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Avatar f tn How Long Does it Take To Start Vaccuming again after The hysterectomy operation (Take Both Ovaries out and he Utures)
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with endometrial adeno carcinoma and need a hysterectomy. My Gyn said I need a cancer Doctor to be there when they do the hysterectomy to make sure there is no cancer anywhere. They said Stage 1. My nerves are shot out - with all things going through my mind. I am 54. Just wondering if women have gone through similar situations and how the turn out was. The Dr's said they have to check the lymph nodes when they do the hysterectomy.
Avatar n tn I am 38 years old and I have hysterectomy about 2 1/2 weeks ego, they remove my uterus , and I start bleeding for the last 7 days like having my period again ? It's that normal? Also smell very bad. I still have inflammation around the scar. I can't ask my doctor because the operation was done in Panama and I can't see him. And he did not response my email. Thank you for any information you can provide to me.
Avatar f tn In this ecomomy even drs are hurting,,a hysterectomy is a costly operation and the surgeons make a good deal of money from them. They do not make much money from a simple biopsy. Also, has the brownish discharge been cultured? tested? Good luck, I hope you get atleast one more opinion.
Avatar f tn I had a complete hysterectomy a year and a half ago. I had uterine fibroid. My doctor recommended removal of my ovaries too, since my sister had breast cancer about 5 years ago. Since cancer runs in my family, I was very hesitant about starting hormonal treatment. I am not taking any hormones at the moment. Since my operation I had a terrible time falling asleep and staying asleep. I tried medicine that my doctor game me but I do not like to take them.
Avatar f tn Removing ovaries is not a hysterectomy...it's an oophortectomy. Hysterectomy is removal of the uterus. I'm not sure exactly what your doctor is recommending, what tests were performed, or what the surgery recommendation is based upon. Ovaries can be removed laparoscopically by small incisions or by open incision (laparotomy).
Avatar n tn what does having a hysterectomy do to your anatomy, when i say anatomy i mean in a sexual term,will sex be different?
Avatar f tn 3 weeks to go for my date to go in to hospital for my hysterectomy i have to ring the hospital on the day to see if they have a bed for me o god i am up the walls thinking about it anyone any tips i need to stop thinking about it it i am going mad befor i even get it done :{
Avatar n tn Am I a candidate for Hysterectomy? I have a very heavy 2 week period I experince sever pain during as well as for the week prior and a week following. I experance breakthrough bleeding from time to time that i call spotting but is actualy like having a normal period for a day. I am dealing with pms and period problems 4 out of 4 weeks. my older friend said i might be a candidate for this procedure. I personaly love the idea of having it removed if it will offer even some relief.
Avatar f tn I would have a detailed converstion with your doctor. I too am a runner. But I just had a normal redical hysterectomy and I was able to return to running. I would say it may take you alot longer to heal, but I am not a 100% sure you will not ever be able to run again.
782368 tn?1244858067 I am due April 28 to have hysterectomy with both ovaries left .He will be removing uterus with tubes.I do not know what to expect.My Mother had hers done in her forties she said it was the best thing that she ever did.I have had so much pain as of late i just want some relief.(Pain worse after being intimate with hubby,are period time)Kind if scared here.
Avatar f tn I have now almost five weeks post op following a abdominal hysterectomy together with a BSO. I never would have thought I would be saying that I had it done. After having a second opinion at another hospital in my area the consultant agreed to carry out the operation and I was not the one to push the point. As I have my overies removed I am now looking forward to the joys of the early menopause, even though it has only been nearly five weeks the symptoms are creeping up already.
Avatar n tn Hi - I had my omentum removed last year as a follow up to a radical hysterectomy (you call TAH I think). They weren't able to remove the omentum the first surgery as it was wrapped round my colon and cancer traces had attached it. After 4 cycles of chemo the 2nd op was possible and indeed was a success. It was done via the first incision ie vertical from navel to pubic bone - quite long! I don't know if they are proposing an incision like that for your mother? Worth asking.
Avatar n tn I am due to have a hysterectomy soon, and know they check your thyroid prior to the operation, if it is low would the hystectomy operation be postponed until it is more stable?
Avatar f tn The recommendation is normally that your operation is as good as the Urogynecologist who performs it. You have a right to ask questions JanetS123 even at this late stage. I hope very much your operation goes well and recovery also.
Avatar n tn My mom went to the doctor's office on Friday and he recommended that she get a total hysterectomy. Because there was a cancelation today, she took it. She is in surgery right now and I am kind of worried. However, the doctor said it was a fybroid on or near her ovaries and that there was also a few cysts and that it is fairly common to have. My question is, when she is done with this surgery, will there be ay chance that she can grow cysts back? How serious is this operation?
Avatar f tn I hope you reported that to your doctor, a very important symptom. what type of hysterectomy, a standard incision, lap, or DaVinci Robotic? in the order written is the order of "best" outcomesfor most, least pain etc,,,please check out my journal page on hints and help for pre and post operation, all of my tips are there..
Avatar n tn My partner has had a partial hysterectomy a few years ago and still has one active ovary which I assume still produces eggs. She has a daughter from her previous marriage, prior to the operation of course. I have no biological children however I do consider her daughter my daughter and always will. I was introduced into my daughter’s life at a later age so I did miss out on a lot of the early years. She was 13 when we first met and I love every minute of being a father to her.
Avatar n tn I had a total vaginal hysterectomy (for a uterine prolapse), bowel repair and bladder wall repair on July 7th this year. After five weeks I had one very busy day cooking and also lifted a very heavy pot. Since then I have felt as if my bladder wall has prolapsed again because my labia seem to be flapping against my urethra in a new way. I have no pain. This sensation is not constant and is most apparent when I am tired. Have I given myself another prolapse?
Avatar m tn I will be having a operation in a few weeks time to have a hysteroctomy because i have cysts that are regrowing after removel on my ovaries. I am just having a few worries about the side effects and things to expect after the operation itself. Please it would be great to hear if anyone has actually had this and what kind of experiences that had from it.
967168 tn?1477588089 I have to wait until Monday to talk to my regular Gyn he's not in the office on Friday's even though they set up my appt with him. I need a hysterectomy but no way am I having one unless I have cancer - they don't know what the leaking & bleeding is from so I have to go see my primary now and try to find the source. Has anyone had any success in treating Adenomyosis?
602473 tn?1235856758 I am 19 days from having my scheduled Hysterectomy. It is supposed to be Lap surgery with one surgeon & also with my GYN Oncologist to make the incision if he finds it needs to be done. I am having my uterus, tubes, & ovaries removed. The cervix will remain. The reason for this operation: I had irregular bleeding & after several trans vag ultrasounds & 10 days of Provera, my Uterus lining was still around 18mm.
Avatar f tn Scar healing really nicely and tummy even though sometimes sore is ok. He says I have been through two traumas, firstly the operation and then the removal of the overies, and I had not forget that. I still have to take things easy for another two or three weeks, but otherwise all ok. I have now been given HRT in patch form and will see how that goes. What a journey, has taken nearly six or seven years, no more pain, no more periods, or smear tests.
Avatar f tn We just got home from the hospital after my sister in law went in for a routine hysterectomy for fibroid tumors. They had done a bunch of test and said no cancer. When they opened her this morning, the surgeon said that it was an ovarian tumor that spread to her omentum, small intestine, colon and the wall of her stomach. They called in a general surgen to remove the omentum, part of small intestine and part colon. Said there were many many small tumors through out her, too many to remove.
Avatar f tn can one enjoy sex after utrus removal operation or after dnc for how long one should avoid sex after these?
Avatar n tn My mother had hysterectomy and a hernia as well a combined operation 2 weeks last Friday and she is finding it hard to eat and has no appetite.
Avatar n tn hi, I had my operation (laparotomy) on dec 6th and all went well docs told me they removed 6 pints of fluid from my abdomen which probably what was causing my pain they also untwisted my bowel which i though might have been another reason for my pain, after the op i felt much better my stomach was flat and i looked like id lost alot of weight.
Avatar m tn My daughter is 7yrs old and she just had her operation 12days ago (foramen magnum decompression) She was discharged from the hospital 2days ago but she is still having very bad headaches. She would explain the pain as if somethings is digging in her head and it keeps her awake at night.. How long does the pain normally last and what can I do to help her?