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Avatar f tn Removed uterus, and (1) ovary. Left intact (1) ovary and cervix.
Avatar n tn as above said in a full hyster all female reproductive organs are removed,,,uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix...they sew top of vagina area where cervix once was to leave vagina functional, when healed sex is possible, orgasms still happen most find them less intense though.
Avatar n tn This is rair, but since you are so young you really should keep your cervix because your cervix holds up your vaginal walls (extra support). The super cervial hysterectomy that I had done the doc did it with three small wholes. One in my belly button and one on each side. Called band aid surgery.
Avatar n tn One thing to think about is if ovarian cancer runs in family,,you should discuss with Dr as its very difficult to detect ovarian cancer with out uterus/cervix...until its usually stage 4 and that is bad.
Avatar f tn When they take out your uterus they may leave some of the cells ontop of your cervix because they don't want to damage your cervix. Anyways how does your doc know that you have endrometriosis? Did you have the needle test done where they put a needle through your stomach to see if there are cells growing on the ouside of your uterus? Just wondering. It will help though, but you might still have issues later on because if they don't get all the cells the can come back.
Avatar n tn thought I should have a hysterectomy for long painful periods and paid during intercourse. They are only going to remove uterus, leaving ovaries and cervix. My husband already has a vasectomy, so we aren't planning on having anymore children. I am 31 years old and it is up to me if I want to have this done.
1942741 tn?1323974516 You are seeing a different Dr now I hope. No, you can not get pregnant if you've had your uterus and cervix removed. There would be no place for the baby to stay and develop. And there would be no way for sperm to meet egg.
Avatar f tn If I have a hysterectomy, seeing how I had my tubes cut and they remove my uterus will I still have monthly periods? Also, we are going on a cruise in Oct, will I be complete healed by then? Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn hi i would like to ask that i have had my uturus and cervix taken out and tubes left. due to 19 and haif weeks pregnancy leading to internal bleeding uturus rupture magor surgery. Q: will my tubes giv me problems later on life,i dont hav a period. 2nd Q: i heard when a womens uturus is taken out it effects her vitamin c can lead to a deficiency.
2004742 tn?1327660082 I want baby with my husband and 11 years ago I had my ovaries and cervix removed. Can I still have a baby?
Avatar f tn I'm 50 years old and had a full hysterectomy done in 2003. But most of the time i'm still having the same pain in between my legs as before I had surgery. Sometimes I feel like I have to walk real slow like if I have a something there like not letting me walk with my legs close. Also I still get pain on the incision once in awhile. My gyno told me it could be my scar tissue not healing right inside. And also today and on sunday I bled very little but i'm cramping alot. What does this mean?
Avatar f tn Thanks for your help, the doctor wants to remove it all, uterus, tubes, ovaries and cervix. She said it would not be possible to do it laprascopically, that it need to be abdominally. I have heard that HRT after would make the endo grow back But my doctor said I would need to do it for 6 motnhs to a year. I just hope that doing this will make all the pain go away.
Avatar n tn I soak the tampon and the pad within 30 minutes, hopefully I feel the overflow beginning before I spill out onto my pad or underwear. A partial hysterectomy was advised by my doctor to allevite all of this mess. After reading some of these posts, I am fearful that I will still bleed and have problems.
2086572 tn?1332517064 2 yrs ago i had surgery to remove cysts, fibroids, and scar tissue from the cervix which was almost closed because of the tissue. during surgery my right ovary was removed because there were 3 cysts on it. blood work b4 the surgery did not show pre-menopause, but 2 yrs later, blood work does show pre-menopause. every 2-3 months i seem to have abnormal periods, which scares me, so dr sent me to gyn (male).
Avatar f tn In addition to having a pituitary tumor I've recently been diagnosed with complex hyperplasia - moderately abnormal cells in the uterus. Because of this I will be having surgery soon to remove both my uterus and cervix. I don't plan on having kids, tried, so that's not an issue plus the women in my family have practically all needed hysterectomys.
663562 tn?1291135483 He checked it, and it turns out I have a prolapsed uterus/cervix. My Cervix is at the opening of my vagina..he's sending an urgent request to a gynacologist for an appt. I'm really concerned..I don't know what degree of prolapse it is yet, as he didn't want to speculate. I just hope it won't require any surgical intervention. Also, I don't know, is it possible to carry a pregnancy after a prolapse?
Avatar n tn She suggests hysterectomy because she can't tell what is going on in my uterus. I've been reading about hysterectomy and I don't have signs of the reasons for this type of surgery. I would like to know if there are other options that can be done other than surgery.
Avatar f tn Not to mention my cervix was fused and my uterus was enlarged . At that time I wanted to have sex but I didnt want the pain and vomiting that come with it . I feel great for the most part gas is finally working its way out bloat is down to a minimum . I have been taking a natural female hormone balancer that I got at a health food store . After the Cenestin causing me to have milk at the lowest dose . I am just waiting for them to dry up again before I go trying something else gerrrr .
Avatar f tn I felt not too bad for the first two or three months after my hysterectomy (had the works, uterus plus ovaries plus cervix removed). I was 48 and was pre or peri menopausal. Your natural hormones take a while to leave your system. Surgical menopause IS rough. But, I have read many posts from women on this board who had already been through menopause and STILL suffered with symptoms such as memory fog, dryness, general malaise, depression, etc.
Avatar n tn I have heard that Ablation is more involved than a basic hysterectomy (meaning no removal of ovaries or cervix) but that it really is more about time and such and not necessarily about dangers. But, again, I will say that I do not know much at all about this procedure and my comments are from what I have heard others say and not from any research I have done. Best Wishes.
473883 tn?1322856638 C because lining was thick even after losing my baby went to dr friday15th found out I have cancer in my uterus so now I will be having a hysterectomy August 29th. I can't believe i have to deal with this at 25yrs old it just seems so crazy because all i have ever wanted was to have just one child but never was able to do that so now i feel that I am giving up a part of me doing this hysterectomy I also feel I am a failure of a women and wife cause i can't give my husband a child.
Avatar n tn I don't want to sound horribly unsympathetic, but I recently learned that my girlfriend, who I care for deeply, has 2 uterus and 2 cervix. I would compare this to me having 2 penis's and that to me would be really strange, and I imagine a problem. How often does this happen? Is this a genetic condition? Would my kids be in danger of having the same condition? Is this condition symilar to a hermaphrodite? Is a woman with this condition more likely to give birth to a child of both sexes?
Avatar f tn hi there, There was a very nice study looking at the issue of sexual functioning after a total hysterectomy that removed the uterus and cervix versus a supracervical or subtotal hysterectomy which means the cervix was left in place. Obstet Gynecol 2005 volume 105 pages 1309-1318. The authors looked at 135 women who were randomly assigned to undergo either a total hysterectomy or a supracervical subtotal hysterectomy.
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy and they removed my cervix and uterus, but left my tubes and ovaries. I don't think this is possible, but the symptoms are familiar to me as being pregnant.
Avatar f tn It's my option whether to also remove my uterus and cervix. It is possible to keep the cervix and lose the uterus. I heard there was a study that showed 20% of women had decreased orgasmic pleasure after losing their cervix. I am leaning towards losing the uterus and keeping cervix in case I'm in the 20%. I am 51, married to HS sweetheart 30 years, and my orgasms can be off the charts, out of this world. Not willing to take a risk on that if cervix and/or uterus are contributing!
Avatar f tn Hi, I am looking to find anyone/ any info on women who have double uterus/ cervix - I want to find out if no surgical options are there any fertility treatments that have been successful - or alternatively any women who have this condition but have successfully carried a baby through to term safe n sound?
Avatar f tn No Uterus means No Normal Pregnancy. Once you have your uterus removed, there is close to 0% chance a baby will be born from your body. There are very rare cases of pregnancy after a hysterectomy where the fertilized egg will attach to the abdominal wall, or some other organ such as the bowel, bladder, ovary etc. This situation can be life threatening and only be stopped by surgery. The best and safest way to concieve a biologic child would be to consider a Gestational Surrogate.
Avatar f tn i had a hystercetomy 7 years ago....left one ovary and removed uterus and cervix....i am displaying alot of menopausal symptoms is this possible?