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Avatar n tn Hi all I just chose today to have a hysterectomy done. I have had pain for years and I just had surgery to remove cysts and polyps from my uterus. I have had terrible pain, nausea, vomiting, dirrea with every period since I was in my teens can anyone tell me what to expect. I am young 31 and only keeping my right ovary the one not producing cysts.
Avatar n tn But, if you have stubborn Cysts that continue to grow, Complex cysts, Fibroids and other things it'll only get WORSE and other parts will start to become involved if they continue to grow. When this happens it REALLY CAN BECOME A PROBLEM when you do have surgery. The sooner you have surgery the better, so you don't have other organs involved in with your hysterectomy. You should ask your doctor what he/she has to say about this as well. What kinds of issue's are you having? PLEASE......
351724 tn?1267540618 Printer Friendly Version I started my period this morning and I am scheduled tomorrow for my hysterectomy. What do I do? Do I call the doctor's office? Will my surgery be rescheduled? This is usually not a problem and rarely is a surgery cancelled because of a menstruating patient. Head to your scheduled appointment for check-in at the hospital wearing a pad. Usually the nurse will provide guidance. Sometimes mesh panties are provided that will be removed once you are in the OR.
Avatar f tn 2 and half years ago had both ovaries and tubes removed due to cysts ( i was 40) this weekend have been bleeding heavily, not had a bleed for 2 years, should i be worried.
Avatar n tn I have endometreosis, 3 fairly large fibroids, and cysts on both ovaries. I have tried BC pills, Lupron and I am still bleeding, very heavy, for 2-3 weeks at least. I am in pain all the time. I am not a baby(for the most part). The dr. told me the next step was surgery. Was is the recovery time for a hysto., how will I be out of work, etc. The dr did say it would have to be a total hysto and could not be done vaginally, because of the large fibroids.
Avatar n tn Hi- I'm new to forum-after several sonograms and biopsy, dr today advised I should have full hysterectomy-scheduled for Monday. Findings on sonogram-complex cystic mass 3.8x2..2cms, several thick septations. Individual ovarian cysts w thick walls between them or even possibly a folded tubular structure such as hydrosalpinx. There is no free fliud in the cul-de-sac. Results of CA 125 were 6.5 but Dr still feels due to my age(59)and size of cysts there is a possiblity of cancer.
Avatar f tn From what I understand is endo is a hormonal thing, so a hysterectomy could help but I guess the only guarantee that you won't have a reoccurance would be if they removed the ovaries as well. My doctor did say that just a hysterectomy does cure it for a lot of women though. Honestly, if I could do it right now I would. I hope the info helps some for you, good luck hun!
Avatar n tn I am currently waiting for a colonoscopy but I'm still in a lot of pain and very worried that I'm going to suffer all my life with these problems. Can I just ask for an hysterectomy after suffering for over 20 years I've had enough.
Avatar n tn I want to know what your thoughts are on doing Hysterectomy and /or oopherectomy for a large cyst with history of LMP. I have tt Oncologist/Gynelocogist who says size is irrelavant and CA 125 in 40 yr old is unreliable due to great variances in numbers. Also was told that surgery is not really necessary for these cysts even with LMP with unilateral oopherectomy history. I was also told a laproscopy to look at the ovary would tell much less than reading the transvaginal ultrasound report.
Avatar f tn Thanks for getting back to me. Yes they really removed both my ovaries on the previous surgery. Even my OB went back over the surgical reports to make sure. I had a transvaginal sonogram last Wednesday and I am waiting for the results so I haven't spoken to my OB yet about the results, but I'll let you know.
1376367 tn?1319230027 Of course that's a personal choice for all of us. I opted for hormones and I'm so glad I did. We're here to help and support you any way we can.
Avatar f tn I would like to know exactly what they are saying. I'm 34 have three kids my tubes are tied I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy on sep 6th for severe cervical dysplasia and also very heavy cycles. Im scared of cancer since it says pelvis mass. My mother died of stomach cancer at the age of 40. Any info would be helpful. Here are the results from the ultrasound........ Impression Unchanged 1.7 cm left ovarian lesion which may represent a complex hemorrhagic cyst. Solid mass not excluded.
Avatar f tn ovary or possibly doing a hysterectomy. Right now lots of questions and lots of research for me to do. I am 32, sorta young to go through menopause,but if it takes the pain away that I have, it might be what I choose.
Avatar n tn I have had cysts before and I know they are painful! I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything works out for you!
Avatar f tn in 2005 i had a full hysterectomy due to many many years of endo and cysts. in 2007 i had abdominal pain that i knew all to well. but i was shrugged off saying it was in my head. in feb. 2008 the pain came back again. i had ended up in ER and they did a MRI and siad my left ovary looks normal. after i got over the shock i told him he was wrong to look again.
Avatar f tn HI, Even though you may not want any more children, you are too young for a hysterectomy. The bleeding can be stopped with help of haemostatic medicines and with use of hormones like progestins. Also a D&C may sometimes be necessary to stop the bleeding. The ovarian cysts need further evaluation regarding their size and nature. Many of the cysts in young women respond to birth control pills or regress spontaneously. Hence it would be best to consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation.
Avatar n tn Hi Stamy, I've had ovarian cysts all my life and I know they are really painful. Finally I had a complete hysterectomy but they left one ovary for hormones. They took the fallopian tube on the remaining ovary so that no eggs could get "stuck". I was in my late 40's so did not want children at that point. Have you tried birth control pills? Those are supposed to control the ovulation and reduce the risk of cysts.
Avatar m tn Hi everybody, I've posted a question in the "ovarian cyst" section, and now I have another question. I am 48 and perimenopausal. I went 7 months without a period, then a few months ago, started getting periods again. I went to the dr., had an ultrasound where they discovered fibroids on the uterus and also cysts on the ovaries. I went to a gynocologist/oncologist who did another ultrasound. She thought fibroids, cysts and possibly fluid in one fallopian tube.
Avatar m tn The only things justifying it would be a strong risk of cancer due to family history/blood tests indicating cancer or multiple problems which would be significantly improved by having a hysterectomy. If that doesnt sound like you, I would go for a second opinion or at the very least tell your doctor you want to keep your reproductive parts.
Avatar f tn movie rentals whatever you like for quiet time....ask for and accept help your gonna need it....wear loss clothing...be prepared for very serious pain your pain meds will handle it .....take them....the vast majority of women feel completley physically healed by 6 weeks....take it very easy for 1st intercourse after 6 weeks and doctors ok.....