I have been coughing for weeks

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Avatar n tn I'm 25 weeks and I have been coughing at night for the last 5 weeks. I think I have rhinitis. Can coughing harm my baby?!
4838207 tn?1363921330 I've noticed that I have been coughing now that I'm pregnant. Is this normal or should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I have had a cough ever since i became pregnant, it still wont go away i have been sick the past 6 weeks with coughing, runny nose and sore throat, could this affect the baby? And how can i get rid of it?
Avatar n tn I have had a deep, chesty cough now for a couple of months. I was given Cipro for 2 weeks. It seems to have improved, but still when I laugh or talk alot, I start with the same deep, chesty cough , gets out of control, I lose my breathe. I have never been diagnosed with allergies or asthma. I am 43, I have endometriosis, and an auto immune disease, they think fibromyalgia. this coughing is new. Why?
Avatar n tn I have had an itchy throat and a cough,it has been with me now for about 3 weeks, could this be allergies or could acid reflux be causing this.
Avatar f tn hey!! I have actually been through that when i was around my 10-12th weeks of pregnancy. I had a VERY bad cough along with gagging and lots of PHLEGM EWW!! lol and plus i stopped smoking also so my body was cleaning itself out ,but my doctor prescribed me some robitussin with NO ALCOHOL and it worked like a charm. I am not sure if they sell that over the counter but if you go to the drug store you can ask but remember its NO ALCOHOL. Hope i helped.
7169697 tn?1389441134 Omg I'm in the same position. I've been coughing for a week!! I just finished my mucinex this afternoon and I've been using vicks vapor rub.. It still isn't better. I'm going to the hospital if it doesn't let up by morning.. my Dr said a cough is fine but if you think you have a virus to get checked because viruses can pass to baby. That's what I'm worried about...
Avatar f tn I have been coughing for the past 3 weeks almost just coughing and coughing up mucus.When it first started i had a sore thorat but that went away. I am trying mucus dx but the cough is not going away. i have (and still on) cough drops. i some times gets coughing fit in my sleep and wake up coughing. it doesnt feel like a cold. its spreads to all my co workers and my boyfriend but only one or two of them have it as bad as me. how do i get ride of it?
Avatar f tn I have had sinus problems. The whole time I have been on treatment.
Avatar n tn I've been coughing for about 2 months. I went to the doctor and he said that I had bronchitis, but it was pretty much gone so, he perscribed me cough medicine to supress the cough. It's been two weeks now and I have taken all the medicine, but still have the cough. Any ideas what it could be? -I don't smoke -I'm not around anyone that smokes -The doc ruled out allergies -The cough is sometimes with flem and sometimes without.
Avatar f tn My medium poodle has been coughing for months i haven't been able to take him to the vet since it is expensive i tried cough syrup but it's not working, what can it be? And what else can I give him?
250701 tn?1320978365 Ask her for help to manage quitting. I quit after almost 40 years, used the patch. I used it for almost a year. I just kept cutting the patch in half, then fourths, eights, and so on......I still miss them at times, but have not had a bad cold since quitting. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn After sugery my cough continue but it wasn't dry anymore, I know had drainage. I've been coughing now for about 5-6 weeks. When I cough now, it gets very bad that I can't breath. I went to see both my primary doctor and the surgeon for my lapband and they both just gave me coughing medicine w/codine, but that isn't working. I don't cough anymore like I used to, every 5-10 minutes, but when I cough now it's sounds like I have a lot of mucous, that I can't bring up and spit out.
Avatar f tn Since we are talking about coughing. I had a few questions of my own. I have had issues coughing for the past 4-5 years. I caught constantly. Sometimes it makes my headache worse but sometimes I don't have a headache so it doesn't bother me. I do have sinus disease as per my MRI. So that explains the post nasal drip. I always have problems coughing whenever I am near or around water. For example I cough so much in the shower that sometimes it will make me throw up or gag.
Avatar n tn I work from 5pm to 2am so it is hard I tryed it at 9am and 9pm but then I was at work so now im tryin it at 2pm and 2am but I still have to go to work and they are not being very good about it when I have to leave because of the nausea. Human resources keeps saying maybe I should just go out on a medical. Im starting to think I should.
Avatar f tn My tiny four pound Maltese/Poodle cross has been coughing and I was wondering if someone has any ideas. He is about 8 1/2 and has had issues with his behavoir. He won't let us have him groomed without him trying to bite us or get his nails trimmed, so every four months or so we have to have him knocked out to have this done. I wasn't sure if this was some of his problem from the stuff they give him or what, but he does it alot especially at night.
Avatar n tn Over the past 2 months I have been coughing so hard I hurt my back and other areas to the front as of late I have been woke up coughing so hard I throw up first comes that nasty foaming white stuff and then what ever I had for dinner finally I went to the doctor he listened to my lungs and had me do a peak flow a few times and sent me on my way with a year long perscription to albuteral saying that anytime I weeze I should take a few puffs and that's it I don't get it should I get a second opin
Avatar n tn I have almost 9 years coughing I went many doctors I am still coughing... I have pulmunary Fibrosis but I am in stable condition and I don't take any medications. right now, my doctors try different medications for my coughing however they are not helping my chronic cough. I would appreciate any help and suggestions..... Please help me thank you....
Avatar n tn I have spent many a night on the lounge this winter because I have been coughing for hours! The only thing I have had any luck with is to suck on a piece of dark chocolate. I don't know why but it pulls the tickle from my throat. If I have congestion dripping down my throat, the piece of chocolate seems to pull it together into a ball (ew!) so it stops causing the cough. Sometimes it takes two or three pieces sucked slowly but it has worked for me.
Avatar m tn It seems more difficult to treat animals than humans, when it comes to infections. Don't they have a broad spectrum antibiotic for this? I seems like a very common problem. I don't want to keep throwing money into the money pit just on a guess. Any real Answers? I am at wits end for my poor little girl.
Avatar n tn Fri I used the rest of the Prescription and the Biaxin. I have about a weeks worth left of the Advair and at least 3 weeks worth left of the Sigulair. I know its only been a week, but I used all of 2 out of 4 of the things they gave me with no improvements so I guess Ill wait another 3 weeks or so to see any inprovements. The PFT test I kept having a bad start they said.
Avatar m tn During that same time i had diarrhea for like two times i used the bathroom, and every since then my stomach has been feeling funny but i dont really have diarrhea anymore. It doesnt hurt and i dont feel like i have nausea or vomiting it just feels like its growling or something.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old and i always been a healthy person. But recently i been coughing and vomiting and even having really bad headaches. I cant eat and im constantly drinking water. If i eat a meal, i will throw it up, even eatting a little snack i feel sick to my stomach. I feel empty but im afraid if i eat again im going to vomit. Im not pregnant. When i sleep i will just out of the blue start coughing and i can not stop it. My coughing last for about 3 to 5 minutes and then i lose my breathe.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 9 and has been coughing for over 12 weeks. Probably began with a cold--she was coughing more than once a minute all day long for a week (I timed her). No other symptoms. Her asthma action plan (pulmicort and albuterol nebs) did nothing. Ped pulmo saw us--she had normal pfts...he said it was viral. When it didn't get any better, he prescribed 14 days biaxin and 20mg prilosec in the a.m. That weekend, her cough went from constant to occasional, but never went away.
Avatar f tn , Apr 04, 2008 02:16AM Tags: cough I have been sick for almost 4 months. It started out with the worst sore throat of my life..horrible pain, pus covered swollen throat. swollen glands and a feeling that my airway was in a spasm. The cough also started then. Coughing fits that last for min. tears rolling down my face gagging and coughing to the point of vomitting. The sore throat went away after 2 weeks but the cough is still here. I have wheezing that is not present all the time.
Avatar m tn As you have had the persistent cough now for 3 weeks or so, I suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor to examine your throat and lungs and do a lung function test. If the doctor feels your cough is as a result of a bacterial infection, he will prescribe an antibiotic for you. Having a cough is the body's natural way of trying to get rid of an irritant, whether this is a virus or a bacterial, dust particles, irritation by smoke and fumes etc.
Avatar f tn I have been having this random cough that strikes me mostly at night when I'm laying down and continues through the day. At night I elevate my head and it seems to not go away till I'm asleep. I had it about two weeks ago, gone for a week, and now it's back. I'm taking generic brand mucin ex for allergies but it seems to make it worse. Any ideas what could be happening or going on?
Avatar n tn I've had this dry cough for about 4 months. It started with bronchitis. I had it for 3 weeks and every week I'd go back to the doctor and they'd put me on different antibiotics or steriods. On my 4th trip to the doctors office they said I had pneumonia. So i did steroids again and more antibiotics and an inhaler. Two weeks later I still had the cough and they told me bronchial spazms and yet again more steroids.
Avatar n tn It is not uncommon to have a prolonged airway hypersensitivity following an upper respiratory tract infection. This may also cause you to wake up during the night or early morning coughing. Another possible cause of this type of response is that the sinuses have become involved due to your infection. Inflammation and/or infection of the sinuses can cause the same type of coughing response. Since this has been going on so long and not responding, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor.