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Avatar m tn 2 c-sections,2 hysterectomy,1 scar tissue removal,emergency from Dr cutting an artery from lap for endometriosis and 1 emergency from hematoma on first hysterectomy. I want to see if I get a tummy tuck and remove the scar and all the adhesions if it would improve on all the pain I have from that scar?
Avatar n tn I had similar problems of yours. I too had a hysterectomy due to bleeding and I too developed a hematoma after surgery requiring a long hospital stay. It has been over a year now for me and I have gained almost 40 lbs since my surgery. I am extremely fatigued all the time and feel like **** all the time. I hate to say this but I believe that life after a hysterectomy is not fun at all and I have been to several doctors and NONE of them have helped me. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I had a total hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. I developed a hematoma along my incision that has finally started to go away. For the past two weeks I have had a nagging pain in my mid abdomen on the left side. It isn't anything that i can see topically, just feel it internally. It gets very bad for several days then I don't feel it and it is back again now and quite painful. I have also noticed in the past 24 hours several new bruises at and below my umbilicus. I should mention my hgb is 7.
1670196 tn?1306841245 Surgery is not without risk and you are describing a common post-op complication of hysterectomy-- hematoma versus abscess formation. Both of entities often require incision and drainage and are not easily diffentiated from each other. It does concern me that you are now having urinary symptoms associated with a suspected hematoma that may not be resolving.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy in July 2009. In August I was back in the hospital in severe pain. Cat Scan showed Left ovary measures 3.2x2.8 c, Follicles noted. There is a complex cystic area in the right adnexa measuring 4.8 x 2.8 cm. This may represent a complex ovarian cyst, possibility of hematoma or abscess cannot be excluded. I spent 5 days in the hospital (not the hospital that did the hysterectomy) on heavy antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Hello I'm a 38 African American women recently had a hysterectomy at the age of 37 when I was recover 4 weeks in I had started had this left side pain which was a hematoma mass 11cm it was large . so much pain. hospitalized did'nt know what to do. I was given birth control to see if it shrenk. It is now 4.1x4.2 4.5cm , which is great . Now I have on my right side two new septated cyst which measure 2.8x1.3x2.1 cm .
Avatar n tn When I had my hysterectomy I developed a pelvic hematoma and internal bleeding and required 6 units of blood. I was never so scare or experienced so much pain in my life. I find out wed.if my ovaries will be coming out too (most likely they will)as my cysts are not responding to treatment and gyn does not like how my ovaries are misbehaving. My question is what are my chances of getting through this with no complications.
Avatar n tn i have post op hematoma following total abdominal hysterectomy and have alot of bleeding from the left side of my incision ive lost alot of blood they busted the hemotoma today and packed it and when i arrived home blood was comeing out from under tape what should i do and how serious is this
Avatar f tn I have a big baseball in the middle of my stomach after a total hysterectomy on Dec. 17th, '12. They took everything out so what is this ..and how do I get rid of it? I've lost 10 pounds, look good and drove to the market today. Healing well all my friends say. BUT this bump--swelling--how to get it to diminish... Anyone know? Thanks....
Avatar n tn My daughter had a lash hysterectomy last Thursday and has a large knot under her left side incision also. She complains of severe pain, I took her back to the doctor who sent us to a surgan. The surgan said it was a hematoma and not to worry, My daughter has a high pain tolerance so when she says it is extremely painful - just in that one site I am concerned. Does anyone have extra info or possibilities to check for? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I had an abd. hysterectomy(everything gone but the ovaries) on 4-18-14, I developed a lot of bruising a few days later. Started bleeding bright red blood on 5-3, enough to be described as a normal menstral cycle. Went to f/u appt. on 5-5, he said I had a hematoma draining above the vagina, not to worry unless I develop a fever. It has been very hot & humid where I live so I don't think I would realize if I were to have a fever or not.
1670196 tn?1306841245 I had an abdominal Hysterectomy on 4/26. I was in the hospital 3 days. I was discharged with a fever but told to keep an eye on it. On 5/5 the pain was so bad and the fever had went up to 101.6 the night before. I was sent for blood work and an ultra sound. After the ultra sound, they called the ob/gyn who sent me back to the hospital and had me admitted.
Avatar f tn I had my appendix removed and a hysterectomy in May 2015. Right after surgery I had a hematoma and then an abscess in it a week later. Also, immediately after surgery my left butt check and leg felt like ants were bitting it and numbness. I'm still having these issues along with my vision gets blurry a couple times a day and my hands tingle. My blood work is not showing anything. Three days ago my body started retaining fluid and I look like I'm 5 months pregnant.
1670196 tn?1306841245 I had surgery (hysterectomy) on 4/26 and had to be re-admitted on 5/5. They said I had an abscess and put in a drainage tube (OUCH) on 5/7 then took it out on 5/9 because #1 it wasn't draining anything and #2 (more importantly) they said I didn't actually have an abscess. I have a hematoma that was draining vaginally (on it's own, like it was when I was admitted). On 5/5 it measured approximately 7.5 x 6.5 x 10.5 mm.
Avatar f tn To: Dear Doctors: I have 2 kids and a miscarriage in between. I seem to have a very active or "fast and intense" labor on both births. I would labor for only 2 and a half to 3hrs only. My dilation jumped from 5cm to 9cm on my firstborn. I had a distended bladder and was in catether for 2wks after that.
2091079 tn?1332816899 I had my hysterectomy 6 wks ago, I am now in severe pain, I was admitted to the hospital with an abcess 5 days after my surgery, was in the hospital with iv antibiotics for 2 wks. I am home now, the pain has not gone away compleely, still taking tylenol like candy, went to the doctor today, the pain is worse, and I am having a brown discharged that has not bad smell.
473778 tn?1214094061 I passed the clot that was right on top of my cervix today and also found my cervix is only 2.4cm in length :(.
Avatar n tn Hematoma looks bigger - Dr.
Avatar f tn went to cardiologist today to recheck hematoma as reult of heart cath,hematoma still very largeand very painful. have to still favor right leg and stay lying down.todays date is march 27 2008. im very concerned about this, and afraid. plus i have degeneritive disc disease in my neck&back , degeneritive issues in my right shoulder,which in turn has caused much nerve damage. i suffer fron hyperthyroidism, and today found out i have a lot of calcificatin on my haert valves.
906115 tn?1344200509 I found out that I have a possible hematoma, maybe having twins and I am supposed to rest and no BD or lifting till the hematoma disolves.
Avatar f tn It does not hurt or cause discomfort in anyway. Its been there for about 2 weeks. Could this be a hematoma? Some.
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Avatar m tn I had a hysterectomy with ovary removal 18 months ago. The right ovary was adhered to the abdominal wall and cystic. I thought this would get rid of the pain. I ended up with a softball size hematoma and infection. A CT scan showed what was reported as possible early appendicitis. However, I had my appendix removed over 25 years ago! About 4 months ago I started feeling fatigued and generally unwell and the pain started to increase. My GYN said it was not Gyno related.
Avatar m tn I have had abdominal pain for 18 months. A CT scan after I had a post-hysterectomy hematoma showed a possible inflamed appendix with fat stranding. However, I had my appendix removed 30 years ago! I have continued to have pain which increased to constant right side pain. I made the rounds of doctors who couldn't do anything for me except to tell me that my lymphocytes are high and neutrophils are low.