I am pregnant and my breast dont hurt

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1018329 tn?1448980165 Around 6-8 weeks pregnant my breast were to sensitive to even touch, but starting at week 8 it slowly started to get better. now i am 9 weeks and they hardly hurt at all. should i be worried? i am scared that i am losing pregnancy symptoms and having a miscarriage. anyone know whats going on?
Avatar f tn Anyone else boobs not hurt while pregnant I'm 15 w 3 d and my boobs barely hurt and haven't grown at all I thought they would at least be sensitive but nothing it worries me
Avatar f tn I just checked I have whit stuff coming out my nipple and it hurt around the area
Avatar n tn The last time I was pregnant I missed my period but that was in july07 and I miscarried. I have taken 4 pregnancy test and all of them so negative. could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn ] its not that i dont want to be its just im not married, finishing up high school, and i dont have a job but if i am pregnant i will make it work.. the doctors told me i couldnt get pregnant because i dont ovulate thats why i got off the bc... thanks everyone for your help!!
Avatar n tn So I don't know if I'm pregnant or not.. My boyfriend and I had sex through my whole ovulation week.. If I am I'd be about 5 weeks..I have had some signs that this app has been saying.. I've been very tired lately even when I don't do anything all day. I've had a little bit of cramps, leg cramps, moodyness, feel like I'm bloated but not positive. The first 3 weeks my breast hurt VERY BAD! The last 2 days I've been going to the bathroom more often.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 26 years old and have never been pregnant before and I am pretty scared as to what is going on with my body. Firstly my breasts started to hurt real bad and I was receiving lower abdominal pain and lower back pain. I had unprotected Sex with my partner one day when I was getting cramps which brought my periods on a few days early, I then continued to have unprotected Sex for the next couple of days.
2033764 tn?1329428698 Right now its just 5 days away from my period and im havenn alil cramps and my bbs hurt alot, idk if im pregnant or af is coming;( im really sad already. Maybe i am getting my period because like a week before, my af i get this symptoms:(( Good luck for u.:) Maybe u are pregnant by wat u say!:) take another test the day u expect ur af.
11274305 tn?1416770285 t got my period yet and i feel like thowing up and my breast feel weird and am always tried can i get pregnant so soon i took it out 10 days ago if not how long it take to get pregnant after it removed if it not that then what is it it hurt when i feel my breast and when i lay down i cant sleep my belly feels like am pregnant getting bigger
Avatar f tn No swelling anywhere and I have not gained weight. Does it sound like I am? I go to the doctor tomorrow but I need sone reassurance . I dont want to get my hopes up. My mom didnt find out she was pregnabt until she was 4 months. Could I be just like her? I have been feeling dizzy for months. To the point to if I got up I wanted to faint. Any advise? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone please help I dont know what to do next I am a week late I have been sick the last few morning my cerix is high and very soft but I have done tests and they all came negative
Avatar n tn It doesnt sound like it. But to be certain you should see a doctor.
Avatar f tn I am 13 years old and I have been having breast pain in both my breasts for some months now. I simultaneously started off when i used, bra tape instead of bra (i actually need it, cuz my school dresses r not 'double linened' ). So, i have been blaming the pain on it. But is is really it? My periods dont seem regular (i usually forget to keep track of the date) Yet i know its not the same time every month, it crosses the 7day time when it could further happen.
414382 tn?1202533393 i also have the same problems as you sally i dont know what it is all of a sudden i started to feel sick and now my breast hurt ...scince yesterday,....what is it? anyone have any suggestions?....i've never been pregnent ....
Avatar n tn Now I am feeling abdominal pain and feel getting some yellow or water like fluid form my breast and I am feeling very tired and getting back pain now a days. Would I be pregnant? We are trying for a baby?? I am getting yellow or water like fluid form my breast - Is this symptom is normal???
Avatar n tn today is the 30th of march and I still havent gotten it. I get weird pains in my abdoment and my breast hurt. What are my chances of being pregnant? Is it too soon to do a home test?
Avatar f tn I have ahd heart burn all last week migraines and my breast are growing I have two children and the youngest is 18 months I squeezed my nipples the other day and white milk looking substance came out. I was supposed to start my period today and didnt I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it said negative whats going on am i pregnant????
Avatar n tn My back has been hurting me and My stomach has also. My breast are really tender and they hurt to touch them. Finally my period hasn't came it's 9 days late. Am I getting symptoms of being pregnant?
Avatar f tn I found out I was pregnant very early. I dont know exactly how far along, but I missed my period by 1 dat and immediately went to my boyfriends house and took a pregnancy test at his house. We bought the two pack but I took the first one and we waited for maybe 10 minutes but it seemed like at least an hour! We kept checking and nothing!
Avatar m tn 4 days later i start peeing a lot light headed and have stomach pain. I took 3 pregnancy test and they say its negative.... DO U THINK I AM PREGNANT. This Monday August 18 i start having bad headaches, breast feeling full and heavy, belly hurt,itching and burning in that area as soon as i eat stomach feel full and tingly and eye slightly swollen.
Avatar f tn Haven't had my period in 2 in a half months .. Just a bit of spotting I am sexually active we do use condoms .. I'm 19 and sometimes I get cramps with no blood and my breast feel sore and heavy I took a test last month it was negative my nipples also hurt ..
Avatar n tn I have one kid already but when I was pregnant with him I never had all these symtoms.My breast are really sore and hurt,I have backaches,slite cramping,nausea.But when I took a Pregnancy test it came back negative.I haven't missed a period yet so I don't know.Can some here tell me whats going on??
1704127 tn?1307464668 Hello everyone I need to know if these are signs of pregnancy my breast hurt so bad i cant fit in my bras im always having cramps. And I been eatin anything even when im not hungry?
Avatar f tn Today my cycle was suppose to come down but I have yet to see ! My breast or pilling around the nipple area like it was during my first pregnancy & I been having cramps & lower side pains! Also Somewhat constipated . Could I Be Pregnant ???
Avatar f tn i have a question i been 6 days late on my period the last time i had sex was in april i had my period in may and june i was suppose to get my period July 2nd but nothing i did a pregnacy test yestarday and came out negative i also have a lot of pain in my breast can i be pregnant?
5686123 tn?1372902717 maybe iam thinking about it to much but i cant help it i even have vivid dream and my boobs hurt wen water hits them but i guess il just wait and see thanx
Avatar f tn I am 12 days late on my period. I feel nauseous, I'm bloated, My nose is runny every now and then, I have cramps sometimes, im always blah feeling, and ive gained some weight. But my breast don't hurt and their not sensitive. I have not spotted and I don't really have any discharge. I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it came out negative. But my period has still not started. What do you all think? Do you think I'm pregnant? Thank you for your help.