. I get very restless, nervous, watey eyes and I feel really really bad. As soon as I take the tablets I feel immensely relieved. The problem now is that most of the time I'm not even sure if I even have the neck/head pain.
Avatar f tn I hope the goals that you have for this year are obtained as well. Keep working with your physician and you both will come to the optimal solution for your pain. Please keep me posted.
1474625 tn?1371100679 I had been addicted to pain meds for about two years then switched to suboxone(not legally) for a year and a half. I thought I was doing good for myself because I wasn't taking oxy anymore but I was just as addicted on suboxone. Anyway I've been off it for four months but have taken a few pain pills here and there when the withdrawals got too bad. I've heard countless times that opiate withdrawal is more painful but suboxone withdrawal lasts a whole lot longer.
Avatar f tn Hi Janee56 - I've also been on Sovaldi and Riba for 3 weeks for GT 2 (12 week regime). RBC was a little below range at first blood draw. Sometimes it feels like I am moving in slo mo - but if SVR is established it will all be worth it !
Avatar f tn I think it's hard to go by what other people take. We're all different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. It's a shame your pain management doctor didn't call you back. GIven that it's a long weekend, he really should have. That's one of my pet peeves! I want a doctor who is responsive if I call. I feel like I don't call all the time and if I do, it's because I'm having a bad flare-up.
Avatar n tn In a few weeks it will be one year straight that I've been using the above dosage. For reasons I will not get into, I can't go into Medical Detox. My husband knows everything and holds my medication - he absolutely will not allow me to take more that 6 most days - sometimes 8. He told me if I was ready to taper them down, he will help me do it.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 59 year old women in the UK who has suffered this unbearable itching on both arms (alternately) for about 10 years.it has worsened with each attack and I have currently had it for about 7 weeks..all day..every day. My doctor told me about 3 years ago that it was Hives,so I have been taking anti histamines,these have gradually helped me less and less..I have only just discovered this site and am amazed to discover that my symptons are BRP and not Hives!
Avatar m tn • Floaters heaps and big • Complex basilar artery migraine - visual and neurological symptoms only • Happening for almost twenty years now - no real improvement or medical diagnosis Some relief with Dilantin for migraine 100 mg - had to stop after 12 years as was causing rapid heart beat and Dilantin causes increased urination freq. With other male problems this was becoming an issue but it did work on many of the problems – not all.
Avatar m tn After the first 12 weeks, it appears the Vertex was dropped and folks continued for another 12 weeks on Peg and Riba alone. I'm curious how long they will keep treating this particular group but wouldn't be surprised if they go a full traditional course as somewhat cryptic study desgin says suggests this phase II study was not intended to evaluate SVR, without clearly stating what it was intended to evaluate.
Avatar n tn these were diagnosed by pediatric neurologist and child was put on elavil (amitriptyline) for migraine prevention, and all caffeine was removed from diet. Dosage started at 25 mg...increased to 50 mg, then increased again to 75 mg of the elavil. She still sees neurologist twice a year...who basically always says to keep everything the same.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old started having migraines at age 12...these were diagnosed by pediatric neurologist and child was put on elavil (amitriptyline) for migraine prevention, and all caffeine was removed from diet. Dosage started at 25 mg...increased to 50 mg, then increased again to 75 mg of the elavil. She still sees neurologist twice a year...who basically always says to keep everything the same.
544292 tn?1268886268 Morning Buddies, Tramadol Warriors new & old! Welcome and we are delighted to see you! Please make yourself at home.
Avatar m tn I am about to emabark on a detox I have planned for about a year now. I have been on suboxone now for almost three years and I am finally paying heed to the downside. First, on the good side. Suboxone has helped me to stabilize my life along with AA and therapy.
284078 tn?1282620298 This patient was a 65 year-old man on only 25 mg of Topamax a day for headaches. It took us over 8 hours just to get the eye pressure under 50 (which is still about 3 times normal.) He was rapidly losing vision from an attack of acute angle closure glaucoma IN BOTH EYES. That is one of the most significant things that people don't always realize.
284078 tn?1282620298 This time about a woman on Topamax for 7 days who seemed to have lost almost all her vision 12 hours after increasing her dose per her doctor's instructions. Some quick thinking sparked me to ask if she could see up close and lo and behold while she was blind as a bat in the distance, she could see the tiniest print about 6 inches in front of her nose. She had developed an acute myopic shift from a choroidal effusion which pushed the lens/iris diaphram forward.
364326 tn?1222663473 good luck and i'll keep you in my prayers. JDRMinSD 12/17/07 It's mostly been the Norcos for me, the ultrams were a recent addition and to be honest, I didn't notice much from them....so they felt "safe" but again, I know enough to know better. Then there was the intermittant Fiorinal with Codeine which also sucked (but not at the time). So it's probably been at least a year, maybe longer. I had a REALLY crappy 2007, so it probably started during all that....
544292 tn?1268886268 Don - Scotland I start taking Tramadol in 1997 for fractures in my lower back and was on it for 2 years. At the time the doctor said it was not addictive. It slowly stopped working and the doctor kept trying me on other painkillers, but every time I came off Tramadol and started taking other drugs I would get ill with flu-like symptoms, my bones would ache, I was nauseous and my head would feel it was going to explode.