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1773544 tn?1314220042 I am a 49 year old that had a hysterectomy back in 2001. Every since then I have no sex drive, I have chin hairs growing that i have to pluck once a week, my hair has been thinning and my butt has gotten smaller. I notice i started loosing my butt at my 6 week check up after my surgery, I'm sure my estrogen level is low but taking estrogen will just make my breast bigger than they already is. So i am confused as to what to take, and it is driving me crazy......
Avatar n tn I am 26 yrs old and I had a complete hysterectomy done almost a year ago. Since then I am have trouble sleeping and still alot of pain more so on my right side of my pelvic area. I was wondering what it might be. My scar from the surgery is still really red and hurts alot with some burning is that common for this to still be like this? Sometimes it hurts so bad that I throw up.
1043568 tn?1253453788 I suppose if a hysterectomy is recommended then there is a reason ..... I believe I would get a second opinion to help in making the decision. You do realize that in order to block the production of Estrogen you would have to also have your ovaries removed and not just the uterus. One of the side effects of Tamoxifen is vaginal bleeding so I don't find your situation all that rare. Regards .....
Avatar f tn I understand your concerns. Any time you put something foreign in the body, it can cause long-term problems. Granted some do not have problems with surgical mesh. But those who do can suffer horribly and it typically cannot be completely removed. Also, hysterectomy has its own set of problems since the uterus has life long non-reproductive functions. Have you considered or tried a pessary to suspend your bladder and uterus? There are various types and they have to be fitted.
Avatar n tn i am a 51 year old woman who had a hyst in late 20s. Total hsyt. I have had no relief of night sweats or hot flashes. I will sweat in cold weather. I will have night sweats even though i have A.C. turned down low. Im so tired of this. I have tried hormone treatment...to no avail. Any comments or suggestions will be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I'm 50 years old and had a full hysterectomy done in 2003. But most of the time i'm still having the same pain in between my legs as before I had surgery. Sometimes I feel like I have to walk real slow like if I have a something there like not letting me walk with my legs close. Also I still get pain on the incision once in awhile. My gyno told me it could be my scar tissue not healing right inside. And also today and on sunday I bled very little but i'm cramping alot. What does this mean?
Avatar m tn I am curious of your age and the fact that your gyno is okay with doing a hyster on you. I am 38 yrs old and I am a year post op Endo. Ageing isn't even close to what you go through there is a lot more to it. I think you need to see an endo specialist because it doesn't sound like that is what you are seeing. Let me know and I can find one that could help you.
1809377 tn?1316523928 Even so, sometimes they will atrophy about three to six months after a hysterectomy and so you might experience a drop in Estradiol and a drop in Testosterone. If, of course, you have your ovaries removed, then you have lost your ability to create the sex hormones and will most likely choose to use supplemental estradiol and a little bit of testosterone. That's what I have done and it's made a world of difference in more ways than just in the area of sexual response.
Avatar f tn are trying to find the diagnosis, BE PATIENT. I had a hysterectomy at 24 yrs. old, then my ovaries removed a few short yrs. later. I have no reproductive organs left & already had 1 laparotomy (post surgical menopause) w/ Cancer scare. I'm now going through a similar situation w/ the possibility of Cancer. Removing your reproductive organs will not take away the possibility of Cancer later in life.
Avatar f tn This IS a life altering surgery, no matter what your age. There are ramifications for much later in a woman's life, for all of us of any age, including health of your bones and bladder, and increased risk of dementia as well. (My husband would say I was well on my way re: that one!
Avatar f tn I am 39, suffered with endo, infertility since age 20, I am at the end of my rope at this point. I have been on birth control pills for the last 10 years with hope of controlling the growth of my endo. I am still in pain, during intercourse, as well as everyday cramping, and lower back pain. I talked to doctor and she suggested an abdominal hysterectomy. Should I do this? Will it really help??
1510783 tn?1290099907 Hi - I hope all goes well for your op. I'm not yet scheduled for a hysterectomy, although in a strange way I wish I was because I feel that's where I'll end up anyway and would like to get on with my life the meantime. As far as recovery and pain relief is concerned, I've been with other ladies in hospital over recent weeks who've had their hysterectomy and it seems that the staff really do offer quite good palliative care these days compared to before and I'm sure you will be fine.
Avatar f tn I had a total hysterectomy in January of 2008 because I had endometriosis everywhere. Since that time I still feel as though I have the same pain from the endometriosis as prior to the surgery. Also I have some bleeding after sex. Is the bleeding something I should be concerned about? Can endometriosis spread to other organs in your body? I guess I'm not as educated on this as I should be. If anyone knows please contact me. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn So we scheduled the surgery, and I left hopeless and filled with anxiety that it really was all in my mind! So finally in Oct. 2004 ( remember I started seeking help at 23 years old) I was finally diagnosed at 38 years (so it took 15 years to be heard) I had my laparoscopic surgery done only to find out I was at the most advanced form of endometriosis. I had 3 choices, wait and watch (well, I had already done that for 15 years and I was tired of living in pain!
Avatar n tn My sister is 17 years old. She is considered "slow", is in special ed classes, very immature for her age, etc. Being around her oldest sisters kids, she is abusive towards children, tells her mom on a daily basis that she is going to kill her and has no patience whatsoever. Is it possible for a 17 year old to get a hysterectomy or something equivalent?
473883 tn?1322856638 Hello ladies, I was just wondering if there is anyone on here who had to have a hysterectomy at an early age. I'm 25 getting ready to have a hysterectomy due to complex A tipia Hyperplasia not sure if that is spelled right.
Avatar n tn My sister is 17 years old. She is considered "slow", is in special ed classes, very immature for her age, etc. Being around her oldest sisters kids, she is abusive towards children, tells her mom on a daily basis that she is going to kill her and has no patience whatsoever. Is it possible for a 17 year old to get a hysterectomy or something equivalent?
188306 tn?1274136222 My question to anyone that has had a hysterectomy in there 30's. I was diagnose with 4 fibroids in my uterus when I was 6weeks pregnant. I had to be bed rested for the remainder of my pregnancy. Which I didn't obey that much, but at 26 weeks of my pregnancy I started having contractions. They were finally stop with medications, monitoring by staying 2 days in the hospital. I finally came to full term of my pragnancy and had my beautiful healthy baby boy.
Avatar f tn I am 47 years old. I have surgical menopause. I had my hysterectomy about 16 years ago. I have every symptom known to mankind, or should I say womenkind !!! My doctor is of no help for me !!! Can anyone suggest something that I can try or someone that might can help me? I live in central Alabama.
1043568 tn?1253453788 I had a lumpectomy 2 years ago with MammoSite Radiation and have been on Tamoxifen for 2 years. I am 54 years old and my periods were still pretty regular before the Tamoxifen. When I first started on the Tamoxifen my periods stopped for about 6 months and then started again about once every 3 or 4 months with the last one being quite heavy. I have also had some vaginal discharge clear to yellowish in color with some smell - no itching or pain.
Avatar n tn Check out the HysterSisters website.
1043568 tn?1253453788 You are lucky to have a choice. At your age you are most likely in menopause and your periods WILL stop. I envy you the opportunity to say no to a hysterectomy. The problems brought on BY a hysterectomy are much harder to deal with than getting through the next few years. I wish I had my 'parts' back !! Good luck to you with what ever you decide.
Avatar n tn am going into health care/ and have been in your shoes, so I will do my best to help Im 47 had hyster at 43 was told I could wait till menopause well that wasnt a choice i wanted due to my age it coulda been 20 years and i was in BIG pain.. Have you had surgery in past to remove just the fibroids? is that a option now? the fibroids should shrink and dissapear after menopause there will be no estrogen to "feed: them if you dont do HRT which you may wish to consider..
Avatar n tn My fibroids have been shrinking due to menopause, and I'm taking 1 mg of FEMHRT daily which was just cut back to .05 mg. I am the only female in my family who has not had a hysterectomy, including my daughter who had one at age 35. I am worried my ovarian syst and recent changes stated are early signs of potentially more serious, possibly cancerous outcomes in the future. I asked my doctor about a hysterectomy and she feels this is a dramatic option.
Avatar f tn the other possibitlty if your hormones come back fine is to ask your doc to test you for hypo thyrodism...this pretty much presnents in middle age women 1 in 10 hav it symptoms ar bascially drying out I mean skin, hair, vagina...plus some weight gain. Im inclinded to think its you estrogen...good luck !! let me know how it goes.
274158 tn?1276350787 You may want to discuss with your doctor the advisability of a supracervical hysterectomy [where the cervix is not removed]. Personally, I see no advantage in this, as it leaves in place a useless organ that can become cancerous.
Avatar f tn I was told that women lose all desire after a full hysterectomy, but not in women that have only the partial. I have also noticed mood swings. One day I am fine, and the next I am in a pissy mood, or just don't care attitude. I don't know what else to do, so any advice would be very helpful.
Avatar f tn I just came across this post. I just had a complete hysterectomy in June 2011. I have had endometriosis for years. I went in to have my annual check and my uterus was in larged as if I was 11 weeks pregnant. So they did a ultrasound and found a cyst on my left ovary and a bunch of clusters. So my doctor recommended a full hysterectomy. He said I would finally be relieved of all my pain. The pain that I learned to live with and knew how to deal with.
721523 tn?1331585402 My gyno recomends a vagan hysterectomy with other reapairs. Apparently there is a decent size hole in the pelvic floor. Here is the embarasing question: He wants to remove the cervex. Will this affect um, well, you know?!?!?! When the cervex is moved during intercourse, it can be felt. If it is not there, well, what will that do? I am going for a swecond opinion with a female gyno next week. Any advice on what to ask and what to do. I also have Multiple sclorosis.