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Avatar f tn Was diagnosed with colon cancer due to HNPCC syndrome. I had complete hysterectomy and colorectomy. Unfortunately I developed a leak and peritonitis and ended up with the ostomy. I am getting ready to have it reversed and was wondering if leaks develop from the reversal of ostomies. If anyone knows or has experience with this situation I would appreciate any info.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm 47 and just had a LAVH hysterectomy a little over 4 weeks ago. I had my post-op appt. with my Doctor and told him that something wasn't right. Between the incision in my navel and the one on the right side, I told him that I felt like something was attached to the right incision and pulled, burned and hurt. He told me there was a deep suture inside, but that it shouldn't come loose until 7-8 weeks. This is a really weird, painful and annoying problem.
Avatar n tn So when we got married and decided to try and have a child he had to get a reversal in 01/04. The reversal worked but we waited too long to try again and his tubes closed up. So we decided to try again and he had a 2nd reversal done 04/05 and we then did IUI and it was unsuccessful. So we've been trying on our own since and just found out the his tubes closed again. So we've decided to travel and enjoy each other now and adopt down the road.
Avatar n tn I'm 47 years old and had a total hysterectomy (ovaries, uterus, & cervix) along with a bladder sling 6 months ago. I had an enlarged uterus and was severly anemic prior to surgery. Needed an iron infusion a month before to bring up levels. My OB doctor felt it better to do a total than to risk cancer later. Looking back I should have had a second opinion on that issue.
Avatar n tn Recovery is maximum at 12-18 months, although sometimes other muscle scan compensate also. Sometimes if there is no improvement or reversal in a few weeks, surgery can be done to try and repair the nerve. Studies done int eh OR can determine if the nerve is viable or not. Over time, the damage should not get worse, but we do lose motor units over time as we age. In people without nerve injury we do not notivce as we have plenty of motor units in reserve.
Avatar n tn So I had actually two surgeries in one---vaginally and via a large incision. I had a complete hysterectomy and bladder and rectal pouch repair on January 31. It has been 3 1/2 months since surgery and the swelling-type abdominal distention is still the same size that I noticed the day following surgery. There is still lots of soreness, also. When I sit for a couple hours in one position (as at a concert or in the car) I suffer much discomfort for the next two days.
Avatar f tn Hi I had a total colectomy 9 years ago with a reversal that unfortunately did not work. I have a permanent ileostomy since 2001 but for the last year have suffered extremely painful periods with heavy bleeding and a feeling of pressure in the area where the rectum was removed. I am terrified to go to my GP in case I need a hysterectomy as I had open wounds for four years after my last surgery and I contracted MRSA in hospital. Has anybody out there had the same experiences as me?
1076907 tn?1255807724 and im wantin another baby i want to know if this is possible if there is a reversal or anything i could do , i havent had a period sinvce having the operation, but soo wantin a baby
Avatar f tn I signed the paperwork today to have my tubes tied after my c-section which will take place 2 weeks from today. My husband & I are not (at this point) 100% sure if we want it done. We can change our minds that day if we choose. I turn 37 that day & this baby will be our 4th child.My question is, has anyone done it & regretted it to the point you have wanted a reversal?
Avatar n tn I'm going to copy the relevant parts of what I just replied to another poster above. I'm not sure if you are actually considering carrying a baby, or the IVF you mentioned near the end. I'll just copy what I wrote to her, and add more on at the end. "Pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal surgery is harder to achieve, obviously, than if you had never had it done. Not impossible, but harder. Tubal reversal surgery is usually NOT covered by insurance. That's one consideration.
483733 tn?1326802046 Swampy's going to start a "pregnancy after hysterectomy" group.
Avatar n tn I had a complete hysterectomy on 2-20-07 to remove cysts and an abnormal mass on my ovarie.I am taking a generic Estroven (CVS brand).For about a week I have had a headache and a low body temp (96.8) and a mild abdominal pain.I am cold all the time which is a complete reversal from normal since the surgery (after surgery I had been overly hot all the time).Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I had a baby 2 1/2 years ago by c-section, the doctor cut my large intestine and didn't realize it on time and I ended up with emergency surgery, a colostomy, a few months later a colostomy reversal, a few months later a hernia rapair, tubal ligation, partial hysterectomy... and now a few months after I felt a lump and some pain in the right side of my abdomen. The Dr sent me for a CT scan that shows that I have a fairly large cyst on my right ovary.
Avatar f tn I have had a colon resection, a hysterectomy, appendectomy, ileostomy and the reversal and a hernia repair. My stomach is lopsided and a mess and it is very uncomfortable. Will insurance cover to get this fixed?
1589851 tn?1301161280 Thanks to the use of microsurgical techniques that allow the surgery to be an outpatient procedure, Dr Morice is able to offer tubal reversal surgeries at the lowest cost in the US .
1594918 tn?1297263564 Now the bad news. Pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal surgery is harder to achieve, obviously, than if you had never had it done. Not impossible, but harder. Tubal reversal surgery is usually NOT covered by insurance. That's one consideration. The next consideration is pregnancy after uterine ablation. After a uterine lining is ablated, scar tissue develops, and the endometrium is destroyed.
Avatar f tn A little a bout my past, I have had 2 laporoscopy, tubal reversal.... I have had so much scar tissue that the last Laporoscopy that my OBGYN noted that the right ovary was glued to the backside of my uterus wall. He said there would be noway of to save that ovary. He said with my left ovary hurting now more than likely he has to remove it but he would leave it if he was able too. He also stated that if he was to leave it that I would more than likely still have the pain.
Avatar f tn My dr told me if I ever chose to have one more I could have a reversal done within a period of 9yrs. I honestly cant say if it can be done because I got sick 2 yrs after my little one was born my dr wanted to give me a yr to have one more baby but my marriage was already lost so having another child was not in my plans. I had to get a partial hysterectomy due to my constantly getting sick.
1589851 tn?1301161280 htm I am going for my reversal this march/april, Not only for PTLS,( post tubal ligation syndrome) but to repair my body. I feel like I am not whole anymore. Out of the hundred of women who I have been in contact with over the last year or so, none of them have had symptoms of PTLS since having their reversal! So there is HOPE for those of us who have it already. I really want to raise awareness, because the DR's wont tell you about this before hand..
Avatar f tn The vertebral bodies are normal in height with REVERSAL NORMAL CURVATURE centered at C5-C6 level. The marrow signal of the vertebra is within normal limits. The disc heights are well-preserved. C5-C6: There is a disc osteophyte complex worse in the left paramedian position with mild left central canal stenosis. Everything else is normal. So, I understand this to mean that my spine is curving in the oposite direction, it is pressing the spinal chord, the nerves are pinched so it hurts...
Avatar f tn I also know these lymph nodes or at least one has been enlarged about the same time cause I have felt a tugging pain I thought was due to adhesions from an operation i had last year for the the reversal of an illeostomy I had for 5 years from a subtotal colectomy (2007) I had (the result of adhesions suffocating my large intestines from a radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer in 1996) this recent CT also showed "mild bowel lumen dial action at the site of the reversal, which I don't
Avatar n tn I don't know if I really have a question or just feel like there are people here that understand....I had a total hysterectomy at 32 because of severe endometriosis(all three types). By the time I found a gyn to do the laparoscopy, I looked to be 7 months pregnant and I was a gray color from the blood loss in my abdomen! The surgery took over three hours to remove adhesions etc. I should say that I have 6 biological children and two stepdaughters.
Avatar n tn In June I will have a CTscan and hopefully will have it reversed. But from what the surgeon told me the radiation I had might make reversal impossible. Also, since surgery I am not able to pee. I have self catheterized and am now on Foley catheter -I might alos need a urostomy. can you tell me if these surgeries are major ones? Recovery? If the colostomy needs to be made permanent is that also a major surgery? Is it long enough to see from a CT scan if I'm thouroughly healed?
Avatar n tn As you all know, I have one UTI after another. I think that after I had my hysterectomy I replaced my period with a UTI. (LOL) Anyway, yesterday my husband was not feeling all that well. About 3 in the afternoon I heard this blood curdling yelp from the bathroom, ran in, and found my hubby doubled over in pain because he "could not pee".
Avatar f tn I went in to have a fibroid removed and the surgeons discovered cancer - did a complete hysterectomy, removed part of my rectum (a stage 1 endometrial cancer was on the outside) and gave me a temporary colostomy, removed my omentum and my appendix. All said and done, I had stage 2 ovarian cancer (in one ovary) and stage 1 endo (yes, I had two principles, the cancer had started in two places). But the good news...
324142 tn?1253826322 I had a tubal ligation and I did not notice that it messed up my hormones, but a couple of years later, I did have to have a hysterectomy (only took my uterus/cervix), due to bleeding approx 20 days per month. Not sure if that bleeding started happening BECAUSE of the tubal or not.
Avatar n tn Problem is I am terrified about further surgery as back in 2001 age 40 I had a full radical vulvectomy, removal of the back passage and rectum pulled down to create such, a colostomy while I healed for six months and reversal at the same time as a full hysterectomy (overies inc) It is also worth mentioning that I had reconstructive surgery which entailled flaps cut from my buttocks to replace the inner and outer lips, perenium area and an opening was constructed to pass stools.
991405 tn?1249316739 This can create a very high risk pregnancy, one that can result in the demise of the fetus (if there is an abnormal placentation), or severe injury or death of the mother (if measures are not in place for an immediate hysterectomy, if needed at time of delivery due to severe hemorrhage). I'm surprised that your doctor did not advise you prior to the ablation that childbirth should never be attempted after this procedure.
Avatar n tn Theoretically, blockage of the tubes by tubal ligation or by any other cause (for instance, pelvic inflammatory disease) should protect against the further production of endometriosis. However, a recent investigation of women requesting tubal ligation reversal has not supported this concept. The prevalence rates for endometriosis were found to range from 2 percent through 12 percent in two studies. When an infertile population is studied, these rates range from 5 percent through 35 percent.
Avatar n tn I already have a doctor who will do the reversal, I have been having regular periods again for over a year now.