Ibuprofen and stomach bleeding

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Avatar m tn whenever i take even one 550mg (naproxen) ibuprofen and then drink, my stomach gets tender and bloated and i feel bad. i usually take a maalox or something like that, yet i never throw up from it so i don't know if that's applicable for you. i think it is due to the ibuprofen, but if you're not used to eating spicy foods then it could have disagreed with you, not necessarily meaning food poisoning. you should never drink and take NSAIDs at the same time.
Avatar f tn The problem with NSAIDs like Advil is the risk of GI bleeding, it is extremely hard on the stomach and digestive tract. Any pain med will make you tired and drowsy - heck I can take one extra strength Advil and I'm out cold for 8 hours so I'm surprised you are only fatigued with the dose you took. Just realized you posted this is 7 hours ago, any risk is probably over and I hope you are feeling better but I would still call your doc and let them know.
3122657 tn?1357436202 I was told not to take it. something to do with internal bleeding. try doing a search here and I'm sure you will find some threads about the subject. I was also not to exceed 2000mg per day. I don't even take half that amount.
Avatar n tn You were taking a high dose of Ibuprophen for a long time and it can cause internal bleeding and holes in the intestine and/or stomach. Normally you will vomit from the blood but it can also show up in your stool. I would definitely make your doctor aware of this and go from there. Any rectal bleeding needs to be investigated and especially after 50 and after taking this much ibuprophen. Hope this helps and I wish you all the very best!
1148241 tn?1294056396 I'm sure you know this, but don't combine it with other over the counter or prescription NSAIDs and painkillers, which often combine and opiate and tylenol. If you're unsure about anything related to Rx or otc meds, your pharmacist is your best resource for advice.
Avatar f tn Generally my hep c is manageable, I exercise regularly, mainly with running (hence the bursitis), my liver has some scarring but nothing too severe, viral load was about 2 million last time I was checked, only note of caution is that my ALT has been steadily rising and I believe ibuprofen does have a negative effect on liver enzymes. Any help / advice much appreciated.
365850 tn?1207700206 Naproxen (aleve), as well as prescriptions like ketorolac (toradol)) can cause many gastrointestinal effects like stomach pain and bleeding ulcers. Currently I am taking Norco (same med as vicodin but more narcotic, less tylenol), Lyrica, lidocaine patches, and protonix that lowers the amount of acid produced. Protonix protects your stomach when you take NSAIDs because the NSAIDs work on cyclooxygenase which basically makes your stomach produce less lining...
Avatar f tn Hey there, I'm a nurse and these are my suggestions (in no way am I an expert, but this is what I normally see doctors requesting in hospital).. 1) If you're taking a high dose of ibuprofen (600mg or more) at once, ensure there is SIX (6) full hours between your next dose to ensure you do not take too much in a day. 2) Each and EVERY time you take ibuprofen, have at least a glass of milk before you take it, and better yet, something to eat to help with stomach irritation.
Avatar n tn Doctors have their own preferences. Both ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be troublesome in large amounts over prolonged periods. Your liver is not in too bad shape so it probably won't make much difference which you use. The best thing to do is follow your doctor's instructions and use whichever is recommended sparingly.
4722421 tn?1360712171 This was pre opiates too, and 4 years later, no stomach pill has fixed, and it hurts like ****! My dr said it would be a life long watch now. So please be careful!
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and they ran every test they could think of and didn't find anything. By the time I left the ER the bleeding stopped. Now again today around the same today its doing the same thing again but the cramps are higher on my stomach closer to the rib cage.. I don't see any clots in the discharge but i don't know what's going on or if I should return to a different ER for another opinion...
Avatar f tn Aleve makes my lips break out in blisters. Ibuprofen hurts my stomach bad. I'm reasonably healthy in most other ways, very active and keep very busy. Have a standard routine. Am a type A personality. Mind going all the time. Was married to a hypochondriac for 20 years and hate to "sound like her". So I keep quiet. Plan to live to 90+. Any "real honest to goodness help" is appreciated. Otherwise, I go from day to day with bouts of feeling bad and then I'm fine.
Avatar m tn then when I went home after school I had a little ache in my lower belly, took an aspirin for it....went for a pee and voila! There was the bleeding suddenly! I knew what to expect, and had some pads and tampons in my drawer in my bedroom ready. I was quite proud of this event! But it made me feel a bit tired and I always got slight cramps every time so I took ibuprofen every month for about 1 day which took the cramps away.
Avatar m tn Taking over the counter medications like aspirin and ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers. So care must be taken when using these medications.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The nasal bleeding and headaches could be due to high blood pressure. Nosebleeds can also occur due to trauma, exposure to warm dry air more common in winter months, rhinitis, infections, vigorous blowing, foreign bodies and deviated nasal septum. During an episode of bleeding, the patient must be made to sit upright, this reduces blood pressure in the veins of the nose.
Avatar f tn can put me right back into a flare up of the proctitis symptoms such as swelling in the anal area and rectum, and passing of blood and mucus, feeling like I have to have a BM all the time because of the pressure inside the rectum and so forth. So.. I no longer take anything but Tylenol and Tramadol for my chronic back and neck pain management. I am currently tapering off of Tramadol slowly and started using amino's and supplements to cope with the taper withdrawal effects.
Avatar f tn Frequently visiting the toilet and most of the times I have to urge to visit toilet only. Alchool and little spicy food make it the burning 10 times worse. Any suggestions.
Avatar n tn I spotted a little and now today on Monday I seem to have dropped my Sac and have had some heavier bleeding. The cramps are pretty unbearable I think they dont tell you how bad it can really be. Well Thank you for listening and to all who have lost keep looking ahead and keep trying.....Someone told me even though it didnt work this time at least I know I can get pregnant so why give up...
543518 tn?1245325627 Tylenol, contrary to popular belief is OK to take if you have HCV, just no more than 4-6 per day. Ibuprofen is also good if your stomach is OK with it and you take it with food. Stronger stuff like opiates are also OK if necessary, but easy to become addicted to if you are not careful. DTD" BTW, codeine is an opiate... Codeine is usually prescribed together with either paracetamol or ibuprofen. One or two codeine pills with either paracetamol or ibuprofen.
1729448 tn?1342098337 It's not good to be on high doses of Ibuprofen for long periods of time because it does irritate the stomach and can cause stomach bleeding along with other problems. I do think that it is the cause of the stomach pain and you want to try to switch the medication before it can cause any more problems. 3 years ago I had been on Ibuprofen(Advil) 200mg and I would take 3 pills(600mg) 3 times a day.
Avatar n tn How much can I safely take without causing damage to my stomach or other organs? ________ dear spurgy, There is no way that I can predict how much Ibuprofen that you can take before you develop GI side effects. We do know, however, that most people taking this medication do not have ulcers/GI bleeding. It is a good rule of thumb not to exceed manufacturer's recommended dosage. This information is presented for educatioanl purposes. Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
4898964 tn?1381261499 I can say now my IBS is better, but I am Vegan, so that has helped me before the detox and after...eating very clean and listening to what irritates your stomach helps with IBS. as far as the ulcers limit ibuprofen, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. Make sure to get tested for h pylori if you have chronic ulcers. It is a bacteria that is now known to cause most ulcers, though mine are strictly from NSAIDS....good luck and I wish you the best!
Avatar f tn Isn't that caused by the taking in of to much medicine like aspirin and ibuprofen? I've been told that ibuprofen and aspirin especially can damage ones stomach if used to much, which I probably do. Before going to the Dr, I'd take aspirin at least once every other day if not once every day because I get headaches often, though I'm glad to say that I haven't had a severe headache in a few weeks. I will speak with my mother, no need for any one to worry about that.
511985 tn?1227781753 After starting the pill the next da I woke up in pain, it felt like I was being punched in the stomach and could not breath. I called the gyno and they said to take a pill for that day and if I am still feeling pain to stop and when the pain went away to take again and if pain comes back then we know its the pill and if I get worse to go to the ER.
Avatar n tn Everything came out normal, so she recommended ibuprofen 400 mg every 4 hours to help lighten the bleeding. This didn't help. I consulted a reproductive endocrinologist, who ran other tests: progesterone, DHEAS, testosterone, and a 2 hour oral glucose tolerance test. I had an elevated DHEAS and testosterone, and was diagnosed with insulin resistance.
Avatar n tn I had a my 3rd c-section on 6/15 and I am still bleeding. It is very little but every day. Is that normal to last six weeks? I can't remember my other two lasting that long. I am also nursing with this one. My first child I nursed and didn't have a period the year I nursed him. I also had my tubes tied with this one, so I didn't know if that had something to do with it.
Avatar f tn He has recently informed us that he is also having some degree of stomach pain and/or upset stomach and/or stomach cramps daily. Then...just this evening, a new symptom appeared; he reported that "clear goo" came out when he urinated. (Needless to say, this was very upsetting to him.) We ruled out STD as being a possible cause for that, so I'm guessing it's tied in to whatever else is going on. I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow to alert him to this latest symptom.
Avatar n tn I had a missed miscarriage , we found out on the 6th of Oct, and then took the pessary to finish the process, since then i've been bleeding and stomach cramps stiil, and it's over a month on, whats going on, i had a scan which showed everything was clear, they said i would bleed for a few days more but that was 2 weeks ago, how can this go on for?