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Avatar f tn I am 25 have 2 kids happily married and an getting a partial hys at the end of nov, i have deep thrust pain during sex , i am sick to death of not having a normal sex life, my doc says its because of endrometrosis, with have my uterus removed help this situation, i dont care it i still have a period i dont mind them, i just hate the pain, any comments much appreciated, am i making the right choice?
Avatar f tn HRT cannot make up for what was lost (if ovaries are removed or fail due to the loss of blood flow after hysterectomy) PLUS you have to pay for HRT. Our ovaries never stop producing hormones. Sure, estrogen falls after menopause but the ovaries continue producing quite a bit of testosterone that can be converted into estrogen as our body needs. There are numerous studies that show the long-term harm of ovary removal or post-hysterectomy ovarian failure.
Avatar n tn The problem is not the fibroids (perhaps) but the on-going pain, and expense, and horrible inconvenience to all those around me from the tilted pelvis and L4 ad L5, hip joint pain and sacro-illiac problems; the adjustments won't hold for more than a few days. This week I have been to one chiro in the States, and two here, about three days apart. Can the oversized, tilted uterus cause the pelvic tilting and problems with the S.I. joints??? Will a hysterectomy help this?
Avatar n tn (by which I take it you mean two uteruses), the sperm can enter the cervix as it would for soemone for only a single uterus, and go in and find an egg, all as usual. The main risk is not that you would fail to conceive, but that if there are two uteruses, you would possibly have a small uterus without enough capacity to hold a baby all the way to term, so the doctors would be most concerned about premature labor.
Avatar n tn I really think that it has something to do with the ligaments/muscles holding up the uterus that has become out of whack to cause your tilted uterus to turn like this. It could be that the pelvic muscles/ligaments have prolapsed in the posterior, causing your bowels to become prolapsed as well, tugging down on the back side of your uterus and rotating it.
Avatar f tn To prevent future cyst problems the second ovary is often recommended for removal, but that triggers menopause or adds the need for HRT. Why the uterus and tubes, too? Unless you have additional problems that are not described here, it seems like more surgery than needed. As for the incision, the vertical incision is actually better than a horizontal one for recovery. Not disagreeing with your doctor, necessarily, but these are questions you need to be asking when weighing your options.
Avatar n tn I have bled now for 3 months straight. My doctor has scheduled me for a complete hysterectomy next month, He is taking everything ovaries and appendixs. He said they sometimes do that just to have one less thing to worry about later. I m a little concerned about the hormone therapy afterwards. He told me he could give me a pill or patch. Does anyone have any suggestions for which is best?
Avatar n tn I am not saying your wrong to want the surgery just be becareful..I had lots of troubles like you heavy periods, cramps that sent me to bed..tilted uterus..I had my three babies..waited until I was in my forties and got my uterus removed..a year lated I developed polycystic ovaries,,had to get a bso,,would rather had all removed at once. I would advise you to read lots of posts on this forum of ladies who have had the surgery.
Avatar n tn I too just had a test done to understand my uterus situation, and am still waiting for the results. I either have 2 uterus and 1 cervix or a uterus, like two, that is separated by a septum. Apparently in terms of carrying babies there is a big difference. My doctor told me that if I have 2 uterus then it would be fine to try to get pregnant, but if I have one that is totally separated by a septum then I will have to have surgery to remove the septum.
Avatar f tn My main complaint was lower back pain. The doctor said it was due to tilted uterus and endeometrosis. When she went it she said I had a lot of scar tissue that she removed (two previous endometriosis surgeries and a C-section). My back pain is still there and I actually feel worse. I know it is only two weeks post op. Anyone having this problem?
Avatar f tn ultra sound and the tech told me that my uterus is flipping??? I don't find anything out (results) for a few more days. I am driving my self crazy. The OB/GYN told me if my period comes before the US to cancel. Well, it came and i still went and had the ultrasound. I am scared to death. The tech acted weird and kept the probe to the right side alot more then the left. Can someone give me any input PLEASE? I am 32 yrs.
Avatar n tn I have a total abdominal hysterectomy (tubes and ovaries,too) scheduled for 06/27/2007. I have had endo all my grown life. 5 laproscopy w/ laser surgeries later; we've decided it's time to end this. I am commited to this being my last surgery and being able to move on with my life. I am nervous and would love to hear your experiences.
Avatar f tn This is MY experience..... I had severe Endo since I was 19. LOTS of pain, cysts, tilted uterus, endo on the outside of my colon, etc.... I had several laps to ease the pain but it always came back... At 36 I had my uterus removed but kept the ovaries. I wanted it all gone but my Dr would not do it, said I was too young. Exactly 2 yrs later, after a possible OVCA scare (it was benign, thank goodness!) I had to have my ovaries removed. The 2 yrs between surgeries was AWEFUL!!!!!
Avatar f tn I also have ovarian cysts, sometimes the size of an egg according to the last ultrasound done in Germany. Had a Laparoscopy done when I was 18 and they found out my uterus was tilted. Some old scaring tissue from my appendectomy as well. My problem is for the last year, basically since my Essure procedure, I have extreme painful pain starting about 2 weeks prior of getting my period. Feels like pre labor or misscarriage pain.
Avatar n tn The doctor said my uterus was enlarged, dropped and tilted. I was having pain durring intercourse. I didn't enjoy sex anymore and it was causing problems in my marriage. The doctor told me the only solution was hysterectomy, so I did it. He did abdominal and he also tacked my ovaries up. I am regreting it now, for several reasons.
Avatar f tn So the surgeon is planning to do a cystocele and rectocele repair and a hysterectomy (removal of your uterus) plus drain the cyst? Many women have a tilted uterus which typically does not cause any problems. And removing the uterus will cause other problems with the bladder and bowel because the uterus is a placeholder and separator for the bladder and bowel. Once it is removed those organs drop and no longer have the uterus to separate them which can cause pelvic organ prolapse and fistulas.
Avatar f tn I also have a tilted uterus so that doesn't make anything easier. But I wouldn't get a hysterectomy and I'd seek advice from an RE as the poster above said. I've always had a tilted uterus and I had two children and not sure about the Adenomyosis or if I really have it, but if I did, it didn't affect me conceiving before. Also, my doc told me Adenomyosis should not interfere with TTC. So good luck to you!
198703 tn?1207713828 I have a small fibroid I am told in my upper middle part of my uterus and my uterus has tipped I have had chronic fatigue for well over 6 mths now.. and not sure for how long before really noticing that I was not functioning well. I was found to be only slightly anemic and this has been corrected for months now.. I am told my ovaries.. are of "normal size".. but as far as I can tell they haven't compared too much one sonogram to the other.. just that they are normal.
Avatar n tn n he askd me to take promentrium for 10 days ,as to get my period b'cuz da lining of the uterus was too thick.i took those tablets for 5 days n had my periods for the month of june then took 5more in july n had my periods.Now i was xpecting my periods on 24th august bt i just had a strike of blood in my mucous n was all clear after that...plz i knw im nt pregnant (though i really want to) can somebody tell me......if she experienced the same.
11013466 tn?1414556790 C, just to get the biopsy, because I have a high pubic arch and my uterus is tilted way up and back, he couldn't reach it, (I've always had that problem.) He said it is not cancer, but recommended an abdominal hysterectomy. I am very frightened at the prospect of this surgery, the recovery time, etc. I live on the third floor with stairs, & don't have anyone nearby that can help me. If anyone could advise me, I'd really appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I decided to go to a different OBGYN, where I was told I also had a severely tilted uterus (something the first doctor never told me) She said she wanted to try treating me with hormones to solve the problem. And if THAT didn't work, she wanted to try something called "ablation" (cooking the uterus) or a hysterectomy. It's been almost three months and I'm still not feeling any better. I don't want to lose my uterus yet.
Avatar n tn He also believes my endometrosis has returned and that's another reason to have the surgery, this makes my 3rd surgery for endo. I also found out I have a tilted uterus. I do have two children a 7 year old son and a 1 year old daughter, I hope and pray she does not go through what I have!!! Best Of Luck to everyone!
Avatar f tn I want to say the laproscopy was for the uterus right? Just want to be clear. If the uterus is tilted alone I do not believe they will remove it for that alone. Also based on the symptoms, it seems that pressure causes this bleeding. Did the scope go into the uterus? Also how much bleeding? A little? Are you soaking up pads (like 1 every 1-2 hrs)? Is it clotted?
Avatar n tn Ask your doctor to check your iron and he should have you on a supplement if your anemica. Your GP could be recomending the hysterectomy for several reasons, your uterus could be tilted back and the surface not smooth, this makes it harder to have a sucess with certain procedures. Do your reserch and then go in with a lot of questions, asking why they recomend the hysterectomy.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with FAP when I was 11 years old. I have had several surgeries to correct this disease. I am now 24 years old, me and my husband have been trying to conceive for 3 years. My OBGYN cannot figure out the problem. I have been diagnosed with a "tilted uterus" I was hoping to talk with someone who is experiencing the same thing, or more importantly someone who has gotten pregnant after dealing with FAP????????????
Avatar f tn I did have a very tilted uterus and let me tell you, sex did hurt. I did not know mine was tilted until I had my hysterectomy last July. I had been told by many doctors that is was scar tissue from childbirth come to find out it wasn't. I have been pain free since my surgery and I must say the sex is better then it ever was.
Avatar f tn Listen to me - I also have fibroids (are we talking the same thing?) as well as a tilted uterus. That said, when I was first told about the fibroids, the first thing my gyno said was "well, you can have a hysterectomy...." real casual, no big deal (!!!!!) I got a second opinion. The doctor I see now has told me a completely different story. Since they are benign, and not growing, he said to leave them alone.
Avatar f tn A retroverted uterus means the uterus is tilted backwards. I have that and I have been told that its common and its fine. Most reasons for an retroverted uterus is because of PID and endometriosis. \ I would say that your odds of having endo are extremely high considering your family history. I am not sure if a hysterectomy is the right way to go if you do consider it as I have heard of some many women that said the hyster did nothing for them.
1111469 tn?1258570061 o( He also said he could feel the remnants from my previous cyst that almost sent me to the ER. It also tilted my uterus so I have to get an ultrasound in a couple of days. He strongly recommends that I follow up with an Endocrinologist because he's confident I may have an underlying issue we haven't looked at. He's is getting in touch with my family Dr to compare blood work and to get me a referral. I go to my primary Dr next week.