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Avatar m tn The cause of milk production from the breast when it is not pregnancy related is usually due to an imbalance in your hormones.
Avatar n tn will my tubes giv me problems later on life,i dont hav a period. 2nd Q: i heard when a womens uturus is taken out it effects her vitamin c can lead to a deficiency.
Avatar n tn the one thing is if you are planning considering a pregnancy I would urge you to see a high risk pregnancy dr as well as a neperologist (kidney specialist) our kidneys are so vital we dont want to comprimise them...a uterus removal is a hard surgery as far as recovery and emotions ..but you (anyone) can live quite well with out the uterus. Please update us when you can.
Avatar f tn Pregnancy after hysterectomy is extremely rare because the vagina is sewn shut so sperm cannot get into the pelvis. Some of those sutures have to tear for sperm to enter. Unfortunately, weight gain is fairly common after hysterectomy. It seems to slow metabolism in many women so they do not burn as many calories. Studies show that hysterectomy oftentimes causes reduced ovarian function which may or may not explain the slower metabolism.
Avatar n tn what is exactly left after having a full hysterectomy? And are there any chances of getting pregnant after having one?
Avatar f tn No, you cannot become pregnant without a uterus. The uterus nurishes the fertilized egg and helps to form the placenta, not to mention that it keeps the baby safe. The uterus is required for pregnancy so that the mother and the baby can be safe, and so that the child can be born healthy. There are such a thing as "ectopic pregnancy's", where the placenta attatches to the filopian tube or other organs, but these are extremely rare.
Avatar f tn yes you ovulate having your ovaries but the chance of the sperm getting where it needs to is slim to none and if you by chance have an ectopic pregnancy it's not a viable pregnancy...I would strongly recommend going int to see the dr and find out what's going on...but I doubt it's pregnancy! Heartburn and low back pain can be many things that in an online forum can not be figured out..please call your dr.!
Avatar n tn She is 46 yrs old and has had a partial hysterectomy atleast 7 years ago. She said that a home pregnancy test kit came out positive and a urine test at the doctors office also came out positive. She has not had a blood test confirming it yet. She said that she is experiencing nausea and fatigue. I would like to know how likely this is and if she is pregnant will it be viable? How likely is this to be true. Also she would only be like a montha nd a week or so pregnant.
Avatar f tn Regardless of what you or I would do in this situation, she is my friend, and I want to help her. Can she still go ahead with the hysterectomy, or would she have to terminate the pregnancy first?
Avatar f tn Hello, Partial hysterectomy is when the uterus is removed and ovaries and cervix are left behind. Pregnancy can result after partial hysterectomy because eggs are released by the ovaries which have been left behind and these eggs can fuse with the sperms but this pregnancy is usually ectopic in nature and not a viable pregnancy. However after hysterectomy, there is no uterus or womb which can carry the pregnancy by implantation till term.
Avatar f tn Thanks alot for that information I really appreciate it!!!
Avatar n tn I have read that women can infact have an ectopic pregnancy after hysterectomy if the ovaries and fallopian tubes are left intact. I have also read that many ectopic pregnancys result in an abdominal pregnancy and can result in a live birth. A recent article posted by the New England Journal of Medicine reported an abdominal pregnancy after hysterectomy though it was terminated at 12 weeks. Does this open the possibility of having children for women that had to have a hysterectomy?
Avatar n tn I am looking for some answers on pregnancy after hysterectomy. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago where they left my left ovary. Do you think there is a chance of getting pregnant? I really want another child. Had hysterectomy due to ectopic pregnancy & endometritis. Any stories on this or comments would be appreciated. Wish me luck!!!!!!!
11840874 tn?1421508348 Pregnancy after hysterectomy is next to impossible / extremely rare. There have been some case reports of pregnancy after hysterectomy but the fetus cannot develop properly since the uterus (womb) has been removed. Even if you still had your uterus, most women no longer have the ability to get pregnant at age 55.
Avatar n tn I'm having symptoms of pregnancy, but i Jada partial hysterectomy 3 yrs ago.. I have two other kids, so Im familiar with the symptoms. I just hate for people to think ok crazy. Could these symptoms also be symptoms of a change in life? I'm only 38.
Avatar f tn I had a partial hysterectomy about 10 years ago and me and my fiance want to have a baby? What do I need to do to have another baby. I still have ovaries, tubes and cervix but not uterus. Please help me!
Avatar m tn Greetings, I don't think you need to worry about pregnancy after a hysterectomy if you indeed had a hysterectomy. You can always request your surgical pathoology report to confirm. Your symptoms may be related to your recent weight gain. I recommend that you follow up with your primary care physician for review and further evaluation for depression and thyroid disease both of which are common with unwanted weight gain. Best wishes!
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied in 1997, and I had an ectopic pregnancy in the year 2000 and 2002. All that was taken out of me was my tubes because they were so badly ruptured, and one of my ovaries because it was covered with a lot of cysts. Now I have my uterus, and one ovary the question is can I still become pregnant if so how?
5065239 tn?1363068977 i'm 32 years old and had my hysterectomy in june 2011. i'm 23 weeks pregnant with a bouncing baby boy...how was this possible when i was suppose to have no female parts left?
Avatar m tn Hello, After hysterectomy, there is no uterus or womb which can carry the pregnancy by implantation till term. Hence if eggs are retrieved by IVF also and fertilized with your husband’s sperms, then a surrogate womb of a mother is required which can hold the fertilized zygote till term and delivery. Pregnancy after hysterectomy is possible with a surrogate mother.
Avatar m tn im 39 years old i had a partial hysterectomy five years ago. I have two blood test and two urine test both neg. I have two ultrasound neg. But im peeing alot and my stomach con. to grow. i have read of women who are pregnant and there baby is attached to the liver another to her bowel and they are fine. I need help.