I have a lump above my adams apple

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864346 tn?1239198721 i have a lump right above my adams apple it doesn't hurt to the touch my doctor said it could have something to do with jaw line acne? can anyone expand on this or tell me if they think my doctors wrong and im dealing with somehting more serious please e mail me at ***@**** with any details.
Avatar n tn I have a Lump Right above my adams apple, I do smoke alot. its been the for months getting bigger an bigger. an now there are little lumps growing behind an around it. Could it be throat Cancer?
Avatar m tn I have noticed small lumps on my neck around my adams apple. One lump rubs against my adams apple when i swallow. I also feel a sore, tight knot right above my left collar bone that have been bothering me. After looking into it for some time now, i am worried that it may be a early sign of some kind of cancer. I dont have my own primary doctor yet. I am currently on some kind of waiting list in my area.
Avatar m tn Hi, About a month ago or so I noticed a small little lump on the front of my neck on the upper part of my neck above the adams apple. It wasn't so noticeable that you could see it protruding from my neck or anything. I could really only feel it when I stiffened my neck muscles and felt it or lifted up my head and stiffened up my neck muscles.
Avatar f tn When tilt my head back it really shows when I swallow. My throat is sore and I have some trouble swallowing food. I get hot, then cold. Dry skin, I really don't feel like myself. My arm and fingers get numb and tingles. I can't sleep on my back anymore. Hard to breathe. I'm 41 years old and terrified. What's wrong with me?
Avatar n tn The lump is above my adams apple and I am not sure if that would be considered my upper throat or if it would be considered lower jaw. Any ideas to what this may be as it is a immediate oncern to mine? This lump first appeared a day ago and does not bother me if/when I swallow food/drinks.
Avatar m tn Hey, last week i felt a lump in my throat, i am 17 years old, i don't smoke, but my parents do (they usually smoke at the back door with it open though so that doesn't really matter). The lump is about 1 cm down from my adams apple, i can clearly feel the difference between them both and i know the lump isn't part of my adams apple, its not very big, little smaller then a marble and moves when i swallow. Any info would be great.
Avatar f tn Often when I cough I can feel something almost "pop out" of my neck on my left side right next to my esophagus, it causes quite a bit of pain. The only way for my to relieve the pain is for me to press on the protruding lump, if this is my thyroid protruding why is it doing so and is it a concern?
Avatar n tn the exact position is about two centimeter above my adams apple slightly on the right side.i am only 21,male...i have a history of moderate to occasional smoking and drinking sometimes and i have no history of cancer in my family....i cannot feel any lump on the inside of my throat when i swallow at all...im really scared and i have an appointment with my physician next week...could this be cancer....
Avatar m tn 03% ointment they said it could be dermatites they are stil the same the cream done nothing but made my lips greasy looking and made them look worse. I also have a lump in my neck to the left above adams apple,i had an ultra scan and they didnt know what lump was, im waiting for a throat specialist to look at my neck but i really think this lump is causing a reaction to my lips any ideas or help?
Avatar m tn I get some weird sensations sometimesunder my jaw and chin area I noticed a lump in my neck(slightly under my jaw, above adams apple,right side) back in October of 09. I have been seeing an ENT and my family doctor about it and they both said it is 7mm and movable.They also both agree there is nothing to worry about. Blood test recently have shown my thyroid levels are off and I have some nodules on my thyroid.
Avatar n tn I have had a lump in my throat to the left and slight above my adams apple. It has beenthere for about a month, maybe longer. At this point, ive started to dismiss the fact that its just a swollen lymph node. I am a 25 year old non smoking male so the idea that its a tumor seems unlikely. Any ideas? no pain, no swelling, sore throat, anything associated with this, but it still worries me a bit.
Avatar n tn i have had a cold and a bad cough for about a week, but i have just seen a lump on my adams apple and my glads r up on the side of my neck, is this normal, k
Avatar n tn i have a lump in my throat, it's right above my adams apple...somedays it doesn't bother me, but right now it's really tight, (kinda feels like a muscle cramp) and pulls at certain muscles in my head..the sternocleidomastoid or something ??...i looked it up and it's around that area where i feel the constant pulling. I've been given medicine for it, but it hasn't done a darn thing. any idea's as to what this is??
Avatar n tn hello im 17 years old and about 3 weeks ago have found a hard lump the size of a small marble in my neck i can move it around its just above my adams apple to the left. i havealready been to the doctors but she said nothing to worry about but im still concerend because she didnt really give me much information on what it is .so i wondering if you could tell me of what it could be and if its cancerous..?
Avatar n tn I go in for labs every 6 weeks and usually it ends up with an increased dose of levothyroxin. BUTTTTT, I have never had my thyroid looked at...Do I need a sonogram or some other visual diagnosis??? Im starting to feel a lump on my right side of my neck justunder the jaw. It seems that the DR. continues to treat with the medicine, but never informs me of my improvements or visa versa.
Avatar n tn Hi, my sister found she had a thyroid problem when she noticed a lump right around her adams apple. It does cause some pressure. I would have it checked asap! I'm am actually seeing the doctor this afternoon after finding 2 distinctive lumps on my neck, I've also been having difficulty swallowing so I'm a little concerned myself right now! Good luck!
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my throat. It is very bothersome, but I don't have it all of the time. Tonight I am having a really bad time with it and I have had it all day. I have had a barium swallow, endoscopy of the throat and esophagus. Also a colonoscopy last week. The barium swallow was normal, the endoscopy showed a narrowing of the esophagus which the doctor stretched. A benign cell tumor was seen and is being biopsied. The colonoscopy showed only mild diverticulus and internal hemerhoids.
Avatar m tn i have had a swolen lymph node a lil above my adams apple and i first noticed it about 6 months ago...i feel it everyday....the maximum it has grown has been for 1-1.5 mm and the smallest is less than half a mm...it never goes away...whenever i drink ginger and honey drink it goes very small and whenever i drink alcohol it gets a lil bigger...but never goes away...im only 21 years old male...
Avatar n tn If Im sitting relaxed it doesnt portrude my skin...but if I flex my muscles or make my neck tight it is a noticeable lump. I have been having alot of drainage lately if this is a symptom of something. I can touch it and it moves around and feels rather soft but firm at the same time. Can someone help me. Its really worrisome b/c I dont know what it is. Thanks!!!
1386457 tn?1279652083 The feeling that you feel when you want to cry. The sensation is now more pronounced. I feel the pressure in my adams apple area, and my jaw feels as if ive been chewing gum all day long. PLEASE HELP THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!
Avatar m tn I have a lump on top of my adams apple. It moves up and down when I swallow, does not hurt.It swells up when at anytime.I have been taking an antibiotic and the swelling went down for the first time. What can it be ?
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1706230 tn?1307690583 I am having difficulty in swallowing, my adams apple hurts all the time, I lose my voice if I talk or sing a lot, I have the shakes, am very tired, yet I cant see a Specialist for 3 months. Is there a way they have already decided there is no cancer, or do I just have to wait that long and hope for the best?
Avatar n tn i have a solid lump just below my adams apple what could it be ?
Avatar m tn well i discovered a bruise like feeling under my Adams apple, the more i mess with it the more i can feel a small lump like feeling under the skin...should i get it checked out?
Avatar n tn I was randomly feel my right above where my throat begins, above the adams apple and I felt a little bump/cyst (?). It's on the left side of my face only and it feels weird when I touch it. I can sort of move it around, but only a little bit. It feels hard and I'd compare the feeling of it to that of a small marble (the smallest marble), or maybe a bb or even a pellet. I'm concerned what it may be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.