Ibuprofen and constipation

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Avatar m tn he recommends that because it is natural and good on the body...makes you just regular, normal...hopes this helps It is red capsules, and not very expensive, worth ever penny.. hopes this helps R2R but you have to take it everyday!
Avatar n tn I did not. However my constipation, gas and bloating continues in spite that I am taking Ex Lax, and Metalusil. I have severy pain in my stomach and beg pressure. I look preganat. The doctor did not seem to concerned and told me to take Milk of Magnesia, which I did with no results. Any suggestiosn?
Avatar f tn I guess its been about two years. But I havent had any in about a week, close to it, and the constipation is horrible! Actually, it's the PAIN!!!! It feels like something SHARP is cutting me and today is the worst day it's ever been. I don't know what to do! I read that methadone doesnt completely break down in your stomach and peices can remain in your stool... I dont know if it's true or not but it sounds likely! to me!!! Once it starts hurting too bad, I just stop...and cry.
86664 tn?1291561395 I've had just about every side effect in the book and then some, and I haven't needed any opiate based pain killers. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, anti-histamines, moisturizing lotions, sleep aids (lunesta), anti-depressants and prednisone? Saure. But opiates? Nah. Treatment usually causes fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, insomnia, mental confusion, depression, hair loss, itching, skin rash, dandruff, psoriasis, anemia, neutropenia etc etc.
168348 tn?1379360675 I have had two complete round of bloodwork ($1,600 worth) to ascertain that mine is not due to thyroid or any other medical condition (I have history of calcium oxalate kidney stones, early small melanoma and small finding of thyroid cancer both in '07) and all thank goodness came back 100% normal except for the Vitamin D which was 9 on a ref. range of normal being 32-100.
Avatar f tn But now I have my period and I have had constipation this whole time. It has been about a week and I don't think I'm supposed to go another week without a bowel movement. But the issue seems to stop me from making one and I'm scared of more tearing. I've never been to the gynecologist but I heard you can't see them when you're on your period anyway. I'm scared I'm going to need surgery.
Avatar f tn It had a small flag but they didn’t seem worried. I also saw a neurologist because I have been having headaches and Tylenol and ibuprofen doesn’t cut it so I am taking (with all those) Aleve. I never have complained of headaches like these before. I have been getting two a day. The doc was saying that they really are migraines. He ordered an MRI of my brain. I did great and the doctor looked at my brain and called it beautiful. He was real sweet. A nice change to the past events.
Avatar m tn only medication I'm still taking is Ibuprofen. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn My point here is that everyone has something to offer, including some excellent chemical analysis and research skills and we welcome whatever skills you can offer, including moral support. My personal goal is consumer advocacy. I want to publish as much information and analysis about Tramadol as I can find. If you have something to share, welcome. My personal agenda: I am for personal empowerment through information. I am a lawyer who has done consumer protection class action work.
152264 tn?1280358257 I'm 52 and have long been taking daily ibuprofen (ALWAYS with plenty of food and liquid) and acetaminophen for overall muscle/tendon achiness. Wondering if all that ibuprofen could have such an effect? I have no problems with my stomach itself. Anyone have any ideas what can cause such intolerance to fiber and fruits/veggies?
Avatar m tn Over the last 5 years, this pain is now accompanied by constipation and internal pain situated under my hip bone. If I put pressure on my area right next to my hip bone, the pain is sharp. If i hold the pressure for about 10 minutes the pain is relieved. If i message the left adominal area after that, I have a bowel movement. In addition, if I gently tug on my testicles. I feel an extreme pain right through my left abdomen all the way up the left abdomen.
Avatar f tn That's how I found out about my low thyroid, but the pains feel very much like the pre-menstrual cramps and indigestion, but it last longer and is less predictable than the menstrual cramps. I take 2 ibuprofen and tons of Tums and a shot of pepto at least once a day. the pain comes and goes at no particular time, but is always worse after eating. Could this be from my medicine, or is this expected? Is it worth going in for testing?
Avatar f tn In 6/2010 I went back to the GI due to severe constipation and abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with IBS-Constipation Type and given literature on the condition and nothing more. So, I sought a second opinion and this GI also did nothing and told me he didn't think I needed to be scoped - ridiculous in my opinion taking into account my history and active symptoms.
Avatar f tn ( My last normal period was 28th of august that lasted till about the 2nd/3rd of September around the 8th/9th me and this boy were fooling around and he inserted his penis in me for literally 30 seconds I've had no pregnancy symptoms except being sick but that was cause of too much alcohol and smoking and I had cramping at the start of September but that was down to constipation I'm really worried I'm pregnant but I've had no symptoms!
4359486 tn?1353359280 I took vicodin for the pain the night it throbbed and it put me to sleep. Just stick to ibuprofen and I would take more than one pill. I have taken 600mg of ibuprofen before for pain. Just take a few pills and see if that works. You could also call the doctor's office to check about the MG for you. Do you normally have outbreaks on your cycle? I'm suppose to start on Wed. or thursday and I haven't had any symptoms of an outbreak yet. Just freaking out about it though.
1684282 tn?1505701570 hallucinations, drowsiness, insomnia, headaches, swelling of the throat and face, nausea, vomiting, muscle tightness or weakness, rash, and constipation. When consumed in higher doses, Tramadol can cause a euphoric feeling as well as shallow breathing and death from overdose. Nonetheless, the physicians persist on thinking about this medication in the way they got used to when it first came out and the way it was "sold" to them by the pharmaceutical reps.
Avatar n tn Pretty sure oxycontin is just time relese Oxycodone with nothing else added. We know that acetomenophrin and ibuprofen are not good for the liver. I have never read that Oxycodone is bad for the liver but it like all opioids is a poision.
Avatar n tn Alendronate is used to treat certain cases of osteoporosis (brittle bones) and Paget's disease (a bone weakening disorder). HOW TO USE: Take this medication with 6 to 8 ounces (180ml-240ml) of plain water once daily. Swallow the tablets whole. Do not suck or chew them. This medication must be taken on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything other than water, (including other medicines or vitamins). Do not lie down for at least 30 minutes after taking it.
Avatar f tn I still have that problem (constipation) and haven't taken Chantix for nearly 2 years. Was the Chantix instrumental in worsening my thyroid symptoms to the point I was at just prior to being dx'd???
Avatar f tn I had a tooth pulled when I was 7 weeks I'm 8 now but doc ok'd lortab 5 she told me they prescribe it to pregnant women often u just have to take one every 8 hours nd make sure u stay hydrated because of constipation had an u/s 3 days ago and baby is a-ok good heart beat and growing just fine :-)
Avatar f tn ) Benzos- preferably klonopin (I was lucky enough to have a script), and lots of benadryl and unisom- alternate between the 2 because they have different active ingredients that make you really tired so you sleep through the worst. Oh- and don't forget the ibuprofen!
Avatar n tn in nature. But, the cyst caused constipation and the constipation caused hemorrhoids. I had surgery in March, and had the cyst removed. But, after surgery I was even more constipated and the hemorrhoids returned. I finally got that under control, but was left with the strange rectal pain. If you find a definitive answer, please post it. I googled rectal pain, and I am sure we are not the only ones with it. There are lots of articles on it.
Avatar n tn when i sit up more, the cramps seem to kick in again.. I'm going to try a warm bath, and more ibuprofen! I am happy the procedure finally worked! This pain is totally worth it. No Pills, No patch, No worries, No babies...YAY!!
Avatar n tn For muscle pain from overuse, take rest and take acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Apply ice for the first 24 - 72 hours of exercise to reduce pain and inflammation. After that, heat often feels more soothing. Gentle stretching exercises after a long rest period are also helpful. Massage helps a lot. Please consult a physician if the symptoms persist and go for EMG and nerve conduction studies. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn Prograf helps patients who have had a liver/kidney transplant protect their new organ and prevent it from being rejected by the body. This medicine can cause the amount of potassium in your blood-stream to increase. For this reason you should avoid large amounts of foods that have a high potassium content, for example dried fruit, bananas, tomatoes and low sodium salt, while you are taking this medicine, also avoid potassium supplements. I had a bad reaction from eating these foods.
1486408 tn?1288037128 I take Milk of Magnesia and a very small amount of Peri-Colace to try and keep things soft, but it is a totally up hill battle, with more pain and difficult to passing anything. I have had increasing pain and constriction in the rectum and anus and a sensation of something 'dropped'. The pain there is all situated on the right side. Right side in the rectum, right side of my leg and buttock. Sorry that all is graphic, but am just so upset with it all.
Avatar f tn You need to take it easy a bit longer and allow your body to heal. Ibuprofen works for pain, too, without making you unable to function. Just take it easy and make sure you eat/drink something with it so you don't hurt your stomach lining from the medicine.
Avatar n tn I'm also experiencing constipation and lots of gassiness and bloating. Again, I've had this before but then they stopped and came back now, after I started with Yaz. Do you think it could be just a coincidence or it may be side effects? (by the way, I'm 33 and physically active) Anyone who can help me I'd trully appreciate... I feel so disgusting everytime I look in the mirror!
516120 tn?1212817341 ) Itchy/Dry skin patches (off and on) 14.) Bathroom issues (sometimes days of constipation and other times days of diarrhea. Never normal) So to sum it up: Diagnosed with lower lumbar bulging disc in October 2013.
Avatar f tn I would experience frequent muscle cramps and spasms in my side, abdomen, and lower back. The pain and spasms are generally triggered by movement. After a year and a half of dealing with this pain on my left side, the same symptoms began happening on the right side of my body while completely disappearing from my left. Since then, my pain has alternated between left and right. The pain is absolutely unbearable.