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568140 tn?1249356613 Bruce experienced nearly-fatal heart attack. I flew to SF to be with him and my sisters.
1057782 tn?1254293807 Visited last night and i was coming to speak to him on thursday instead i spent most day in bed.
1396867 tn?1520810258 My sister and I were browsing the racks at Old Navy last night. We came across a table of T-shirts. I found one magenta color, It has a butterfly on it and it says Hope. I looked at her and she looked at me and we grabbed 2! We will wear them the day of my surgery, when we do to ivf#2, the day of my retrieval,transfer and beta!(Although I told her good try but Im not telling anyone when ivf#2 is happening lol) She says she will know from the shirt, so Ill just avoid her for awhile j/k.
1390877 tn?1281762980 Sunny and warm in SF Lunch was great...the play even better and the BART made it all easy. Both Colleen and I felt that it was worth every penny. I got a T-shirt and keychain for keepsakes. Tired after fun day so I listened in to the meeting. Now it is time for bed.
728309 tn?1367533320 Coffee is awesome, I wish I had a cappuccino machine on my desk, next best thing is Blue Bottle Cafe on Mint St in SF.
371980 tn?1276740809 OMG..that was a crazy game! I still feel as though i might have a heart attack!!! Basically we lost in the last second!! WTF!!!
Avatar n tn I know this isnt an urgent question or a medical one but this is the only place i could think of asking, cause my friends seriously dont get the problem. So, some months ago, i bought a blouse at aeropostale i dont know where. Im 14 by the way. The problem is that its a V neck. But not a normal V neck, the point of the V gets almost below my bra thing (the part that unites the 2 "cups" or whatever). I bout it thinking that it might look good but i lost it and finally found it now.
407029 tn?1253992623 hepcaware.
176495 tn?1301280412 Gizzy has a Raiders t-shirt on totsie!!!!
1245281 tn?1268648289 Empieza la semana fantástica ! Espero poner muchos corazones !
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1057782 tn?1254293807 Wish i hadn't. I think he's just pleased that Geoff and i aren't in a relationship any more.
Avatar n tn I read the comment by "illwithoutacause" of a good rheum in SF that specializes in sjogrens. I retired to costa rica 8 yrs ago, horse ranch and all with minor sjogrens that went to exactly that described by Dr. Steware Tepper (www.sjogrensworld.org/tepper.htm), which is a neurological fire initiated by 1 hour of lasr to my face. I have 24/7horrible headache, teeth, gums,throat, mouth, tongue nose, sinuses, EYES!
Avatar f tn i got my period after having 2 flights (2 weeks after my period) went swimming on Sunday, but i had normal flow.
Avatar f tn exactly. I b like am ii bout to die lol. it's so intense nd random.
739847 tn?1270049794 went to the sf bay club. I want to live there. I had some good feelings today. Ran for 40 mins and did jacuzzi, steam. Felt a little normal. Contacted people, got a little motivated. feeling some hope, but drank too much when I got home (1/2). attracting men's attention, weird now.
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Avatar f tn Met with Tara and Pete yesterday. Just in general being back makes me realize how much I have matured and become my "own". I am more secure in my path even though it is so different (seeing Tara and Pete in their home makes me realize that is not the life I want for myself....so strange to have it so confirmed in my mind). I really am making my way through the world in a much different way than most women...and it feels right.