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Avatar f tn Hi, this condition really ***** I have episodes every two weeks. When my period is two days away I get bad palpitations or pvc. I'm 29 this started happening to me around 26. I'm on a beta blocker atenlol it helps alot. I feel almost normal9;m on a beta blocker atenlol it helps alot. I feel almost normal taking meds. I've had every symptom their is ugh I hate it chest pain arm pain everything very scary.
Avatar f tn If not, a newly released diet programme that maximises leptin use is available, and called the Venus factor. I've just had hysterectomy plus bilat BSO for dodgy histology, and am not linked to the Venus factor diet.
Avatar f tn I was so against this when my doc diagnosed me with adenomyosis over the summer I opted for the Novasure ablation just because it was less invasive. Now I am left with bloodless periods but severe pain, cramping and bloating all month long. Bladder and bowel pain too. It's awful I am scheduled to have the DaVinci hysterectomy Jan 20th. I too am scared and don't want it even though we are not having any more kids, we have 5 boys all together, and my husband already had a vasectomy.
Avatar m tn I have, since, been taking Synthroid for the thyroid issues. Has anyone else had trouble with their thyroid after hysterectomy? I am 35 and have been in menopause for a year now and can not seem to get leveled out. I thought the hysterectomy was going to make everything better. Just seems to have went from dealing with endometriosis and PCS to all these hormone issues. Should I go back on the Prometrium and testosterone cream?
Avatar f tn It is one of the main ones added in compounding pharmacies. One milligram is a therapeutic but low dose. It can be effective for many women but you were quite young when you had your ovaries removed and might need more than one milligram. In the women's health initiative (WHI) study that associated breast cancer and hormones, in women who had their uterus removed and who received estrogen only (in that study the estrogen was Premarin), there was no increase in breast cancer.
Avatar f tn On the other hand, that remaining ovary already got one cyst and could potentially get another one in the future. This decision is only easy for post-menopausal women. It's a difficult decision for everyone else. Best wishes to you in whatever you decide. We are here to help you through this!
Avatar n tn Significant hair shedding usually occurs when shampooing, combing, or even when gently manipulating the hair. Shedding usually slowly decreases over 6 to 8 months once the cause for the hair loss is no longer present. As some of the causes represent ongoing problems, it is important to determine the likely cause when possible and take appropriate measures to prevent continued hair loss.
Avatar n tn ) but it is controversial, too. There are women who cannot take estrogen for sure, but more women than not can take some supplementation according to my research. And, why more women are not told of the healthful benefits of adding Bio Progesterone is beyone me. "Wisdom of Menopause" is a great resource and gives many options and explanations...whether you take hormonal supplementation or not.
Avatar n tn does not matter because so far there is no replacement for it. I guess they have seen tons of women with the same problem. Sad thing is there is no way to measure or test for it today. I was told we were a year out from being able to get answers for it. I was put on a list for trail medications. I am sorry to bring bad news but so far I have not found why I am gaining.
299260 tn?1304219705 I let him have his time. Before the game we had to go over for cake and ice cream for my SIL's birthday. We've done something EVERY NIGHT for the past week for her birthday. Going to bars, out to dinner, cake and ice cream, going shopping. The didn't even tell me happy birthday last year. SIL gets a week of celebration. Whatever. Well, we went to that but then I went home. Apparently my MIL got mad that I didn't go to the game.
299260 tn?1304219705 Then I made a last minute decision to go see my sister yesterday and stay over for the night. It was nice. We went for dinner and I got to spend time with my nephew Alexander (almost 2yrs now!) and my fur-nephew Chase (yellow lab). Thanks so much for the 24 week notes!! I am really happy to get to this point. I celebrated yesterday by buying a couple of sleepers for Jake...and my sister gave me a whole bag of baby clothes! I'm starting to get excited. Ok...
Avatar f tn it was all Drs. lying to make money, women being butchered. My husband deleted it from our favorites and pray for all of those women on that site. Thank you for your advice. My family has been telling me to get the hysterectomy for a year now. I need to hear good news about them... cause there is a lot of negative. Thank you again.
Avatar n tn html I don't know if this will help anyone, but this is a cite that lists causes and symptoms of conditions of and relating to vaginal bleeding post hysterectomy. I'm 21 and have a 52 yr old mother who's had chronic pain in her lower abdomen for over a year. About six monts ago she had her uterus removed and since, has had vaginal bleeding. (The blood was dry and brown).
Avatar f tn Yes, many women have partial hysterectomies for medical reasons. In your case, I would not recommend doing this just to keep from having heavy periods. Your body will probably go through changes after this surgery and you may have to take hormones. It's just not worth it if you have no medical reason to have this surgery. See how things go after your tubal. You may be very surprised to find that your periods stay just the way they are.
Avatar f tn my prolactin and iron has been gradually increasing over past 7 years and now are 65 on prolactin and my iron is 182, both are pretty high levels. after the removal of these masses, i wander if my levels will return to normal. also, i have few other questions, my dr. recommends total hysterectomy when he opens me up to remove the tumors b/c he believes possibly the tumors will come back if i leave my reprod. organs.
19592380 tn?1480610212 Last but not least regarding the uterus, it is key to sexual function for many women. Even many women who do / did not have uterine orgasms report a loss of desire and ability to orgasm and enjoy sex after hysterectomy even if their ovaries continue to function. Since the vagina is shortened, there is a risk that it will be shortened too much which can cause a problem with penetration and result in painful sex which you are likely trying to "fix.
551343 tn?1506834118 I have met quite a few women either with MS, or in limbo land who had an early hysterectomy and endometriosis. I am wondering if there is a link. I found some research in the USA where 100,00 women with endometriosis, 516 developed MS. 100,00 women tested who didnt have Endometriosis, only 73 women had MS. ALSO fibroymayalgia comes up high too, Out of 100,00 women with endometriosis 5,897 got Fibromyaliga. 100,00 women who didnt have Endometriosis 3,400. Also Lupus comes up high too.
Avatar f tn I don't feel well about 70% of the time, but it's been this way for years and I've learned to live with it. I am single and support myself. I can't afford a long recovery. What is the reality in regards to the recovery time? Also, will my symptoms improve from this procedure? Am I just better off holding out for a hysterectomy? I'd rather only have to go through this crap once.
Avatar f tn Last but not least regarding the uterus, it is key to sexual function for many women. Even many women who do / did not have uterine orgasms report a loss of desire and ability to orgasm and enjoy sex after hysterectomy even if their ovaries continue to function. Since the vagina is shortened, there is a risk that it will be shortened too much which can cause a problem with penetration and result in painful sex.
Avatar m tn Nothing is always true for every single person, but the theory that men marry for looks and women for money is sound. This was probably even more true in past generations where men were the sole bread winners - now, women can and do make as much money as men, so it's probably less true. But there was a study done just a couple years ago, using a dating site as criteria for the study. "Mock up" profiles were created.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar f tn I tried to get a consult with an oncology gynecologist that they denied my case due to insurance reasons. Finally over a year and a half later I am scheduled for a complete hysterectomy with my gynecologist at the end of this month. Reason listed chronic pelvic pain. Symptoms are so bad. Six months ago I had normal blood pressure very healthy my whole life. Now my blood pressure averages 160 over 100. I am afraid of the surgery. I don't trust all of the doctors.
Avatar m tn She was Stage Ic in april '08 - so we opted for surgery only - no chemo. We watched her CA125 for the year and it stayed low - for about 6-8 months, then started rising. We were really hoping and praying to preserve fertility. But - we felt we needed to do something - so in for surgery 12 mo after the 1st surgery. complete hysterectomy with the final ovary and cervix in april '09. The ovary had filled with fluid and was the size of a volleyball...
Avatar n tn i have the ITCH my sister had it first and then i developed it after visiting her and sleeping in the same bed. her boyfriend now has it too. its hell. i itch all over. sometimes not for an hour or so but most of the time at least some part of me has uncontrollable itching. mostly its my thighs, abdomen, buttocks, chest and arms. nothing helps and there is absolutely no symptoms. no bumps, rash, or anything.
Avatar n tn I will then only shower if my BP and HR are within ranges that have proven over time for me personally to be optimal for tolerating the heat/humidity stress of the shower without leading to a high likelihood of syncope. (I do use a shower seat, but this is still one of my biggest triggers.
Avatar n tn its so numbing) I dont know what to do...Obviously the best option is for a hysterectomy....makes sense and I dont wanna take chances, but then Ill have to go on hormone therapy...blah...but then duh, it makes sense...ya know...sorry venting out loud here... I do have some help. My parents who are in there 70's, but with two small children it is wearing on them...they would need to go into Daycare...
Avatar n tn I've been reading those threads related to the hCG shots for weight loss subject, and I suspect that once again (as it happened in 1974) the method will be misused by all those who only wish to grab a commercial profit from its use. Please let me remind you again, and again, and again, that hCG is a PRESCRIPTION drug that MUST be dispensed by a licensed Physician. hCG injections are PART of a comprehensive weight reduction program.
Avatar n tn A few Christmas' ago I got a couple of them (long blond, long dark brown, long auburn) for like $29,95 each LOL I wore them ALL OF THE TIME for fun. The first night I put the auburn one on (I have brown heavily streaked blond hair) my father said "wow did you get a haircut?" and my brother said "Yeah I was wondering too" ... meanwhile my hair was about a foot longer than it is in real life and RED. Men....go figure.
Avatar f tn My doc is not the same who diagnosed me but has been treating me for 15 years. Itell him for many years I'm not feeling well. All the blood work over the years keeps saying I'm fine!! But this raises question now the more I thjnk and educated myself. As I mentioned about my daughter being told she was hypo and my doc said no she normal. II had her blood tested again results will be in tomorrow she's 20 and almost 50 lbs over weight.
Avatar f tn Although the heal curve takes a bit of time, once you get past the 12 week point (for some women it is less, for me it was the full 12, depends on degree of severity of individual POP issues) you should be able to resume sexual relations without any pain and will slowly regain sensation (as nerve endings heal up) to the point you will find sex enjoyable again.